Did Bhaag Bakul Bhaag interest you by its promos?

Colors’ new show Bhaag Bakul Bhaag is a remake of Govinda’s Saajan Chale Sasural. The show stars Jay Soni, Hiba Nawab and Shruti Rawat in lead roles. Jay plays the role of an obedient guy Bakul, who belongs to a Gujarati family. He has two wives, one traditional rural wife chosen by his family, and other one a modern urban wife, chosen by himself. Bakul’s journey of balancing his life with two women will be seen. The viewers will get to see comic moments when Bakul invites double trouble his way.

Jay was last seen in Sony’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. Bakul’s life in a double role of family oriented person and an achiever will be seen. Hiba will be playing Bakul’s modern wife. Shruti, who plays his rural wife, does not know Bakul has already married someone in the city. Bakul gets troubled nodding to the commands of both of his wives. Bakul tries to keep his family and wives happy. The show gets the fresh pairing of Jay and Hiba. The promos are doing rounds. Bhaag Bakul Bhaag seems to be interesting. The show starts 15th May at 5.30 Pm. Did Bhaag Bakul Bhaag interest you by its promos? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Meena4801

    I don’t understand why they always show girls fighting over boy.. This is 2017 n the reality of now is girls don’t wanna get married.. Not bcoz they can’t leave their mum dad(kidish which is considered as her reason by everyone for not getting married) trust me ppl its nothing like tht.. Its bcoz now girls are career oriented.. Rest are just wanting a rich hubby with a luxurious life.. 3-5% girls are left who really want to manage their personal n professional life.. Boys are 30 here n still not getting girls to marry.. N here.. Bunch of girls fighting ridiculously for 1 boy.. Poor cvs are still living in the era where girls were eager to get married asap.. N where girls were obsessed with a guy.. Get a life cvs(hope someone from the crew of every serial reads this) we are now understood what life is all about.. We don’t want anymore cages of marriage now.. Sorry i have hurted anyone.. Its not like every marriage is suffocated but many are.. I wish whoever in the world gets married or is married have a really happy life.. Bcoz its very rare tht both in the marriage are happy till the end of their life.. ??

    1. I came here just to vote NO. I’m happie their izz someone who has the same opinion as me regarding marriage. Your comment made me smile 🙂 Thanq

      1. Meena4801

        Happy to see ppl having such believes n views..??

    2. U r totally right Meena…I agree with you…

      1. Meena4801

        Thank you nitya.. ☺☺

    3. Shrilatha

      Exactly Meena today’s world where women r supposed to be shown stronger they r still stuck with one man with two women stories

      1. Meena4801

        Yeah exactly.. N now they’ll show the Gujarati bahu as typical gawar.. Who’ll consider her husband as god.. N the other modern one will be dominating yet will be a typical housewife.. Hope someday a rule will be kept that every single daily soap should be finite.. Atleast we don’t have to bear these type of nonsensical shows… ??

  2. Total garbage subject matter

  3. There is nothing funny about a man with two wives. There is nothing that will make me feel sympathy towards him either. This is a ridiculous subject to make a show on.

  4. Arni

    Its total non sense but will just watch it for shruti

  5. Nothing really but I am eagerly waiting for zee TV’s show eisi dee wangle ….In love with the promos …In love with the protagonists don’ t know how will it perform still i will surely watch every single episode of its ……..

  6. Please bring some good and real concepts. This is a ridiculous one. Stop it and try something better.

  7. Total ridiculas subject. There is nothing interesting between two woman & one man.But I am waiting for savitri devi. It seems something interesting.

  8. Smreetikhatri

    Well.Even though this show concept is kinda old and not pretty much interesting…I’m here only to see Shrruti Rawat *Bhairavi from Badi door Se Aaye Hain*
    I bet she is gonna stole the whole show..Her innocence her Acting and herself is Amazing?

  9. Krishnaa

    whats so funny about bigamy???? its against law! only idiots who cheats or who wants to cheat their respective wives will support such show! Nonsense!

  10. Raina

    i am not at all interested with this..
    a man is cheating his family and his wives..
    there is nothing comic in it..
    daily soaps should show good things, but here.. god!
    and i really don’t understand why nowadays all are showing girls like this.. drooling over boys..
    girls are strong enough..
    this is 21st century!!

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