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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri in kitchen. Vibhu comes and tells did she test it? Anguri says yes she gave tiwari a walnut but his fake teeth broke and came out. Vibhu says yes he is an old man. Anguri says we have to test more. Vibhu says okay we will test.
At night anita and tiwari come walking. Anita tells what a pleasant night and a good old man like you and its good to be with you. Tiwari says yes yes and then he shows her his birth certificate as proof that he is of 60 yrs old. Anita says wow that is nice and i believe you. Anita says then u must be writing and reading too. Tiwari says yes i do. Anita says then could he read her a poetry or anything he has written. Tiwari says yes indeed. He starts reading something stupid about the moon and the night and anita tries to understand

but acts as understood and says its very good. Tiwari says thanks. Anita says okay tiwari ji we will meet tomorrow. Tiwari says okay and goes singing an old song. They both go.
At night anguri thinks tiwari will come lets sleep. Tiwari comes and sleeps and hides the birth certificate under his pillow. They sleep. Anguri gets up at night and she takes the certificate from under the pillow and hides it with her.
Next day at anitas house, anita tells vibhu to bring coffee as she had to go for her classes. Vibhu brings coffee. Anita says her mood is gone and bring cold coffee. Vibhu says what and am i your servant only and i will do this always? Anita says see how immature you are and look at tiwari how matur and old he is and how good he speaks. Vibhu says he is a fraud. Anita says you are shameless and you are calling such a great person fraud. Vibhu says he is a fraud. Anita says you will always remain an immature kid and she goes.
Anguri comes at vibhus house. Vibhu welcomes her. She tells she got this document and just look at what it is? Vibuu says yes sure he will read it. Vibhu says its tiwaris birth certificate and he reads the date of birth. Vibhu tells what and tiwari is of 60 yrs old and he is an old fraud man. Anguri screams and says no and what will i tell dad now? Vibhu says tell him. Anguri says no and even you will not as i swear you on me. Anguri goes sad and crying home.
At home tiwari is reading book and thinking anita has become impressed on me and she will slowly love me. Anguri comes and tell what is this tiwari ji and your age is 60. Tiwari says so what? Anguri says why did you lie to me so many years and you are so old. Tiwari so what happened and i love you. Anita comes and tells anguri she doesnt need to be sad as an old man is mature and having been married to one is good. Anguri says how? Anita tells her that he will never betray you and love someone else and he will stay with you always. Anita says anyway tiwari i came here because there is a movie i want to watch with you and i havent understood it as many times i have watched so make me understand it. Tiwari is excited and says yes.

Precap: anita tells tiwari she has developed some feeling for him and she wants to share with him. Tiwari says yes share it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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