Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari snoring at night while sleeping. Angoori wakes up n goes to find the award so that she can hide it. She finds it in the cupboard n says i ll hide it. She closes the door n finds tiwari standing there with a weird expression on his face n she gets scared seeing it n shouts. He then asks her what is she doing. She says that she is taking the award so that she can hide it as she doesn’t want him to return the award. He says what is she doing are you mad n takes the award from him. Then the bell rings n tiwari says that who has come so late at night. He says u sleep i ll go n see who is it. He opens the door n sees its happu singh n stares at him n says that you didnt’t get shock. He says that no n then calls him by the name of anokhe laal nirlaj

n says i got to know everything that you are a story writer. He says who told you? Happu says that i heard anita telling someone on the phone so i got to know. He says you come n tell my kids some stories so that they sleep as i have told them all stories n they want to listen new stories. He pleads n insists him. Tiwari says what if i dont come. He says then i ll call a fraud man n he’ll takeover you business of vests n undergarments. Tiwari gets irritated n goes.

Next morning, angoori calls ammaji n tells her about tiwari getting award for story writing n he returning the award to the people again n so she is tensed. Ammaji says how can he get award he doesn’t know to write stories n says he failed many times in school. Tiwari comes there all irritated with the kids of happu singh. Angoori tells him to take the call as its ammaji. He shouts at her that why does she keep on calling ammaji so that he gets her scoldings. He then talks to ammaji. She asks about his award n asks from when did he start writing stories. He says he’ll tell her later n keeps the phone. Ammaji was cleaning a suitcase in her window n as usual drops it down by mistake n hits someone. Happu singh rings the bell again n tiwari says wait i am coming n says god knows who is this person who is ringing the bell so badly. He finds happu n says you here. He says yes n says what story did you make my kids hear that they are all unwell n silent. Tiwari says instead they were troubling him a lot n his kids are very mischievious. Happu says dont blame my kid or i wont leave you. Angoori comes n asks what happened why so much of noise is being made. Happu tells her what tiwari did n tiwari says that his kids are very mischievious n were troubling him instead. Happu says give 5000 as i have to take them to doctor or i ll open your old case again. Angoori gets scared n says what case is he talking about? He says nothing you go. Tiwari gives him 500 n says i have only this much now so you go. Tiwari goes to anita’s house. Anita comes n asks tiwari questions n notes everything down. She asks him how did he think of this name anokhe laal nirlaj. He says from my grandfathers name. He asks why are you noting it n she says to call a press conference. He shouts in shock as to what?? He says no no dont call press conference. She says no no you should be known to people. She calls her friend n tells that call all the famous news channel so that tiwari gets famous n keeps the call. Tiwari acts that he is in pain. He acts he is unwell n has got cups. She says its ok its normal as all writers get cups as they just sit whole day n write. He says no its a serious problem n says cancel the press conference. She says no n says for such a small problem she cant cancel such a big press conference. Tiwari gets tensed n thinking. Vibhuti goes to angoori n asks did she think. She says no n asks can they have candle light dinner at her house. He says no n says i am a undercover secret agent(UCSA). He says if people see me heremy job will be gone. She says i ll think again n goes. He shouts that yes yes think n says i sm a UCSA. A man in a black coat hears it mostly he is a real UCSA. He says i heard everything. Vibhuti asks angoori did she think n she says yes n says i am getting ready wait. Vibhuti gets happy n that man comes n stands beside him. The episode rnds on vibhuti’s face looking at that man.

Precap:- That man asks vibhuti to show his ID Card if he is a UCSA. Vibhuti says we dont have cards n that man twists his hand n clutches him n vibhuti gets scared n angoori is just looking n analysing as to what is happening. Tiwari gets down in anita’s legs n cries n says i am not a story writer.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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