Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool telling Harry that you have me list for Jigna’s fast. Harry asks what I have to do? Bakool says Jigna is fasting, how can you eat. Ranjeet asks Harry not to have food until Jigna is keeping fast and takes his food plate. Jigna shows her mehendi hands to malti and says Baa applied mehendi on her hand. Baa applies mehendi on Sheena’s hands and says your saas would have applied mehendi on your hand. She says it would have been great, if you was my saas. Baa says she has only one son, what to do and asks her to touch her saas’s foot. Malti suggests Jigna to write her name on Bakool’s hand. Harry beats Bakool and scolds him for snatching his plate. Harry says he will go with Juhi to bedroom. Juhi comes. Bakool asks if she will go with Harry. Juhi says yes

and says she will have 6 pani puris. Bakool laughs and asks her to tell figure. Juhi tells her figure. Bakool says he is asking about the order. Juhi tells the amount and goes. Bakool laughs on Harry.

He comes to Sheena and asks why did she keep fast. Sheena asks her to be with him. Bakool asks her to have something. Sheena refuses. A pizza delivery man delivers Pizza. Ranjeet aims gun at Dagdu and asks who has ordered Pizza.

Baa comes home and sees Jigna closing the doors and windows. Jigna turns and Baa gets shocked seeing Jigna tying clip to her nose. She says she is getting food smell. Baa asks her not to close her mouth. Jigna says it is a good idea. Baa says how you will take breath. Ranjeet asks Bakool if he ordered the pizza. Bakool says no. Delivery boy tells the address. Ranjeet says it is a wrong address. Sheena faints and falls down. Bakool holds her and scolds Ranjeet for letting her keep fast. He asks Ranjeet to call doctor. Sheena opens her eyes and asks if he cares so much for her. Jeena Jeena song plays….He smiles.

Bakool gets Baa’s call and he rushes home. He asks her if Jigna did something. Baa says her life is in trouble. Jigna comes while cloth pin is on her nose and asks him to tell story so that she can divert her mind. Ranjeet tells Sheena that Bakool loves her so much. Sheena asks her about her mamma. Ranjeet tells that they were like Laila and Majnu. Bakool tells Jigna that he will tell her a love story. Jigna says her villagers girl used to watch English films and used to enjoy, they said that love is shown in films. Bakool asks if she knows what is that love which is shown in films. Jigna says her friends asked her to ask her husband.

Bakool thinks Jigna is so innocent and tells her that when two persons are in love, there is no place for third person. Jigna asks if there is any third person between us and asks him to promise. Bakool thinks he can’t take a wrong promise. Jigna says Baa is third person between them. Bakool says I was thinking Baa’s name, Kokila Ben. Ranjeet tells his love story to Sheena. Sheena asks when did she born? Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage….Jigna sees sleeping Bakool and says I love you. She thinks to write her name with mehendi on his hand.

Bakool wakes up and is shocked to see Jigna’s name on his hand. Baa asks what is his problem, he is acting as if his other wife will see. Bakool says yes. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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