Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,anita is coughing and says tat she is fed up of it and anguri is seen doing pooja and phone rings and its anita at other side anita says hi and she coughs and anguri asks is she ok and anita says no she is having cough and anguri says tat her amaji has given her a syrup on it she drank it yesterday and she is fine now and anguri says tat she will send it to her anita says tat she will come to take it and they hang up manmohan comes and asks whose phone is it and anguri says it was anita ji and he asks was it for her and she says no it was for her and then anguri asks him to have food manmohan says tat he had just now if it was in hand u would have feed him 24 hours and anguri says tat yes she can as she always dreams tat she is seating in front of gas and cooking parathas

in ghee and ur having it and manmohan then says tat anguri u r crazy and manmohan leaves while he comes out of gate he bumps into a lady in sari and in real it is vibhuti who is also going to manmohans house she then hits manmohan and abuses and manmohan thinks who is this lady and he leaves.
Vibhuti enters house and calls anguri and he is talking like and old lady and anguri comes and sit talks to the lady where vibhuti tells her tat she is very poor and ll this happened because she was drinking alcohol and anguri says tat yes alcohol is very bad and u should stop drinking and vibhuti says tat she knows tat u r aldo drinking alcohol and anguri says tat no this is not alcohol it is a syrup and comes in anita and vibhuti gets a bit cautious seeing her enters and anita asks tat is she ur mother in law and anguri says no she is a massage women and she has just given a powder massage to vibhuti and anita gets shocked and then anguri goes in to bring syrup anita then asks the lady for how much time did u gave massage to vibhuti and then she tells tat she didnot know about time and then anita murmurs once i go home i will see tat vibhuti listening to this vibhuti runs and anita thinks tat this women has gone crazy anguri gives her a small bottle and says tat it has a bit of may be alcohol as it feels very dizy and like fainting anita says tat she will handle it.
While running out vibhuti again bumps into manmohan and manmohan understands the lady is no one but vibhuti and he then asks him y did u do all this aren’t u ashamed and he then tells tiwari tat he has seen anguri drinking alcohol and he asked a solution on it to anita and she told tat a lady can only make another lady understand that it is bad so he did all this get up and now bhabhiji was giving the alcohol to anita to drink manmohan gets very shocked listening to all this .
Anita comes home and askd vibhuti tat so he had a massage today and vibhuti asks her not to drink it and anita says tat this is perfect for my health and she asks vibhuti y did u had a massage and vibhuti says tat he just had a head massage.a courier boy is at door and anguri opens the door and the boy gives her a parcel manmohan is seeing all this from behind and anguri checks the parcel and sees two bottles and sasy its ok and asks the boy tat y is he looking like this at her and he says tat so there is party at home and anguri says u go do ur work.

Then vibhuti and manmohan sit and decide wat needs to be done and they decide to talk to them face to face and they both get drunk and go to manmohans house and vibhuti calls anita at their home while vibhuti and manmohan tell each other that bhahiji looks very pretty and they give each other a blank look anguri comes down and is surprised to see both of them drunk even anita comes and is surprised to see them like this and vibhuti then says now we are going to drink together and and both anguri and anita gets surprised and manmohan asks anguri to bring four glasses and anguri says wat ru saying all this and vibhuti says tat he has seen anguri drinking alcohol on terrace and some times in kitchen too and anguri also gives the bottle to anita also anita then says tat she never drinks alcohol she don’t know about anguri but she never drank alcohol anguri also says tat she never drank alcohol and it was a syrup which amaji gave her to drink wen she had cough and then goes inside and bring the bottle and vibhuti says tat this is the bottle and anguri says tat this is not alcohol but a cough syrup tat amaji gave her and manmohan doesn’t likes it so she was drinking it hiding it from manmohan and then both anita and anguri get very angry and anita says tat today u wont get food also and while they leave they see saxena coming in drunk and anita slaps him seeing like tat and they leave while saxena comes and sits with a alcohol bottle and says tat he got to know tat u were gonna have party so he brought it and then manmohan drinks the alcohol from bottle.

PRECAP;-manmohan and vibhuti are talking standing in their gallery nd the light in their colony is gone and everyone gather to find out y there is no light and saxena tells tat only in their colony there is no light and he then says tat every man is gathered near a chowk and we should go and manmohan denies and saxena says aren’t u a man and manmohan gets very angry listening to this and slaps vibhuti.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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