BHAAG CHALE????- Let’s Elope (Teaser)

Hii sweeties,
Lo aagayi me vaapas to bore u ..
But before that
I will introduce my name is shivani andvu all know mw by name yaashi.its my nick name u all know i m big fan of kanchi and loves chemistry specially organic chemisty alot.
Well i m 18 yeard old and first year graduation student .wants to be chemist in no more bakbak

Big welcome to ruhanika aka ruhi..and sarah
Welcome back abhilasha dear..
And misssss u anu dear, get well soon..

So this is a teaser ,i wil continue this only if u want it to be continued guys..
And this will be maximum 4 shots story.

She was sitting in front of her dressing table ,all lost into her own world..she was none other than sanchi..
Her eyes were swollen badly indicating her sorrow.
” how could they do this to me? Why dont they understand ?? Its 5th time they are doing this to me!!.my own parents dont understand me..huh..” she groaned..
She closed her eyes slowly ,only to get glimpse of him.she smiled little..again realisation shooked her and she looked down..
“Why u did this to me??” She yelled out .
She remembered thier first meet ,nok-zoks,confession,dates,breakup ,fights and ‘her brutal MISCARRIAGE’
a lone tear escaped from her eyes..

So tell me how is this .
Ans silent readers ,thanx for reading…

And finally thank u guys for ur constant support and sorry for replying late.

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  1. Neha7873

    It seems interesting! Please continue ,,love you

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u neha. Luv u too

  2. Sajnana900

    Woowww its great plz plz continue it

    1. Yaashi23

      Thank u dear. I will surely continue now

  3. RuCh23

    You already got me curious Yaashi ??? continue soon ???

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey yashi /shivani its totally amaz nd different concept nd btw yashi kuch likhe or hamein achcha na lage aisa ho skta h to ye kahenge tum phir aao baar baar aao.. Enough of my bakbak post nxt fatafat… Lovv u sweety.. Bye tc

  5. Wow…interesting…..especially title….perefect….update soon…lots of love to u dear.

  6. Dhruti

    wow it seems interesting please continue………….hey i also love chemistry especially organic chemistry a lot like Benzene and all……………….update next one soon can’t wait for it…..

  7. Hello
    IT seems to be very interesting
    Plz carry it on
    ? ? ?

  8. Riyarocks

    Yaashi dear….if u don’t mind I would prefer to call u by this name only……& coming to the plot, it really seems very interesting……my best wishes with u……I’m eagerly waiting for ur plot….

  9. It seems interesting… Update soon

  10. Pls continue dr

  11. Aafiya

    It is interesting…

  12. Yaashi it’s interesting plot update soon can’t wait

  13. Trisha139

    Awesome yaashi continue soon

  14. Abhilasha

    Seems really interesting… Continue soon!!

  15. Jessicca

    It was so amazing…. Interesting concept… And the title ? bhaag chale.. In love with the teaser… Key going sweetie❤

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