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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, at night vibhuti is talking to self tat this anita is too much she says tat shares business is gamble game but this is the way to earn money and she doesn’t know tat anguri bhabhis luck is so nice tat if she touches a iron it will turn in gold he then goes in room and checks if anita is asleep and then opens the cupboard and takes out the necklace and says tat i will mortgage this diamond necklace which is very dear to anita but not to me as its given by her mom once i invest it in shares i will get more money i will then get this necklace back and he keeps it in pocket and then goes near bed and anita sees him and asks wat r u doing here and vibhuti says tat i was seeing u ,u look so beautifull when ur asleep and then he sleep and says good night to anita and

he then hides the necklace under the pillow
Next day vibhuti goes to meet anguri and sees her doing prayers and says god please fullfill her all wishes except the one she demands for tiwari and then anguri sees him and asks how r u and vibhuti says i m good i need ur help like last time choose a company so tat i can invest 70,000 rs in shares and anguri says tat no i m very bad at these predictions but vibhuti insists and keeps 3 chits in front of her and ask her to choose she chooses a chit and the companies name is goodu fertilizers and comes tiwari and asks vibhuti wat r u teaching my wife and vibhuti says tat i m investing 70,000 in goodu fertilizers and tiwari says tat but i m investing 3000rs in bablu petro chemicas and vibhuti says tat company wont get u profits its shares are very low and tiwari says lets c and vibhuti says hope anguri bhabhi i will come with a good news in evening and he leaves
Tiwari goes in his rooms and thinks tat vibhuti was saying right shares of bablu petr chemicals is low should i change my decision and near the window comes tiwaris angel and seeing him tiwari says u look good in this whit feathers and the angel says tat shut up and asks do u love anita bhabhi and tiwari says yes i do and then the angel says then how could u disobey her u will have to listen to her and then tiwari says tat ok i will invest in bablu petro chemicals
Anita is watching television and the news is tat heat has increased and Kanpur but the government is doing nothing and anita then says wat nonsense wat will government do if the temperature is getting heated and comes vibhuti and says tat actually the heat is due to u anita as u r so hot and anita laughs and then the news reader is about to tell the news of shares and anita switches it of while vibhuti says tat i wanted see it and then anita says tat y u want to see u haven’t invested then y u should see and says don’t u dare to invest in shares and vibhuti says never i will never do anything without ur permission and anita leaves and then vibhuti starts the television and the news reader tell the news of shares of Bablu petro chemicals it costed 100 rs has become 1000 rs and vibhuti says tat tell me about goodu fertilizers and the news reader says tat its bad news for the shares of goodu fertilizers and vibhuti says common man tell it as he gets tensed and the news reader tells tat Goodu fertilizers per share250 has become 75 rs and then vibhuti gets very upset as he lost 70,000 rs
Tiwari has gained profit so he comes with sweets to anita and says please have sweets its because of u tat i have gained this profit in shares and anita gets angry and says tat i really hate this u lied to me and share business is like gambling i will not have this sweet and then tiwari says ok this sweet has been brought from my undergarments busniness and then anita says ok i will have one and then says tat vibhuti will never inest in shares and tiwari say stat he has inested 70,000 rs in shares and lost too and comes in vibhuti and says anita he is lieing i haven’t invested any money and anita says i don’t believe as there is not even 70 rs in his pocket from where will he get this huge amount of money and then anguri comes and asks for some tea powder to anita and then tiwari says tat u can ask anguri about vibhutis investment and anguri says yes he invested 70,000 rs in shares and then vibhuti says no bhabhiji i was just jokin and the anguri says tat oh u were joking then its ok and then tiwari says tat anita bhabhi i gained this profit because of u and so i want to gift u something and then anita says no no u should gift to anguri anguri and then tiwari agrees tat yes i wil gift her if u insist. And anguri then asks anita to give her tea powder and she asks vibhuti to give anguri tea powder Vibhuti says sure and asks anita where is the tea powder and anita says tat wat is this vibhuti u do all the household work and u don’t know where it is go in and search and give anguri bhabhi and he says ok
Anguri is coming to see anita and vibhuti meets her n the way and anguri asks him how r u and vibhuti says tat i m worried about my loss of 70,000 rs and anguri says but u said yesterday tatu were joking and then vibhuti reminds of the lie and says tat oh ya i was really joking and then he asks do u have any work and anguri says tat i want to show a necklace tat tiwari gifted me to anita and vibhuti says she is upstairs well if u don’t mind u can show me too and anguri says yes and shows the necklace she was hiding on neck and vibhuti gets shocked after seeing the necklace and shouts no seeing it

Vibhuti stops tiwari and says tat he cant tell this to anita and tiwari says tat i want to tell her and then vibhuti tells tat the gift tat u bought for anguri bhabhi is anitas necklace and saxena and tiwari shouts in shock later someone is stealing something from anguri house and anguri gets up and shouts thief thief.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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