Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet calling Dagdu and gives him money asking him to enjoy. Dagdu says enjoyment n 50 Rs. Ranjeet asks him to return leftover money on return. Bakool asks Harry to come to Ranjeet’s house. Harry refuses, bites on his hand and runs. Bakool thinks now he has to go as Zeenat. Jigna thinks what to do to make him happy. She puts her hand in copper hand and it gets stuck. She tries to free her hand, but couldn’t. Ranjeet waits for Zeenat while the song Inteha hogayi intezaar ki plays……Bakool comes to his house wearing burqa. Ranjeet asks why her height is less today. Bakool says her height is grown 1 feet taller as today is amavasya. He asks about bakool. Bakool tells that he left her. Ranjeet takes him to room forcibly. Malti tries to get the pot from Jigna’s hand

and falls on neighbor. She slaps him.

Baa and Sheena comes back from shopping to Ranjeet’s house. Baa asks about her father. Sheena says he must be here. She says we will have coffee first. Ranjeet tries to get closer to Bakool. He gets tensed. Baa asks Sheena about her fantasy. Sheena tells that Bakool handcuffed her and left. Baa says he is a fool. Sheena says he is innocent. She asks if her bahu enjoyed with her son. Baa tells that her bahu tortured her son and danced like naagin.

Ranjeet tells Bakool to show her face. Bakool thinks he shall run from here. He says we shall play a game. Ranjeet says I can play any game. A song plays….Bakool ties his hand with rope also. Ranjeet asks her to show her face. Bakool says ok. Baa tells Sheena that she will leave now. Bakool asks Ranjeet to close his eyes and runs. He collides with Baa and she falls down, he doesn’t see her face. Malti and others gather as Jigna’s hand is stuck in the pot. Neighbor brings carpenter and tells that he will cut Jigna’s hand. Jigna shouts. Malti scolds him. Someone comes and says he will take her hand using washing powder. He adds washing powder and water. Jigna’s hand is freed. She says she will complete her promise. Sheena comes to Ranjeet and sees him handcuffed.

Ranjeet tells her that thief came and handcuffed me. Sheena asks are you sure? Ranjeet says why I would lie. Sheena says ok. Jigna thanks Ghanta baba and turns. She says she will have 21 gada and wears moustaches. Baa returns home and sees Jigna wearing mukut and moustaches. Jigna says she has become rakshas. She makes Baa wear mukut and asks her to hit her 21 times. Baa asks if you are doing penance. Jigna gives her Babu ji’s promise. Baa agrees and hits someone else. Jigna laughs like rakshas. She hits someone else and says sorry. Bakool comes and asks what they both are doing? Baa says Jigna is doing penance. Jigna tells him that she will have 21 gadha. Pandit ji says husband and wife are same and says if your husband have gadha instead of you then also you penance will be full. Bakool is shocked.

Malti tells Jigna about the fast in which husband walk on the rope and then they have 6 children. Jigna makes Bakool walk on the rope. Bakool is tensed and walks on the rope.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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