Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena telling Doctor that the injection is big and it seems it is given to animals. Doctor says he is a vet. Bakool says he treats human sometimes. He holds Sheena and asks Doctor to give her injection. Doctor gives injection to Dagdu by mistake. Bakool asks Doctor to inject Sheena. Sheena accepts that she is not pregnant and that the reports are fake. Ranjeet gets upset and asks why did you do this. Sheena says sorry and says she wants to show Bakool that if she gets pregnant then her Papa will be more happy. Bakool gets Baa’s call and he goes. Sheena hugs Ranjeet and apologizes. Reporters ask Jigna if she has any demands from govt. Jigna tells her dialogues…oh maadi re. Baa asks what happened. Jigna says ants are biting me. Baa asks her to get down. Jigna refuses.

Women organization and media argue. Bakool comes there and spreads false rumours that a woman is jumping off from 5th floor of some building. Media and women organization run from there leaving Jigna, and say it more big news. Bakool asks Jigna to get down from the tree. Jigna refuses until his name is high up in the sky. Bakool flies the kite with Vishnu ji written on it. Jigna gets happy and jumps down. Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays as Bakool catches her in his arms.

Jigna looks at him smilingly. Bakool also looks at her.
Baa comes to kitchen and asks Jigna about Bakool. Jigna says he is sleeping, had done hard work and was sweating, he was awake till late. Baa thinks something else, gets happy and asks if Bakool loves her. She says he loves me very much and tells that bed started making sound when he sat on it, then he repaired it to make it alright. Baa asks what do you mean? Jigna tells her that Bakool repaired their bed and slept late. Baa is upset and says I thought something else. Bakool shouts and come there. Jigna asks if you saw ghosts. Bakool no and says I saw ghost on dream. Baa says you are saying as if you saw in reality. Jigna says morning dreams comes true.. She says she will go to temple and pray to God. Baa says even I will come.

Sheena talks to her friends and gets to know that her boyfriend got scared seeing her wearing ghost costume. She tells her friend that she knows halloween and will scare Bakool today.

Bhootnath comes to Bakool’s house. Bakool takes his whistle, suddenly it gets stuck in his neck as Bhoot hits ball on his head by mistake. He tries to get the whistle out, but fails. Bhoot thinks if Jigna and Baa come to know that the whistle went inside him because of him then they won’t let him come here. He runs. Jigna and Baa come home and hear whistle sound coming out from his mouth. Bakool tries to speak, but they misunderstand him and think that ghost entered in him. Jigna says they have to tie him and beat him. Bakool runs from there and comes to Sheena’s house. He sees Halloween decoration and is shocked. Sheena comes near him and asks if he ever loved any witch. She asks from where to drink blood. Bakool thinks wife always sucks their husband’s blood. Sheena says they are lost lovers. Bakool tries to talk and tell her that whistle is stuck in his neck. Sheena is tensed.

Ranjeet calls Doctor to treat Bakool. Bakool is scared. Jigna tries to get ghost away from Bakool and beats him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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