Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anita calls out vibhu how long will you wash utensils,come clean the floor now.vibhu walks out with bucket,Anita says did you add fennel ,Vibhu nods yes and starts wiping floor,Anita sings for him and teases him,Anita attracts Vibhu and when he come stop him and points to him too clean floor,both sing together ,both kissing behind a pillow and uncle walks in,uncle says if you two have finished look here,Vibhu asks what are you doing here,uncle says can’t you close door,Vibhu says actually she was turned on by fennel smell,uncle says in my time we use too have such romantic time behind the door and nothing went out of door not a single voice ,Anita asks how is aunty,uncle says she is shopping as usual,,Vibhu asks did you get will papers.

Uncle says I didn’t come for that,I’m

marrying,next month 20 is my wedding I will send you invite and tickets, Vibhu says how about Anguri bhabhi as well,uncle says and Tiwari too,Anita says call whole colony,you will have more people and that will be fun,uncle says good idea Vibhu come let’s go invite all,Anita says first floor,u come says yes yes clean it even your aunty asked me to do it go ahead.vibhu wears plastic on his head,uncle says same pinch even I do that.

Tilu says Tiwari sir,Anguri walks to him and says hello Tilu bhaiya I’m cooking parathas do have them before you leave,Tiwari says go to shop pick up the packet and give me here,Tilu asks what’s in the packet,Tiwari says don’t ask stupid questions,Tilu says what If it contains drugs then,Tiwari says none of your business shut up,Anguri says tell him,Tiwari says party payment get it straight to me.

Uncle and Vibhuti Anita walk in,Tiwari asks how come,Anita says uncle here to invite you,Tiwari asks where what,oh I remember you were gonna have a baby,Vibhuti says no he is marrying,Tiwari asks old aunty,uncle says none of your business,Anita says uncle is here to invite you two,Tiwari says sure if you shall send us tickets,Vibhuti says he is here All the way from London and you making such excuses,Tiwari says bhabhiji are you coming,Anita says yes we all are coming and we shall go two days early.towrai says great we will join you.

Anguri says I can’t come I’m scared of aeroplane,Anita says don’t worry we all will be with you,Anguri says no no,Vibhuti says we won’t have fun without you please come,Anguri says I can’t,Vibhuti says no you will come,Anita says vibhu stop pressurising her,Tiwari says but I’m coming,Tilu says if she isn’t coming take me,Anguri says yes,tiwari says shut up and go.
Tiwari asks love marriage or arrange,uncle says actually once I was drunk and then,Vibhuti says don’t give details here its love marriage.

Happu and Saxena at tea stall,happu asks are you going to wedding ,Saxena says I’m already In London and have tight schedule if possible I will attain wedding too,happu asks what busy schedule, Saxena says worlds mad day fest,happu says even he has fest and me as inspector have nothing to go anywhere,Saxena asks are you going,happu says London is costly,Saxena says you eat so much bribe you can take your whole family dont joke.

Tikka malkhan walk teasing a women and join others at tea stall,Tikka malkhan says manage our ticket happu Singh please,happu says shut up,tikka says happu find a white girl there and you get Married to,happu Singh slaps them And leaves,malkhan and tikka start buttering Saxena and say bhaiya please take us,Saxena says see the thing is I can’t do anything and leaves.

Anguri singing song ,my husband will go London and call me,Vibhu walks to her and says he won’t call you forget call he won’t even miss you and instead find a white girl there,how can you allow him alone,Anguri says but you are with him,Vibhu says actually me and Anita will be busy with each other romantic and all,Anguri says wow how nice,Vibhuti says it’s so romantic in London,and Tiwari will be alone and so what will he do he will slip,and there women are pretty,Anguri says no I will not send him London,Vibhu says no let him come London how about if you come too,Anguri says but I’m scared ,Vibhuti says don’t be instead it’s Fun and if you are scared hold my hand,Anguri says if I get dizzy,Vibhu says you won’t be there are attendants to take care and once you travel by plane you will feel like travelling every time,Anguri says ok for Tiwari I will come with you all,Vibhu says good smart women and leaves.

Malkhan says tikka I want to go London,tikka says me too,malkhan says once I reach London I won’t return and soon you will have nephew and nieces calling you uncle in London,tikka says I had same dreams,Tilu says even I want to go London but I have no salary and this Tiwari sir says he has no money and look I just picked up client payment of one lakh check,tikka says I have a plan I’d we want to go London.

Tiwari walks to Anita and says I’m so happy,Anita says sure you will be because you are going London,Tiwari says and with you,I mean vibhuti and others and I will always be with you Anita asks why,Tiwari says so that I don’t get lost and you know London very well,Anita says you aren’t a kid don’t talk rubbish.

Anita says London police is very active they will find you if you are lost,Tiwari murmurs I want to be lost in you,Anita says listen convince Anguri too I will miss her,Tiwari says I won’t miss her I mean I tried but she says she won’t come,Anita says let me talk,Tiwari says no don’t ,I mean no use,.tikka lifts tilu and both walk in acting like Tilu is hit badly and injured,Tilu says sir ,Anita ask till what’s wrong ,Tilu says I was getting payment and two men robbed me and hit me so badly,Tiwari says what did you do and hits Tilu. Tikka says he isnt lying I saved him from them but your money I couldn’t,tiwrai says why did you save Tilu you should have saved moeny,Tilu says he is merciless tikka anyways please just take me to hospital you are very kind,tikka says I have no money but,

Anita says don’t go anywhere,Tiwari give him five hundred,you are so greedy ,poor Tilu is in pain,tiwari says why should I but,tilu says bhabhiji he is merciless,Anita says no till wait,Tiwari give him money,tikka says thank you bhabhi and both leave,tiwari starts crying.

Boss says goli,did they receive call,goli says no,boss says now we shall hijcak plane so that they will accept our proposal.

Precap : Anguri to Tiwari says Amaji told me not to wave out of window.

Anguri says vibhutiji Amaji wanted to come As well Vibhuti says plane would become overweight then,Anguri says why so see all these fat people ,plane can bare their weight but not my Amajis weight this is unfair.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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