Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti comes down in a cowboy get up anita asks where is my sridevi and vibhuti says tat who is sridevi I m vibhuti narayan mishra and he then says tat I like this horse pointing to tiwari and hits him to bend down so tat he became his horse and hits him to run faster while anita says tat the reverse hormone injection has worked hard
Next day vibhuti is sitting in hall and praising anguri by seeing her photo in mobile and comes anita and asks about whom r u talking and vibhuti says tat I was talking about u and she then checks his mobile and sees tat its her photo and asks how did u recognize it and he says tat my eyes are like an xray machine so I can read it and then anita asks vibhuti to get in to the get up of raja ram and vibhuti says no I will not and then

anita says vibhu and he asks is this and order or a request and he says order and then leaves while anita gets happy and says I love u and he says I love u too and leaves anita then plans to record this experience in her laptop
She arranges the laptop camera and then comes raja ram the electrician and anita asks him to repair the lamp near my bed and then rajaram says tat madam u r eyes look like a zero volt bulb and anita says tat wat kind of praise is this I don’t like this and vibhuti gets angry and says tat ok I will also not do this but then anita says its ok I like it and vibhuti says ok but I don’t like the way uu cut me inbetween and he starts againg acting and then rajaram gets shock and anita says I really like it when u get a shock and then she says tat there is something in her eyes will u please help remove it and asks raja ram to come close and then they romance with each other and all that gets recorded
Anguri asks tiwari to pls play this dvd as she wants to see the movie masum javaniya and tiwari inserts the dvd in the player wrong it doesnot plays and comes in vibhuti and he then asks tiwari to give laptop as he knows how to use it and sees tat the dvd is inserted in wrong way he asks who inserted it and anguri tells tiwari and vibhuti says it was expected from him as he doesnot know how to use and then vibhuti inserts the dvd correctly but even then it doesnot plays properly and he says tat he will repair it and tiwari says tat no need we will repair it and vibhuti says an engineer can only repair it and I have studied for entrance so I can do it and he takes it and says tat I will repair it he then says to anguri today u will see the movie for sure.
He goes home and vibhuti is trying to repair the laptop but he cannot do it and comes anguri and asks has the laptop repaired and vibhuti says tat he is working on it and anguri says tat she needs a glass of water to drink as there is no water at her home and he brings water anguri says tat her hands are dirty and asks vibhuti to please feed her and he then gets so happy and he asks her to come forward and lets her drink water and anguri leaves after drinking and vibhuti in his happiness doesnot see tat anguri has left and the water falls on laptop and it gets damaged and vibhuti then curses himself tat how did he made this happen and he then sees tat it’s the same laptop he has and then he decides to give his laptop to anguri.vibhuti goes and gives the repaired laptop to anguri and then anguri asks him to hear the shayari tat she has written for him and vibhuti gets ver happy that anguri has written a shayari for him and asks her to please says and naguri say the shayari

Vibhuti says tat ur laptop has been repaired and I will leave and then anguri asks didn’t u like my shayari and vibhuti says tat u said something that u should not have said and she says wat u said I didn’t get and vibhuti leaves later anita is seen searching laptop and she asks vibhuti where is laptop and he says tat I was using it for playing games and anita says u can only do tat actually I had a better plan lets watch a video with a coffee the romance of rajaram and anita and tells tat she has recorded it through the web cam and vibhuti runs towards anguris house and asks her where is laptop and anguri says tat now the laptop runs perfectly fine and I played agame bird hunter on it and then vibhuti asks I want the laptop and anguri says tat she cant give u the laptop now as saxena took it and vibhuti gets tensed listening to this.

Vibhuti says tat if someone saw tat video wat will people talk about us and then anita says tat we have to somehow take the laptop from tiwaris house and vibhuti tells tat now anguri is not at home and tiwari is alone and we will take it from their house and vibhuti is searching for laptop and a vase falls and tiwari is sitting with anita and says tat there is someone up I heard something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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