Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thr episode starts with pelu making tune by hitting glass bottle with a stone and saxena is sibgibg the romantuc song. Anita and vibhu are romancing on the song and tiwari and anguri. Vibhu then tries to aim hitting tiwari but tiwari is thrown on the bed. They romance again and vibhu and anita sleep under blanket and tiwari and anguri too.
At late night, tiwari says he needs water. Anguri brings it. Tiwari is in the window. Vibhu is in the balcony and is aiming tiwari. Anita tells vibuu to come in. Tiwari till then hits vibhu on his butt with stone and turns behind. Vibhu says who hit. Anguri brings water and vibhu also hits tiwari on the head. Tiwari says who hit? He sees vibhu and smiles.
Next day anguri is in the kitchen and mom calls her. Mom tells a pandit came and told her

that if anguri does a solution then her life will be happy. Anguri says yes i will do and tell me what to do? Mom tells dont talk today to any male except tiwari. Anguri says okay and says can i talk to women? Mom says yes. They keep the phone. Vibhu comes and talks to anguri. She ignores. A woman comes and talks to anguri, anguri talks with her. That woman goes. Vibhu says you are talking with her but not with me? And why? Anguri does not reply. Vibhu thinks i will not leave that baba and everything is happening opposite. He goes.
There at home anita has put a facial and gourd pieces on her face. Vegetable seller comes and anita tells him to take the smelly vegetables he gave yesterday and give the money and go. He keeps money and goes taking vegetable. Tiwari comes. Anita says you came again and next time if u come fraud then i will bash you up. Tiwari thinks i have to go and meet that baba.
At the babas house. Vibhu is sitting outside wearing hat. Tiwari comes covering his face. Then tiwari sits beside vibhu and removes his hat. Vibhu removes tiwaris covered face. They look at each other. Tiwari tells his business is still down. Vibhu says he also did not get a job yet. Happu singh comes out. Vibhu pulls him and tells him what were you doing in? Happu singh tells he wants to be the SP and how much time will he be a police assistant. Vibhu says government is not mad to make you sp and vibhu goes in. Happu goes home. Inside vibhu tells baba about the problem and baba gives him 5 marbles and tells him to put it inside the frontyard underground of the woman he loves. Baba takes 5000rs from vibhu and vibhu goes. Tiwari goes in. Baba tells same solution to tiwari and takes 10000rs from tiwari and sends him with 5 marbles. Tiwari goes.
At night at 12am vibhu gets up and goes to put the marbles in frontyard. Happu singh climbs the balcony and goes in. He sees anita and says you look so beautiful while sleeping and good that i went to the baba and anita will start loving me from now on. Happu singh goes in near anita and touches the bed. Anita wakes up and screams thief and starts hitting happu singh and says you cant rob at my house.

Precap: tiwari and vibhu are hitting the thief on the street and anita is in balcony. Anguri comes and says i will also hit. Tiwari says no you go or else a thief will come in our house too. There vibhu is in the frontyard digging. Tiwari sees him and asks what are you doing?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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