Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena telling Bakool that it was her mistake and asks her to go to Papa, and says she will change her dress and come. Bakool goes to hall. Malti tells that once she saw the ghost. Neighbor tells that once he went to relieve himself and thought ghost saw him, but it was actually leaf. Bhootnath thinks to be silent else everyone will blame him. They come up with different ideas. Baa curses the bhoot for coming in his dream. Doctor comes and asks Ranjeet since when his condition is like this. Sheena says since morning he is making whistle sound. Doctor says he will find out the cause as he is specialized in this. Doctor checks Bakool and says his mic is good, but I am really sorry to say that his both speakers are not working. Sheena asks how can a man have speakers. Doctor

says his speaker needs to be changed. Ranjeet asks Doctor from where did he come. He says he is from Thane. Ranjeet asks from Thane Hospital.

Doctor tells him that Badshah Akbar is his father and Aurangzeb is his grand father. Ranjeet says you are Akbar’s son. Doctor changes his words and says my father is Dilip Kumar. Ranjeet asks for his gun. Doctor happens to be mad man and tells that his sasur is commissioner. Ranjeet scolds Dagdu for bringing mad guy. Bakool is having a tough time managing with whistle in his neck. He comes home and sees the house in dark. Jigna and Baa come infront of him wearing tantrik clothes holding broom. They beat him and asks ghost to leave Bakool. Bakool is shocked and gets beaten up by them badly.

Next morning, Jigna keeps whistles in her mouth and signs someone. The guy flirts with Jigna. Baa scolds him. Baa asks Jigna why she has kept whistle in her mouth. Jigna says as Bakool couldn’t speak, she will talk while whistling. Harry comes and thinks Bakool and Sheena are playing game. He whistles also. Bhoot comes and plays whistles. Bakool signs towards Bhoot. Baa asks Bhoot if he has done something. Bhoot says no and says such signs are done by traffic police. Jigna says I have understood and says traffic constable ghost got inside him. Bakool is shocked. Jigna asks him to work as traffic constable to get rid of ghost. Bakool refuses. Baa emotionally blackmails him. He agrees.

Sheena talks to her friend and tells about Bakool. She tells about ghost. She then asks Ranjeet to call Bakool home. Baa tells how to make ghost happy and make him leave. Bhoot gets an idea. Baa and others wear boxes with vehicles pictures on it and asks Bakool to control the traffic. They run in their lane. Ranjeet and Dagdu come there and think they are also trying to make him fine. Ranjeet greets Jigna. Jigna goes inside. Ranjeet greets Baa and tells him that he has an idea to treat Bakool. Baa says she will not forget his favor. Ranjeet says Bakool is related to him also. Dagdu says he is your damad. Bakool and Baa are shocked.

Precap: Ravi Dubey comes to Bakool’s house. Baa introduces Jigna as Bakool’s wife. Ravi asks if she is his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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