Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu’s cycle in the lawn parked. Saxena comes and removes the air from the tube and says I like it, he goes. Vibhu and anita come out. Anita says come on now leave me at grooming classes. Vibhu and anita see there is no air in the tube. Anita says what is this vibhu? Why is there no air in the tube? Vibhu says I don’t know someone removed the air, you wait here I will fill air and come quickly. Anita says come fast, I will get late. Vibhu takes the cycle and goes.
Tiwari sees anita waiting for vibhu and takes his scooter to anita. he says Bhabhi ji I will drop you at your grooming classes and see I bought a new scooter. Anita says congratulations tiwari, that is very nice but vibhu is coming now to drop me. Tiwari says he will take time Bhabhi ji, instead

I will leave you. come on. Anita says okay then. A man comes and says hello anita. anita says hello and tells Tiwari he is in my grooming classes. Tiwari says hello. Anita says I am grooming Tiwari. Suddenly the thief comes running and says to Tiwari, no one can catch me and he goes. Happu says stop you thief and is on his scooter, he by mistake steps his scooter on tiwaris leg and drives through. Tiwari is in pain.
At home in bedroom, tiwari’s leg is plastered and doctor says no need to worry, he has fractured his leg. Tiwari says its so painful. Anguri says now who will take me everyday to the temple? Vibhu is there. Anguri says now the scooter will stay in the lawn like that. vibhu says don’t worry Bhabhi ji, I will take you to the temple on my cycle. Tiwari says not at all, anguri you will not go with him. Anguri says let it be Tiwari and let me go, anyway I have to buy vegetables too and who will take me to the market? Please let me go. vibhu says yes I will help Bhabhi ji. Tiwari says okay go anguri. Anguri says okay thank you.
Down in the street, vibhu is waiting with his cycle for anguri to get ready and come. He says it will be so enjoying to go with anguri on my cycle. Vibhu looks up and dream, he and anguri are sitting on the cycle as vibhu rides the cycle. Vibhu sings the song chandi ki cycle sone ki seat aao chale double seat. Anguri and vibhu enjoy as happu singh and tika run sideways beside the cycle.
Suddenly vibhu;s dream is broken when saxena again removes the air from the tube. He stands beside vibhu smiling, vibhu looks at him angrily. Anguri comes and says lets go, then she sees no air in the tube and says what is this? There is no air. Vibhu says Bhabhi ji please wait for just a few minutes, I will be back after filling the air. Anguri says okay I will wait, come fast. Anguri goes. Saxena says I removed the air from your tube brother, beat me. Vibhu looks at saxena and says no and is going. Saxena says please beat me please. Vibhu says no and goes. Saxena says no this is injustice, this is torturous. Saxena starts crying and screams I don’t like it and falls on the ground, he rolls and says I don’t like it.
At home in bedroom, anguri is with Tiwari and says I have to go to temple. Tiwari thinks because of that happu singh my leg is fractured and I couldn’t even drop Bhabhi ji at grooming classes. Tika and malkhan come and anguri says hello welcome. Anguri says I will bring tea, tika says bring biscuits too. Anguri says okay and goes. Tika and malkhan say how are you feeling Tiwari? Tiwari says how do you feel when your leg is fractured? Tika says I don’t know, my leg has never been fractured. Malkhan says shut up. They both say Tiwari brother please give us your scooter for 1 day. Anguri comes with tea and biscuits. Tiwari says no get lost, so you are here to get my scooter. Tika says please brother give us and anyway your leg is hurt, if the scooter stands there for days then it will be damaged, let us drive please. Malkhan says anguri Bhabhi please tell him. Anguri says yes Tiwari please give them the scooter, their wish will be fulfilled. Tiwari says no. anguri says okay then I will call mom. Tiwari gets scared and says okay take this key but if anything happens to my scooter, anything at all, then I will not leave you both. Tika says don’t worry not even a scratch will be there on your scooter. Tika malkhan take keys and go.
Down, they put the keys and tika says you drive malkhan. Malkhan says but I don’t know how to drive, you only drive. Tika says I don’t know too, I thought you knew how to drive. Malkhan says you dumb idiot, I thought you knew. Malkhan says okay its easy, its like riding a cycle. Take these keys and drive like a cycle. Tika says but I don’t know how to ride cycle too. Malkhan says what the hell do you even know? Only to tease girls. Sit behind, I will drive, tika starts the scooter and sits behind. Malkhan drives, there vibhu is coming with cycle and says Bhabhi ji come on, by mistake malkhan drives fast and both vibhu and his cycle crash with the scooter and all 3 fall down hurt. Vibhu’s leg is fractured.
Later that day, anguri is with scooter and tells anita that I will leave you to grooming classes from now. Anita says you know how to drive? Anguri says yes. Tiwari and vibhu are looking at each other and sad as they both have fractured legs and walking with crutches. Anguri drives the scooter and takes anita. Tiwari has tears and looks at vibhu as vibhu looks at him. Happu comes running behind thief as it goes. Tiwari says to himself I brought scooter for anita, Tiwari goes home. vibhu says I brought cycle for anguri and goes home. happu sits sweating.

Precap: happu singh announces in the town that the government has made me the head of an anti-romeo squad and if anyone is found teasing any girl or troubling her, he will be shot. Anita and vibu are eating pani puri and happu says vibhu you are under arrest. Vibhu says why? Happu says for feeding anita pani puri.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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