Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mom coming home and she tells Tiwari and anguri that pandit ramfal found a fault in tiwari’s kundli. Mom comes with a pandit too. Anguri says what to do now? Mom says pandit ramfal gave a solution too. Anguri says what is it? pandit says actually you both have to laugh continuously for 3 days. Tiwari says what? Without any reason just laugh? Pandit says yes. And your time starts now. Tiwari and anguri start laughing and anguri goes in kitchen laughing. Tiwari starts laughing and as mom bends she get hurts, tiwari looks at her and laughs. Mom beats Tiwari and throws him and kicks and pulls him. Tiwari still laughs. Mom and pandit the go.
At street, anita is coming home walking and she tells meenal on phone that she did not see even 1 auto and she had to walk

till her. Anita then keeps the phone but suddenly falls down from a banana peel. Tiwari comes and sees this and laughs continuously. Anita says you are making a joke of me and why are you laughing? Tiwari laughs and says its not what you think. Happu singh comes and anita tells him see such a shameless man Tiwari is and he is laughing on me when I fell. Happu says what type of man are you Tiwari? Tiwari says you both are misunderstanding me and he laughs. Anita gets up herself and goes angrily home stumbling. Tiwari laughs and happu says you are a cheap man and he goes.
At home anita goes and calls vibhu. Vibhu comes and says what happened and you are In pain? Anita says actually when I was coming I fell down from a banana peel after slipping on it and some dumb guy threw it over there. Vibhu says oh my god? And are you hurt? Anita says yes and you know what? That Tiwari came there and he was laughing like crazy on me and I was so angry on me. Vibhu says what? And he laughs and then says did he laugh like this? Anita says why are you demonstrating? Vibhu says even I will throw a banana peel there and when Tiwari will fall down, I will laugh like this.
At tea stall, happu is there and gulfam kali comes and says happu singh my house got robbed and I need you to catch the thieves. Tiwari comes and is laughing. Happu says what did they steal? Gulfam says they stole my 3 blouses. Tiwari laughs more loudly and happu looks at him angrily, gulfam says I got robbed and you are laughing? Happu says ignore him and he laughed on anita too today. Gulfam then says they stole my hair clips and shoes too. Tiwari laughs more. Gulfam says if you don’t find them happu singh then I will complain to the commissioner and she goes. Happu sits beside Tiwari and looks at him. Tiwari laughs continuously and goes.
In front of anguri’s kitchen on the street, saxena and tika are playing cricket and tika hits a six, vibhu comes. Vibhu says get aside, saxena says we are playing, vibhu slaps saxena and says don’t act as if you are Tendulkar. Saxena takes to batting, vibhu goes to the kitchen and calls anguri, saxena hits the ball and it hits vibhu’s back and he is hurt. Saxena says I like it. anguri is laughing and vibhu says why are you laughing when I am hurt? Vibhu then goes as anguri is laughing and before that slaps tika and saxena who were laughing too, saxena says I like it.
At home Tiwari is in hall and laughing and then his uncle calls and tells his mother died, Tiwari still laughs and uncle abuses Tiwari and keeps phone. Then mom calls. Tiwari laughs more and more on the phone, mom says juts shut up and pandit ramfal said he saw the wrong kundli and you don’t have to laugh anymore. Tiwari says what? And because of this stuff I laughed on so many people. Mom says now say sorry to them and she keeps phone. Anguri comes and Tiwari says we don’t have to laugh anymore as pandit ramfal saw the wrong kundli. Anguri stops too and Tiwari says I will go and say sorry to anita. anguri says me too as I laughed on vibhu today.
Outside the gate of anguri and vibhu’s house, Tiwari and anguri are there and Tiwari says how do I go in and say sorry?
Inside anita and vibhu are happy as anita got an investor who is her uncle. Anita says my uncle is investing in my grooming classes and 4 more branches of my grooming classes will open in Kanpur. Vibhu says that’s nice. Anita says lets give sweets to Tiwari and anguri.
Outside mom calls anguri and says pandit ramfal now saw the right kundli and now you both have to cry continuously for 24 hours whatever happens. Anguri says okay and tells Tiwari and Tiwari says what shit is this? Anita and vibhu come and they give sweets and give the news of anitas business. Anguri and Tiwari start crying. Anita is shocked and says today morning Tiwari you were laughing and now you are crying, she takes sweet from tiwaris hand and vibhu takes from anguri and says sorry and they both go.

Precap: saxena comes with a man from London who is interested in Mughal sultanate story and is about to make a drama on it. saxena says he is organizing the drama and he needs actor so he chose vibhu anita and Tiwari anguri and this way they will also go to London.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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