Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bakool saying I love you to sheena. Jigna hears him saying I love you and thinks he is telling her. Bakool is tensed. Jigna hugs him. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays….Bhootnath tells Baa that football works according to him. He plays with the ball. Jigna asks Bhootnath to explain to her what she shall reply to Principal. Bhootnath says Principal will ask more questions from Jigna as he thinks mother is the first teacher. He asks her to say I apologize. Jigna couldn’t say it. Bhootnath asks her to say pardon. She says she can’t say it rightly. Harry comes to office. Bakool says everyone wants to make me father. Harry asks him to take a chill pill. Bakool says Baa wants him to act as Bhootnath’s father infront of his principal. He says you will understand when you becomes

a father. Harry says I am not getting any girl. Sheena talks to her friend and tells that Bakool is taking her care.

Ranjeet brings Dagdu in trolley and tells Sheena that he is practicing before the baby comes, and says he will buy much more things for the baby as he is rich. Jigna and Baa ask Bakool to become Bhoot’s father. Bakool refuses. Bhoot tells that he gave his number and now he has to agree. Baa blackmails him. Bakool agrees to act as his father. Sheena asks Dagdu to give his phone. Ranjeet asks why you are calling from his phone. Sheena says he will be surprised. She calls on Bakool’s number. Bhootnath picks the call and says he is Bakool’s son. He gives phone to Bakool.

Bakool takes the call and says he is Bhootnath’s father. Sheena gets angry and asks him to come home fast. He comes to Sheena’s home afraid. Ranjeet aims gun at him. Bakool says that boy is of neighbor and not my son. Ranjeet asks him to call that boy and his parents. Harry comes there. Bakool tells that the boy is of Harry. Harry asks what you are saying? Bakool tells that the boy is your blood and says I told them that the boy is yours. Ranjeet asks why did you hide this fact from me. Harry says why did you confess that he is your son. Bakool says he has done some mischief in school and that’s why Principal wants to meet his parents. He says Bhootnath gets afraid as Harry beats him much. Ranjeet beats him. Sheena and Ranjeet say sorry. Bakool asks them to stop it and says you insulted me infront of servant.

Baa runs after Bhootnath in the house. Jigna keeps food items on dining table. Bhootnath asks her to practice. Nandu Kaka sees the food and asks if someone is coming. Jigna says his teacher. Bhootnath says principal. Nandu says he will act as principal. Baa scolds him. Bakool comes to Harry. Harry gets angry at him for making him namesake father. Bakool says you said that it is good luck to become a father. Harry says everything happens step by step. Juhi comes and congratulates Bakool, and asks what is Sheena’s pregnancy month. Bakool is shocked. Juhi goes. Bakool tells Harry that Sheena is feigning pregnancy being a big prankster. He says now I have to care extra for him.

Precap: Bakool overfeeds Sheena. Sheena says she will get fat. Principal asks question about Akbar. Jigna says she doesn’t know about stranger man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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