Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita in bedroom and vibhu sitting in the balcony and drinking. Anita gets a phone call and its her uncle from almad. She says hello uncle. Uncle says where are you anita so many years? Anita says how are you uncle and you did not even come to my marriage. Uncle says yes actually that time I was abroad. Anita comes and sits in front of vibhu and tells uncle that I am just sorry that I declined that relation for marriage you brought of that banker. Uncle says its okay anyway what does your husband do? Anita says he is the ceo of a mnc company. Uncle says wow then I shall meet him and I will come to Kanpur tomorrow, anita says what? And says okay, uncle says he has to talk about his daughter pinky with her too. Uncle keeps phone. Anita says we are messed tomorrow as

my uncle is coming and I told him you are the ceo so you will wear a coat tomorrow. Vibhu says why do you say such stuff? Anita says shut up, should I say that you are jobless? Just go and bring your coat from the dry cleaner and wear it tomorrow.
Next day in balcony, anguri is singing and watering plants and vibhu comes. The water falls on him by mistake, anguri says sorry. Vibhu says no its okay I am lucky. Vibhu then says how are you Bhabhi ji? Anguri says I am fine and how is he? Vibhu says actually there is a golden bird in whom my heart lives and my life to. I love that bird and get excited when I see her. Anguri says who is it? vibhu says you see it everyday. Anguri says where? I did not see it. suddenly anita comes and listens and says tell me too who that golden bird is? Vibhu says so Bhabhi ji I told you, you see it everyday and see anita is my golden bird. Anita blushes. Tiwari comes and says yes she is but she is stuck with a crow. Vibhu says just shut up and you trapped a peacock yourself. Anita says shut up both of you, she tells vibhu to go and bring the coat from the dry cleaner.
At tea stall, vibhu is wearing the coat. Saxena comes and says what is this? You suddenly wearing coat? Where did you get it? you are jobless. Vibhu slaps him. Tika and malkhan come and sit and tika says today you are wearing coat vibhu? Tika says how much is it? malkhan says why are you asking? He is jobless and he must have stolen it or taken it on rent. Vibhu says it took it on rent? You are saying I cant but this coat? Vibhu takes water and is throwing on malkhan but suddenly anita’s uncle comes and it falls on uncle. Uncle is angry and says you are an arrogant guy and what did you do? Vibhu says get lost, I am already angry and go away now otherwise I don’t know what I will do to you. uncle goes angrily saying I don’t even want to waste time with you.
At home Tiwari brings uncle home. he calls anita. anita sees its uncle and is excited and welcomes him. They all sit and anita says how are you uncle? Uncle says I am fine. Anita says what is this water on your shirt? Uncle says I was coming and at tea stall there were some boys, and one threw water on me. He did not even say sorry and he was so arrogantly arguing with me. Anita says its okay uncle calm down. Uncle says I met Tiwari there and he to me to your house. Tiwari says tell me uncle how did that man look? Uncle says he was good looking, suddenly vibhu comes saying hello anu baby. Uncle sees and says he was that guy. Vibhu says you came here too? Get lost. anita says he is my uncle vibhu. Vibhu is shocked. Uncle says he was that arrogant guy. Uncle says who is he? Tiwari says he is anita’s, anita interrupts and says brother in law, his name is chandu. Uncle says okay but he is very rude. Vibhu says I am sorry, I am very sorry. Tiwari says he is your brother in law? I got to know it today. Anita says Tiwari go home otherwise I wont ever talk to you. Tiwari goes. Anita takes vibhu in kitchen and says you insulted uncle? Vibhu says where is I know he was your uncle. And the water fell on him by mistake. Anita says you could have said sorry as he is older than you. anguri comes and says uncle has come. Anita says yes he has, anguri says what does he do? Vibhu says he creates a mess. Anita says he is a business man. Anguri says wow I will meet him. Anita says yes come when you want as he is here 3 days. Anguri goes. Anita says now make snacks and tea and come out.
Anita goes out and talks to uncle, she asks how is aunty? Uncle says she is fine just that if we could sell a wife and buy a new one I would be enjoyed. Anita is shocked, she calls vibhu as chandu come fast. By mistake vibhu says yes baby. Uncle is shocked and looks at anita.

Precap: uncle tells anita he wanted an arrogant guy just like chandu. He married pinky to 2 men but she was too arrogant for them and she kicked them from the marriage mandap. But I got chandu and he will be married to pinky. Vibhu and anita are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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