Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhoot acting and telling media that he studies under the street light, and that his parents have no money to pay electricity bill, and even the clothes which he is wearing is of someone else. Ranjeet says I don’t give less salary to Harry as he watches news on TV. Neighbor comes and asks media to come and have hot samosas.. Baa tells Bhootnath that he is a big actor. He says if his acting looks real then only he will get publicity.

Baa asks Jigna to come down from the tree. Harry comes there wearing vest and makes excuses. He asks Jigna to come down. Jigna refuses. Baa calls Bakool and asks him to come. He refuses as media is involved now. He asks Baa to make her get down from the tree. Baa asks Harry to bring stairs. Women organization come there and offers support.

Principal comes there and sees women organization. He thinks now he can’t apologize. He comes to Ranjeet’s house and tells him that he scolded Jigna and her husband badly and that’s why the lady climbed up on the tree. Ranjeet calls Bakool.

Some people for advertising agency come and asks Jigna to shoot ad with them. Bhootnath asks them to talk to him. Bakool tries to make Sheena confess the truth. He comes downstairs. Principal sees Bakool and recalls their meeting. He says you are Jigna’s husband and that boy’s father. Bakool laughs and says you got confused. He says he is Nakool, his twin brother. Principal tells him that he is the same Principal because of whom his brother’s wife climbed up on to the tree. Bakool says he will handle. Ranjeet comes.

Bakool makes excuses and says he will handle media. Bhootnath blackmails samosa seller. He agrees to give samosas. Bakool calls Harry. Harry says it has become high profile case now and asks him to come and get Jigna down. He folds his hand and asks Jigna to come down else Bakool will never come. Jigna says she will not come until Bakool’s name is popular. Women organization think that he is a beggar and push him.

Bakool brings doctor home. Doctor asks Dagdu to remove his pant to get injection. Bakool says he is not patient, and says Sheena is patient. He says Sheena is having deficiency of many vitamins, minerals etc. Ranjeet says he can’t take chances with his grand sons. Sheena gets afraid seeing injection and thinks her pregnancy lie will come out now.

Precap: Bakool has a whistle in his mouth when ball hits on his head and whistle gets inside his throat. Jigna thinks ghost entered him and gets melodramatic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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