Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool asking Sheena why did she call him? Sheena says she called him to give good news. Bakool thinks without wedding night. Ranjeet gets happy and thanks Bakool. Sheena tells Bakool that she is totally ready as it is a matter of 24 hours. Ranjeet asks what? Sheena says she is keeping fast for 24 hours, isn’t it great? Ranjeet asks Dagdu to give sweets to everyone. Sheena asks Bakool why he is getting tensed. She gets chit from his pocket and reads the list for the fast. She asks why Jigna’s name is written in the list and asks why? Bakool says Harry gave the list as his wife kept the fast. Sheena tells that even she is keeping the fast to fulfill her wish. She asks what is his wish. Gas cylinder guy comes and says two wives. Sheena asks him to tell what he wants

to say. Bakool says this guy have two wives and gives him money. He leaves. Bakool gets Baa’s call and he goes. He comes home, neighbor women do garba around him along with Jigna and Baa.

Bakool asks about the rope and the stick kept it. Jigna says it is for you, you have to walk on this rope. Bakool tries to run, but the men of their neighborhood catch him. Bakool says I gave you promise that your fast shall not harm me. Jigna says I didn’t take any promise. He says I can’t walk on the rope. Jigna asks if he is a man. Bakool says I will show you now. Jigna closes her eyes. Bakool shows his ID card and says he is man.

Jigna asks him to take ghanta baba’s blessings and says when you slip from the rope, I will keep the fast and will get pregnant. Bakool asks Baa if she also thinks same and refuses to walk on the rope. Baa threatens to eat poison. Bakool agrees and thinks she will not fall down from the rope and then will see how she keeps the fast. He is about to falls down, but manages to walk. A song is played. Jigna prays to God to make him fall. Bakool falls down just as he about to finish walking. Jigna laughs and says now she will keep fast. Baa tells Jigna that she has to keep fast for 24 hours. Jigna asks Bakool if he is feeling pain. Bakool says he is fit. Jigna says God gives us strength and asks Jigna to make her tiffin ready. Baa asks him to be hungry till she finishes fast. Bakool says he will have apple today. Baa refuses. Bakool thinks he will have food at Sheena’s house.

Ranjeet aims gun at Dagdu. Dagdu apologizes. Bakool comes there calling Sheena. Sheena tells him that Dagdu have 1 grapes and that’s why Papa got angry on him. Bakool thinks what he will do to him, as he came to have food. Ranjeet says how can you have grapes when my daughter is hungry. Bakool tells Ranjeet that he has kept fast as Sheena has kept fast. Sheena and Ranjeet gets happy. Dagdu picks the gun and runs to room. Baa comes to shop wearing hat and googles and asks the seller to give 1 plate samosa. He gives one plate samosa. She says it is cold. He says he will send samosa to her house. Baa tells him that she can’t have food infront of her bahu as she is keeping fast.

In the office, Ranjeet gets happy and tells Bakool that he is proud of him for supporting Sheena. He sees Harry having food and says you have kept fast for Sheena, and Harry is eating food although his wife is fasting. He asks Harry about Jigna’s fast. Bakool says you gave me list. Harry says what I have to do.

Sheena faints due to fasting. Bakool asks Ranjeet why did he let her fast and says happiness would have come some day. Jigna tells Baa that she felt smell of food and clipped her nose. Baa asks her not to close her mouth. Jigna says it is a good idea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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