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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu tika malkhan happu singh and Tiwari at tea stall. Vibhu says see tika and malkhan how badly they have been manhandled and this is only because of Manuka. Tiwari says yes today its tika and malkhan, tomorrow they will take vibhu then happu singh and see what will happen. Happu says why will they take me and I am police man. Vibhu says remember you have cut you moustache. Happu says I will catch him. Malkhan says you should have done that earlier. Happu says I have a plan and for that I need a person from you people who will act as bait and then we will catch Manuka. Vibhu says Tiwari you be that person. Tiwari says lets do one thing and we will make chits and take one from that and whose name will come he will be bait. Tiwari rights the names. Vibhu takes and

removes a chit and its his name. he goes with happu singh. Tika and malkhan check all the chits and all have vibhus name written. Tiwari laughs.
At night at home anita comes and calls Tiwari. Tiwari comes and says yes Bhabhi you are here. Anita says not Bhabhi I am Mishra ji and you are laddo ki Bhabhi. Anguri comes. She says yes anita sit. Anguri tells Tiwari go bring tea. Anguri says I feel sad we are making them work. Anita says do you think they work and they both waste time every day and not work so lets trouble Tiwari. Tiwari comes with tea, anguri says thanks. Anita says I don’t drink tea and make coffee. Anguri tells go and bring now. Tiwari runs in. anguri and anita laugh. Anita says bring it fast laddo ki Bhabhi. Tiwari comes and anita says now I am not in a mood and bring lassi for me. Tiwari says okay and tells till then watch TV. On tv vibhu and happu are there and happu says actually there was no man named Manuka and vibhu did all this and he has been caught now. Vibhu laughs cunningly and says I am a psycho and I like doing this. They go. Anita and anguri are shocked. Tiwari says actually vibhu has not done anything and this is a plan to catch Manuka till then you can trouble us. Tiwari goes to bring lassi. Anita and anguri feel guilty.
At police station in the jail, Vibhu is there and a constable is standing outside. Suddenly Manuka comes and he makes guard unconscious. Vibhu is sleeping under blanket. Manuka opens the jail and stabs knife in the body. Vibhu is actually standing there and he goes out and locks the jail. Happu comes too. Manuka says I kill everyone and you will take the credit and see I killed you and he laughs. Vibhu whistles from out, Manuka sees outside. He says you cheated and happu and vibhu say you are right and why should someone else take the credit? Happu says I will teach you a lesson tonight with my stick hands and legs. They go. Manuka cries.
Next day Tiwari comes and says finally this is over and I feel good being back to what I was. He calls anguri says these many days I made food for you now you give me your hand food and I am hungry. Anguri comes with breakfast. She then says these many days I felt nice at the shop and if you don’t mind can I come there sometimes? Tiwari says see I was forced to let you go there because of this Manuka and now I can do my work and you should not go there and do something else. Anguri says okay.
There anita is putting nail polish. Vibhu comes and sits and says this is a woman beautiful and nice. Anita says yes and smiles. She then says listen go and wash utensils and they are very dirty. Vibhu says see I was a woman and I had to do things forcefully but I will stay on my word and I am not going to work. Anita says come on go and don’t make me angry. Vibhu says read my lips and I wont work. Anita says tell me this by looking me in the eye. Vibhu says of course why not. He looks in anitas eyes and is saying when he gets scared and says okay I will work and goes. Anita says bring coffee, vibhu says okay.
At street happu says on phone thank you I caught Manuka and laughs and says you get me a plot in greater Noida and that has to be as bribe come on. He laughs and says okay and keeps phone. Tiwari comes and says wow happu singh and you caught Manuka and did a brave thing for the first time. Happu says I have done such great works so many times. Tiwari says I have seen this for the 1st time. Tiwari says anyway I am very happy, happu says then give me bribe. Tiwari says shut up. Vibhu comes and says I played my part just as equally as yours. Happu says I planned everything. vibhu says and I risked my life and if I don’t get my payment then I will become a leech and suck your blood until I get it. a van comes and tika and malkhan are thrown out. They come injured. Tiwari and vibhu say this time you were not women and still this happened and how? Tika and malkhan say this time we went on our own because we have become habitual to that. Everyone is shocked, tika and malkhan go singing songs.

Precap: Tiwari and anita are in auto and Tiwari gives beggar 1000rupee note. He says keep this and tells you used to be a millionaire and what happened? Beggar says yes but now I am a beggar. At dining table, vibhu and anita are there, Tiwari says to vibhu this is so oily food and if you eat you will get gas and it will become a problem for the town. He takes the bowl in as anguri says let him eat that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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