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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu at tea stall. Pandit ji comes. He sits and speaks with someone on the phone. Then keeps the phone. Vibhu says hello to pandit. Panditji says hi. Then he tells vibhu that he remembered that yesterday he checked his and anitas kundli and he found something. Vibhu says tell me what? Pandit ji tells they have a problem and anita should be kept away from people having name starting from V. Vibhu says mine starts with V. Pandit ji tells dont go near her even if she gets hurt on the leg. Vibhu says what and who will take her care? Pandit ji tells that ask a person having name started with M. Vibhu thinks and says ok. Then pandit says give me some money. Vibhu says get lost as you gave me bad news. Vibhu goes. Pandit says to himself that its ok anyways tiwari gave me

At home tilu comes. He rings bell.tiwari opens the door. Tilu tells are you made up of bull skin because i told u to change the door bell still u dont. Tiwari tells tell me for what you came here? Tilu tells i came here to ask for money as guests have com. Tiwari tells get lost last time i gave you and not this time.
At home anita is hurt and she tells minal on phone that vibhu will com and take care. Vibhu comes. he then sits and sees anita is hurt. Anita tells vibhu that i am hurt on the leg help me. Vibhu runs away. Anita gets sad and says why did he run and i am hurt and she calls him but vibhu goes. Tiwari is at home and says to himself that now i will get to help anita and touch her. Vibhu knocks door. Tiwari says good here he has come. Vibhu comes in. He goes and tells tiwari help me as pandit ji told that if a persom with V name starting goes near anita she will get hurt so please help her. Tiwari smiles and says ok i will go.
Tiwari goes at anita. He tells should i help because vibhu went now and i heard him saying something that good that fat women used to jump here and there. Anita says what and says let him go. Tiwari says what should i do? She tells himt o make coffee.
At night anita is on the bed. Vibhu is in the balcony. Anita sleeps. Tiwari comes in his balcony. Vibhu tells tiwari to tell anita to take painkiller because she is in pain. Tiwari says ok. He calls anita. Anita tells please come here and help me and wash the dishes as she cant see dirt here and there. Tiwari is shocked.
Next day vibhu goes at tiwari and tells him to please help him and take care of anita. Tiwari says ok and goes. He goes inside the house and asks anita how should he help. Anita tells please take a bucket of water and wash the frontyard. Tiwari is shocked but says ok. He goes out with the stuff. Vibhu is there. Vibhu says how is anita. There tika and malkhan come and says vibhu has been removed out of house. Vibhu slaps them. Tiwari says she is fine and then takes to work. Anita comes hopping out. Everyone is looking at her. She tells tiwari to do it fast and then she sees vibhu and calls him but he runs away. She goes in sad. Tika and malkhan look at tiwari and laugh and go away singing a song.

Precap: vibhu is in balcony and anita comes hopping. She is about to fall but vibhu stays away and tiwari screams from his balcony but vibhu runs away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode…..LOL

  2. I heard anguri is leaving this show…Its sad 🙁 ;-(:-(

  3. Laughing on tiwari’s condition….:-D:-D:-D

  4. Same here…but plz bring back anguri

  5. Without anguri episode seems incomplete:-(

  6. rohit kushwaha

    I will not watch the show if angoori bhabhi is not there

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