Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna beating Bakool with big stick thinking him to be Yamraj. Bakool asks her to listen. Baa takes the stick and beats him. Jigna also beats him. Bakool says I am Bakool, your dholu. Jigna says oh maari re…..Ranjeet and Dagdu laughs. Sheena also laughs and asks if they have started laughing club. Ranjeet says no and says he was laughing like yamraj. He says he saw yamraj last night. Dagdu asks him not to think about Zeenat. Sheena asks who is she? Ranjeet says I am talking about your mum and says he was missing Zeenat and that’s why saw yamraj. Sheena asks did you see yamraj. Ranjeet says yes. Sheena recalls Bakool as yamraj and asks if he got scared. Bakool tells Baa that his back is paining badly. Baa says she asked Jigna to give him steam bag. Jigna brings iron and

tells Bakool that she will give him steam. Baa says I didn’t ask you this. Jigna says I am shoory (sorry) Baa. Bakool says you are mad Choori (girl). Ranjeet tells Sheena that Yamraj asks him not to trouble Bakool. Sheena asks Dagdu what he had in the evening. Dagdu says I didn’t get affected by wine. Ranjeet slaps him.

Jigna and Baa asks him why he become Yamraj. Bakool tells about the offer going on in his office and says he became yamraj to sell the company’s underwear. Jigna says I will do penance now. Bakool recalls Jigna making him go to Ghanta baba temple while rolling. Baa thinks Inspector coming to her house to arrest her because of Jigna, and says no. Sheena tells Ranjeet that Bakool’s mum fell down again. Ranjeet says I will go and see her. Jigna is sweeping the house. Bakool asks her to go that side and sweep the house. Jigna says she will do penance now. Bakool says you are mad girl. Jigna sees lizard, gets scared and hugs Bakool. Bakool asks her to leave him. Ranjeet comes there and sees Jigna hugging Bakool. He then sees lizard and thinks she hugged him because of lizard. Bakool asks how did you come suddenly? Ranjeet asks about her foot. Baa says I understood, and says you came to meet your guest Zeenat. Ranjeet asks where is she? Baa says we have kept her safely and asks him to sit. Baa asks Bakool to bring Zeenat. Bakool is shocked and says no. Ranjeet asks him to call her. Bakool comes to Harry’s room and asks him to get ready as Boss came to meet Zeenat. Ranjeet says Bakool didn’t come fast. Sheena calls Baa and asks her to come to her house. Baa tells Ranjeet that I have to go to Juhu. Ranjeet asks where she is going and asks address.

Bakool brings Harry in burqa. Ranjeet gets mesmerized seeing her. Subhan Allah plays…..Baa asks Bakool to drop her till rickshaw and takes him. Ranjeet tells Zeenat that he took case back against Harry and now he can come to office. Harry gets happy and hugs him. Ranjeet gets happy. Harry as Zeenat tells that she couldn’t control hearing good news. Ranjeet says he wants to give her more good news to her. He invites her to his house for a drink and then says tea. Harry asks what? Ranjeet sings song shayad meri shaadi ka khayal dil me aaya hai and invites Zeenat/Harry for tea. Harry runs to room. Bakool comes and asks what happened? Ranjeet says I invited her to my home and asks Bakool to bring to his house, and kisses on his cheeks. He leaves. Jigna brings butter milk for Ranjeet and says he is gone what to do with this. Bakool asks her to put on his head. Jigna puts butter milk on his head. Bakool shouts. Jigna says you are still angry, I will do penance.

Bakool comes home and sees Baa wearing mukut and Jigna wearing moustaches. He asks what you both are doing. Jigna says she will bear 21 beatings. Pandit ji asks her to get her husband do repentance. Later Ranjeet hugs Zeenat and asks her to show her face. Bakool is in the burqa and shows his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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