Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari coming home at anita and says hello bhabhiji. Tiwari has bowed down and anita says what is this why are you bowing? Tiwari says actually I am respecting you madam. Anita laughs and says sit down. Anita says Tiwari where did you civilized manner go before? Tiwari says actually there were some people so I had to act arrogant but actually when I was born nurse said sanskaar was born. Anita laughs. Vibhu comes and says hello Tiwari and how are you sir? He bows down too. Vibhu says Tiwari you are our guest today and anita please bring breakfast for Tiwari. Anita says sure and gets up, her ankle hurts and anita falls down and says oh my god I am hurt please help me vibhu and pick me up. Vibhu says I am sorry wife and I am sanskaari and Tiwari please help my wife

and pick her up for me. Tiwari says no she is your wife and you pick her. Vibhu says no you first and Tiwari says no you first. Anita is angry.
At tea stall, tika and malkhan are there na dmalkhan says man tika we should be civilized and it’s a good chance to earn 5 lakhs. Tika says yeah but I saw each dictionary and I don’t know what this civilized means. Malkhan says yes we need help. Masterji comes. Tika says see masterji came and lets ask him. Masterji sits. Tika and malkhan say masterji please help us and what does this civilized mean? We want to be civilized. Masterji says forget it and your roots and you yourselves will never be civilized.
At home vibhu is there and he dresses up wearing kurta and pyjama and goes to anguris house. Anguri says what is this? Vibhu says I am wearing civilized clothes. Anguri says that’s nice and at this moment I feel like singing. Vibhu ays yes lets sing. Anguri says dj wale babu mera gana baja do. After she sings, vibhu sings the rap and blushes. Anguri says very good and that was nice. At home vibhu is actually dreaming sitting on sofa. Anita comes from stairs and is hurt on ankle she says vibhu help me, vibhu is dreaming. Anita comes and sits on sofa and says hello wake up. Vibhu comes to senses and says adaab. Anita says vibhu you did not pick me when I fell down and did not help me now too and no one helped me. You are being too civilized and this is making a problem for me. Vibhu says am I making a problem and if its that I am sorry. Anita says shut up and now go make coffee for me. Vibhu says I am sorry. Anita says why now? Vibhu says actually I am a man and going in the kitchen will insult the kitchen as it is meant for woman so you go and make coffee for me too. Vibhu lays on sofa and dreams again.
At home Tiwari is talking on phone and says yes sir and actually sir you have to give my 2 lakh rupees and if you give me late it will be a problem but have your time. Tilu comes and Tiwari keeps phone and says hello sir sit down and you are our guest. Tilu is confused and says what? Tiwari says a guest is god and you are god and I will do whatever you say. Tilu sits and says I am god? So go give me my salary. Tiwari says sir you are god and how can I pay you? And we live on your blessings. Tilu is confused and says you are useless. Tiwari gets angry but controls and says whatever you say must be true as you are god. Tilu says okay so whatever I say is true then you are characterless and live on the money of poor people and you are a mosquito that sucks blood. Twiari is angry but controls. Anguri brings samosa and tilu says bhabhiji what has happened to this man? Anguri says nowadays he is staying civilized. Tilu says oh okay I did not have tea from your hand and please give me tea. Anguri goes. Tilu gets up and says listen sethji and give me my salary in 2 days. And you are an insect living in cow dung. Tilu goes.
At home anita is there and vibhu opens door as the laundry man comes. Vibhu says adaab. Laundry man gives clothes. Anita opens and sees her favorite saree is torn and she scolds him and says this was my favorite saree and you tore it and now I will cut it from your money. Vibhu says no anita we cant take money from poor people and we shall reward him, vibhu takes money from anitas purse and gives laundry man money and he goes. Tiwari comes too and they bow down to laundry man and he goes. Anita is shocked and says what did you do just now and why? Vibhu says its okay we should be kind. Tiwari says adaab and bows down to anita. anita says right now both of you stand straight. Tiwari says vibhu sir you first, vibhu says no sir you first. Anita says I will break your heads if you both don’t stand now. Vibhu and Tiwari stand and vibhu says she will really break our heads. Tiwari says anyway sir I have work and I came to say hello and I will go, Tiwari goes and vibhu says adaab and bows down, anita hits vibhu on butt and goes angrily. Vibhu stands up and says I will get the money.
There happu is outside saxenas house speaking on phone and tells a man that sir I will help you and tell me the details of your wife with whom she ran and I will find her and bring her to you. Happu keeps phone and saxena from balcony and says happu should I tell you something? Happu says yes. Saxena says this fake civilized attitude that you are showing for the money doesn’t suit your bribery acts at all.

Precap: In lawn Tiwari anguri and vibhu anita are there for dinner. Tiwari tells anguri no first our guests will open the box having food. Anita says okay we will open as I am hungry. Vibhu says now wait Tiwari will open.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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