Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool gets a message from Sheena and thinks why she is calling me again. He thinks surely Dagdu called him. He sits on the wheel chair and tells that he is going to office. Jigna comes and says you can’t go. Bakool asks why? Jigna says you have to come with me to ghanta wala Baba and that too while rolling. Baa says how you will roll in Saree. Jigna says Bakool will go to temple while rolling. Baa says how can he go there while rolling and tells that you should have done this mannat later. Jigna says once an injured monkey came there and got well, and says this monkey too. Bakool is shocked. Baa asks Bakool to complete her mannat. Bakool says I am not a monkey. Baa says when Jigna can stand on her one foot for you, why can’t you fulfill her mannat. Baa blackmails to

die. Bakool agrees to go there while rolling. He rolls going to temple, and stands on his feet. Baa gets impressed and says Jigna’s prayers are fulfilled. Jigna says she will do mannat again. Bakool asks her not to do mannat. He waits for Harry to go to office.

Harry brings Bakool to Sheena’s house. Sheena tells that she has found a treatment for him. Harry asks him to take a chill pill and says he will be fine with treatment. Bakool asks Ranjeet to make her understand. Ranjeet says we called you here so that you gets fine soon. Dagdu brings a machine and shows the wires. Bakool is shocked and asks Ranjeet. Ranjeet says when you feel this current then your feet will start walking. Harry says what is the hurry, doctor is treating him. Bakool asks him to take him. Sheena says it is just a matter of one shock. Ranjeet says you will have to get one shock. Bakool asks Harry to take him. Dagdu gives him electric current, but Bakool is still sitting and feels pain. Dagdu thinks why he is not standing. Baa asks Jigna to walk properly. Jigna says she will walk after doing his aarti. Baa asks him to make him hers. Jigna laughs. Bakool feels current and shouts…Sheena asks Dagdu to stop it. Bakool asks harry to take him from there. They leave. Harry asks Bakool how did he save himself from current. He shows his shoes and tells that he fooled him and shows the bandage on the shoes. He says I am saved, but Dagdu won’t be saved. Ranjeet gives electric shock to Dagdu. Dadgu feels current and stands shocked. Sheena tells Ranjeet that she is fed up of Dagdu and tells that she will make Bakool stand with her love tonight.

Sheena dances infront of Bakool in the garden. Jigna does his aarti. Jigna also sings the song. Jaane Na Dungi…Bakool also sings the song. He stands on his feet and says miracle, your love made me stand. He says my wives made me stand, but I was scared if I fell in love with them. He asks God to save him. Bakool tells Baa that he is going to office. Jigna gives her tiffin and laughs…Bakool asks if your laughter club is over and says my shani started when Baa brought you in my life. Jigna asks her to wear kurta and go to office. Bakool says people will laugh on me. Jigna says it is auspicious to wear black. Bakool asks her to wear black saree then. She insists. Bakool says I will do darshan and nothing will happen. Jigna calls Baa. Baa asks what happened? Bakool says she is asking me to wear kurta. Baa asks so what and asks him to wear. Bakool says people will laugh on me. Baa asks him to think about his wife’s happiness. Bakool takes the kurta.

Baa asks Bakool to sing song. She asks Bakool where did he change his clothes and checks the bag. She finds Sheena’s clothes and gets doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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