Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet waiting for Bakool and asks Dadgu to bring drink for him. Dagdu gets drunk and acts as Amitabh Bachpan. He asks Ranjeet to see calendar and says 5 months is remaining for your death. Ranjeet slaps him and tells that Sheena and Bakool have come closer and says happiness will enter shortly. Dagdu serves him drink. Ranjeet adds wine in lemon water. Bakool comes. Ranjeet asks Bakool to have drink. Bakool says he is fresh and don’t need lemon water. Ranjeet makes him drink full glass. Bakool feels drowsy and goes to Sheena’s room. Sheena comes there. Bakool looks at her while he is on bed. He says Sheena…you are looking 4 and beautiful and signs her to come towards him. Sheena pulls him closer to her. They dance on the song Jaane Do Na……Bakool dances with her

sensually. Sheena pulls blanket over them and they probably consummates.

Malti laughs and tells that this way she will get pregnant and gives her tips. Jigna thinks she will get Bakool tonight. Bakool wakes up in the morning and finds himself shirtless and pantless. He thinks how did my pant reach there and sees his pant hanging on the window. He thinks where is my shirt. Sheena comes wearing his shirt and says good morning. She asks if he remembers what happened last night. Bakool says he is getting tears. Sheena tells that they really enjoyed and tells that they have fallen together on bed. She says I hope more nights come in my life like this. She hugs him. Bakool thinks he will not have lemon water again. Later she calls Bakool when he is at home, and asks him to come. Bakool refuses and says don’t know why did I do that. Sheena says I am your wife.

Bakool says I am thinking what happened to me last night. Sheena says you are saying as if you are with your other wife. Bakool says yes, and says that his other wife will bring milk in sometime. Sheena says she will kill her if this happens. Jigna comes to room and gives him milk. He says it is hot. Jigna says villager men drink hot milk. Bakool says I am not villager. Jigna says but you are a man. Bakool asks her to keep the milk. Jigna says yesterday she got her legs heavy. Bakool is shocked and asks how? Jigna tells how she tied the weight to her legs. Udhi Udhi jaaye song plays….She massages his hairs and makes him sleep. She then applies lipstick. In the morning, Bakool wakes up and finds lipstick marks on his body. He gets shocked. Jigna tells that so much time was wasted to take your tshirt. Bakool asks what happened? Jigna says now happiness will enter here.

Baa tells Jigna that she has to roll make papads to get happiness. Jigna along with many people roll papads and tells Baa that she is doing this to get happiness. Sheena asks Bakool not to get scared and says her pregnancy report is positive. Bakool is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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