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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the ghost sitting behind happu singhs bike and she tells him that she is not any stupid woman. Then she throws away happu in the air. He falls down. Saxena smiles and says i like it. Then happu singhs shoes fall down too. The ghost comes there and tells happu singh that not to challenge her. Saxena tells her to go or else he will kill her. She tells him that if he comes in between like a wall then she will not leave him. The ghost goes away. Happu singh asks saxena who was she? Saxena tells she was a witch. Happu singh becomes unconscious. Saxena says i like it.
Next day morning, everyone is sitting at vibhutis house. Saxena comes. Anita asks him what happened last night?. Saxena says why didnt they put a current in the bell and he wants it. Vibhuti asks

him to tell what has been asked to him first. Saxena tells them that he spoke with the witch. She is a very good witch and that she has good manners and is from a good family. Vibhuti tells him that why is he telling them her biodata and that he doesnt have to marry her. Then saxena says i like it. He tells them that the witch first intends to marey vibhuti as she loves him. Anita tells vibhu that here too a witch loves him and says vibhu is cheap. Vibhu syas what can he do in that as he has such a handsome face. Tiwari says he likes the relation between the witch and vibhu. Then anita tells tiwari not to crack such jokes when there is a serious matter going on. Saxena tells them that witch wants to marry vibhu and then will do suhaag raat with him. Then during honeymoon she will give him a glass of milk and vibhu will die. Everyone is shocked. Tiwari says he has an idea. Anita asks him what? Tiwari says what if vibhu doesnt drink the glass of milk. Everyone looks at eacn other and after a while saxena says i like it.
In the night anguri is sleeping on the bed. Suddenly witch comes in from the bedsheet and enters anguris body. Tiwari comes in the room. He then starts praising anguri face while she is sleeping. He says that her cheeks are so cute and she looks too innocent while sleeping and that her face is very fair. Then he says that anguri open your eyes and that he wants to praise anguris eyes too. Then suddenly anguris eyes are opened and the witch speaks from anguris body. Witch says in laughing tune laddo ke bhaiya. Tiwari gets scared he runs away outside vibuhus door and bangs it. Anguri comes walking like a witch. Vibhu opens the door and asks tiwari what happened. Tiwari says anguri…… vibhu asks what? Then anguri comes. Vibhu and tiwari look at anguri and both shout loudly and run inot anitas room. They bang anitas bathroom as anita is inside. They call anita out as anguri comes walking in the room. Then anita comes out with eyes closed. Suddenly anguri shouts and vibhu and tiwari look at anita and see that she has become the witch. They all run out of the house when sudeenly all three shout when they reach the frontyard. They see the witch sitting there by the time anita also comes there. They all shout. Then saxena comes. Anita and everyone tell him to tell the witch to go. Saxena tells the witch that go away at once and he removes a lemon and is just cutting it when the witch goes. Then vibhu tells saxena to sleep in their house today. Every one say yes and they sleep in the hall in vibhus house. Saxena tiwari and vibhu sleep on one bed. And anita and anguri on other. While saxena is sleeping and the rest are sleeping vibhu calls tiwari and tells he is feeling scared and tiwari says he too. Then suddenly two more legs come out of the bed. Vibu and tiwari see and get scared. Vibhu counts all legs and then they see that only three people(vibhu tiwari and saxena) are sleeping whereas there are 8 legs. Then they see that saxenas legs are taking 360° degree turns. They get scared.
They call anita and anguri. They all see. Saxrna turns into the witch. They all go running out of the house. There anguris amma comes in the auto. They go to her. Amma says why are they scared? They tell that there is a ghost in the house in saxenas body. Amma says she is not scared and goes in to check. Then after a while saxena comes out saying i like it. They all say it is saxena and then they ask each other where is amma? Amma comes iut with eyes closed. And then she opesn eyes and turns into witch. Saxena says i like it. They all scream and get scared.

Precap: amma falls unconscious. All reach to her help. Anita calls vibhu. Vibu looks at them. The witch has entered vibhutis body. The witch inside vibhuti is given shock. Vibhu has been tied and is given shocks. Saxena says the witch must have gone. But witch through vibhus body sings the sing sheila ki jawani.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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