Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa and Jigna coming to store room. Baa opens the box. Jigna says it has Dada ji’s pagdi and stick and asks what he used to do with stick. Baa says he used to control Dadi with his stick. Jigna asks Baa about the gungroos. Baa says she wanted to dance, but Dada ji never allowed her, and that’s why she must have entered Bakool. Jigna says we will fulfill her wish. Baa asks Jigna to beat him with stick to control Dadi. Bakool comes to Harry and says Ranjeet called him and said that he wants to take bath with Zeenat. He says he called me many times and cried. He says I have to convince him. Bakool asks why? Harry says I have to fool him until he increases my salary. Ranjeet comes there and says he wants to meet Zeenat. Harry asks him to increase his salary. Ranjeet says

he will increase his salary and asks him to send Zeenat. He thinks Bakool’s house might be empty and asks him to send her there. Harry asks about Salary. He increases 100 rs. Harry is upset.

Bakool comes to Sheena and asks why did she try to take his mum’s saree and says she got upset. Sheena asks him to send her again so that she can apologize to her. He says he will do something. Later at his house, he gets ready and is about to leave. Just then he sees Baa and Jigna wearing Dada ji’s turban, specs and fake moustaches. Jigna says I came to know Dadi’s aatma is inside you. Bakool thinks I thought they are talking about Sheena. Baa says now we have to do just as Tantrik said. Bakool acts as ghost. Baa tells dadi that she will fulfill her last wish. Jigna gives him ghungroo. Bakool thinks he will dance and end the matter. He dances wearing ghungroo on the song dance basanti…Many neighbors gather there and see him dancing. Baa asks Dadi to leave Bakool.

Bakool says no as he wants to go to Sheena wearing saree. Jigna and Baa gets shocked as he behaves strangely. Baa says we have fulfilled your wish. Jigna asks Baa to catch him and beats him with Dada ji’s stick. His wig comes out. He snatches her wig and goes. Jigna and Baa think that Dadi left. Bakool comes to Sheena and feels pain in his legs. Sheena says she will make kada for her and goes. Harry comes to Bakool’s house wearing burqa. Baa thinks Zeenat came and asks her to make tea, as she goes to temple with Jigna. Ranjeet comes there and gets happy seeing Zeenat, asks her to show face and says he will increase Harry’s salary. Harry refuses to show her face. Ranjeet asks why you don’t want to show face and holds her. Baa and Jigna returns home. Ranjeet is shocked and asks what they are doing here. Baa says this is my house. Ranjeet thinks then who is with Sheena and goes.

Ranjeet comes home and calls Sheena. Bakool is shocked and says now I will not stay here. Ranjeet tells Sheena that just now he met his mum. Sheena says two mum. Bakool is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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