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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu and anguri outside lawn of anguris house. Vibhu says he has an offer for her. Anguri says what? Vibhu says I have opened a marriage bureau in partnership so I need someone for making the food in marriage. Tiwari says who is so dumb to do partnership with you and why should we waste our resources for your marriage? Saxena comes and says I have done partnership. Vibhu and saxena say we will give you money if you do the catering and even your business of undergarments will be in profit. Tiwari says how? Saxena says actually people wear new undergarments in marriage so you will be in profit. Tiwari says okay nice when to start? Vibhu and saxena go.
At home vibhu is talking on phone and says the groom is a celebrity and so you need to be on time. He keeps

phone. Anita comes and says do all work at home before I come back. Vibhu says excuse me I am working and I opened a marriage bureau with saxena so I cant. Anita says so what? Before I come do the work. Anita goes. Vibhu is angry, tika and malkhan come and say we heard you opened a marriage bureau so we need a girl for marriage too. Vibhu says not now as actor jimmy sheirgill is going to come and first he will get a girl for marriage and we have called the meeting. Tika and malkhan say that’s nice and we are his fans we also want to come, vibhu says I will call you go.
There jimmy sheirgill comes and gets down from auto. Vibhu and saxena welcome jimmy. They take him in and even Tiwari comes. Saxena goes to bring the girl. Jimmy asks vibhu where is the girl? Vibhu says yes saxena went to bring her. Tiwari says hello I am Tiwari. Jimmy removes a gun and says if there is any problem in this marriage then the bullet will go in your heads. Vibhu and twiari get scared. Saxena comes and tells vibhu the girl ran. Jimmy says ran? Vibhu gets up and slaps saxena and tells jimmy actually he means that the girl is running for a marathon and she is exercising. Jimmy says okay, but if this is a lie and if the girl does not come here today itself and you both are unable to find her then I will shoot both of you. Vibhu and saxena get scared and go to find the girl. Tiwari is with jimmy. Tiwari says I have a business of undergarments and in the marriage you will need new undergarments so take it from me. Anguri comes and says where were you Tiwari? Tiwari says see jimmy sheirgill has come. Anguri says oh I know and I am his fan. Anguri says to jimmy that whatever food you will like I will make it for the marriage as I have the catering contract here. Jimmy says okay.
Outside vibhu and saxena are standing outside the house and vibhu tells where did this girl go and if we don’t bring her he will shoot us. Saxena says I have taken injuries, slaps, beatings and many shocks but never a bullet and lets take a bullet and I need one. Vibhu tells sometimes think sensibly even though you are mad and taking this bullet is not fun like other things and you wont live to take another one so lets bring a girl first. Saxena says okay. Saxena then see anita talking to a woman and says vibhu we got the girl and he points at anita. vibhu slaps saxena and says she is my wife and don’t you dare say that. Saxena says I know and I am not saying that we go and tell her to marry jimmy but just tell her to be the girl and later change it. vibhu says that’s a good idea and he calls anita. anita says what happened? Vibhu says we both are in trouble and can you be the girl for jimmy in marriage? Anita says are you dumb and have you forgotten we are married? Vibhu says I am not telling you to marry him but just be the girl and later we will exchange with someone. Anita says okay lets see I will do it. vibhu says thanks and takes her in. there jimmy is wit Tiwari, vibhu and saxena come and say we brought the girl and here she is. Anita comes in and sits on sofa. Jimmy looks at her. Anita blushes. Tiwari says bhabhiji? Jimmy says who is Bhabhi ji? Anita says he means after marriage I will be his Bhabhi only. Jimmy says okay. Tiwari says no she is married. Jimmy says what? Vibhu says actually this town is full of characterless people so we told them she is married but she is single, saxena takes Tiwari out to explain him. Vibhu says so how is the girl jimmy and he name is priya? Jimmy says she is beautiful, anita blushes.vibhu by mistake says anu. Jimmy says anu who? Vibhu says her full name is anupriya. Jimmy says okay. Jimmy says what are your photos with her doing here? Vibhu say actually we clicked these photos so that the people that come to our bureau know that they will be happy like we look in these photos. Jimmy says it better be true otherwise that photo of bothn of you will have a garland. Vibhu and anita are shocked. Anguri comes and says vibhu did you get the girl you were finding? Vibhu says yes she is right here sitting beside me. Tiwari and saxena come. Anguri says what? Anita you cant do this. Tiwari takes anguri out to explain. Jimmy says why does everyone have a problem here with marriage? Vibhu says you remember I told you about the people in town. Jimmy says okay. Anita says before we talk anything about marriage, I want to say I cant marry anyone who removes gun whenever he is angry and always does all goon things. Jimmy goes out and there tika and malkhan are as drum men, jimmy shoots a bullet everyone is quiet and he takes tika and malkhan in. before that anita gets a call from grooming classes that a kid in her classes fell down so she needs medication. Anita says she will come and she goes. Vibhu and Tiwari are there and jimmy and tika come. Jimmy says where is the girl anupriya? Vibhu says actually she went out she will come back we will go and bring her. Jimmy says I like her so tika and Tiwari go bring her. Vibhu says come back fast i am alone. Tiwari tells tika anita has gone to classes so we anyway need to a bring some other girl. Twiari tells tika go and bring someone. Tiwari goes to bring some girl if he tea stall gulfam is dancing and happu is dancing with her. Teacher comes. Happu switches off the song, teacher says don’t you both have manners and dancing like that on the street? Happu says do your work and I am not dancing now. Teacher gets angry and says you don’t have manners and he takes stick and beats up happu singhs ass. Teacher goes. Gulfam says its okay I will make you rest. Happu gets a call and says vibhu always creates problem when he starts a business so okay I will send a girl there.
At home vibhu is there and Tiwari comes with girl who Is actually anguri and she is covered. Jimmy says I like you and lets talk. Tiwari says yes she is ready to marry you. Suddenly saxena comes and says I brought the girl, he brings gulfam kali. Tika also comes and says I brought gilr and he brings malkhan in disguise. At the same time anita comes. Jimmy removes gun and gets a call suddenly and then keeps it. he says I don’t understand whom to shoot now because I get the truth now and I was finding girl for my makeup man but even he ran. Everyone remove disguise. Jimmy says okay sit now. They all talk. Tiwari asks how do you remain fit? Jimmy says I have stress and laughs, all laugh. As they talk tika and malkhan say lets dance sir on a song of yours and they all dance. Episode ends.

Precap: next Saturday actor Jackie Shroff comes. They all are dancing on a song.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Best episode of weekend.. was treat to watch today’s episode.. more than naagin season 2

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