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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,morning anguri is watering her plants in garden and comes lala ji and says hello and says tat I have got a letter for u and she asks whose letter is it and he says bhurelaal and anguri says oh its my father and he takes sign from anguri and leaves and anguri reads the letter her father has wrote tat I really miss u but when I think about ur husband I keep quiet ur mummy also misses u she is pregnant now and we r expecting a girl all ur 12 brothers are saying hi to u and ur mom has asked to send ur recent photo and then she cries remembering them and comes from behind vibhuti and he asks anguri how is she and she says tat I m very fine and vibhuti asks is everything ok between u and tiwari and she says tat everything is ok between us and vibhuti says tat I saw an dream

last night tat tiwari was torturing and hitting u and anguri says tat y did u saw such a dream there is love between us he never ever touch me also , vibhuti then asks I saw ur lights on last night till late and anguri says tat I was studying and then she says I need to go as I have to prepare jalebi for him and she leaves and vibhuti says wat a great lady is she ,she is hiding it from everyone.
Anita is doing her yoga exercise and tiwari comes in and in his mind he says after such a long time I m seeing her like this and he goes and stands near her and when she brings her hands close it gives a slap to tiwari and she says to tiwari y don’t u knock and come in and he says its ok and she asks y have come here and tiwari says tat I wanted to ask do u still respect actors and anita says I do and asks y r u asking this question now and he says tat just like tat and anita then asks him all is ok at home and he says yes and then asks wat were u doing at late night and tiwari in his mind thinks tat may be anita has seen lights on late night and he lies to her tat he was playing chess with anguri and anita says y suddenly chess and he says tat just something new so we were playing and she says ok and then tiwari asks where is vibhuti and anita says he must be out somewhere and then tiwari leaves and anita says tat tiwari is clearly lieing even I will see until when he lies me .
Vibhuti is sitting in pelas rickshaw near a tea stall and pela brings tea for him and there comes tiwari and sits beside vibhuti and he asks him tat he heard tat u were a good actor in ur college days and vibhuti says yes I was and vibhuti asks wat were u doing late night and tiwari says tat we were playing chess and then tiwari asks him to show him expressions of anger and vibhuti thinks he may be asking so tat he could apply on anguri bhabhi and he gets angry and shouts at tiwari u r such a bad person and tiwari says very nice show me more and vibhuti says tat I am not showing u expressions I am really angry and tiwari then asks oh enough of this expression can u now show me expression of killing someone and then says its enough for today and leaves while vibhuti thinks tat this man has gone insane and is thinking of killong bhabhi and li wont let this happen
At night tiwari and anguri start practicing the act ‘jalim pati ‘ and anguri starts saying tat don’t hit me I m ur wife leave my hair and asks y did u marry me and tiwari says his dialoge tat it was my big mistake I married u and then anguri says tat u made me have the unconscious pill and kidnapped me and married and at the same time vibhuti hears sound and wakes up anita and both of them come in balcony and hear their fights and there at tiwaris place they are rehearsing and anguri sees a mice and she shouts loudly and runs while tiwari runs behind her with a stick they come in their gallery running and again go in their bedroom and vibhuti and anita see their shadows which appears as tiwari is hitting anguri very badly and vibhuti says to anita tat I cant see I m going to stop him and anita says no we will take legal action u go and call hapu singh and tell him and vibhuti goes in and calls hapu singh and tells him all about wats happening at tiwaris place

Bell rangs and tiwari and anguri comes down to see who is there so late here and when tiwari opens door its happu singh who has got shocked while ringing bell and then hapu singh asks tiwari to repair the bell and he tells anguri to do it the next day and then tiwari asks hapu singh tat did ur wife delivered baby and he says not yet the baby is very naughty when ii touch her stomach he kicks and tiwari says he must be kicking in anger and saying god where are u making me take birth and hapu singh asks wat did u say in anger while anguri asks hapu singh will uhave dinner and hapu singh says I just had dinner and came and then anguri asks will u have tea and he says yes sure and asks to bring bread with butter on it I like to eat it tat way and anguri goes in to bring tea and hapu sisngh asks tiwari all is ok between u and anguri bhabhi and tiwari says tat all is ok and he asks wat were u doing so late and tiwari says tat we both were playing chess and Tiwari calls anguri and she comes with tea and some toast and hapu singh then says thanx to anguri and picks the cup of tea and says now I will leave and tiwari says atleast keep the cup and hapu singh says I will return it later and leaves tiwari closes the door in anger and leaves hapu singh comes out and says everything is fine at tiwaris house then y must have vibhuti called me and told tat tiwari is torturing anguri bhabhi so he decides to meet vibhuti while vibhuti is worried and says hapu singh must have reached he should have stopped tiwari from hitting and he calls anita and asks her to call hapu singh and check where is he and bell rangs and he thinks it must be anguri bhabhi but finds hapu singh and then hapu singh enters and says tat there is no violence happening at tiwaris home they both are fine and vibhuti wonders how can be this true

Anita tells vibhuti tat now tiwari had come and he was asking for ur leather belt and vibhuti says tat he must be asking it to hit anguri bhabhi later hapu singh,vibhuti,anita and amaji are outside tiwaris house hearing screams of anguri and then hapu singh says we have to break the door and enter now I will call 3 or 4 guys and amaji says y call others when u have buldoser here like me and she breaks the door and all enter the house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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