Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna getting shocked seeing Bakool getting ready in saree and applying lipstick on his lips. Jigna sees him and thinks if ghost entered him. She gets worried. Bakool comes to Sheena’s house dressed as a woman and asks Sheena why did you call me. Sheena says she wants to be garvati. Bakool says you mean to say Saubhagyavati. Sheena gets shy. She says she will make tea for her and goes to kitchen, and checks recipe on mobile, but it gets switched off. She thinks to add everything in equal proportion. Baa comes to drink water from kitchen. Jigna comes wearing white cloth on her body. Baa thinks ghost entered and runs in the house. She shouts Jai Bhavani. Jigna saya Jai Ambe. Baa says I thought ghost entered here. Jigna nods yes and tells that she saw with her own eyes.

Baa asks what you are saying? Jigna says ghost is on Vishnu ji. Baa asks what nonsense?

Jigna says she saw with her own eyes that Bakool becomes woman in night as woman ghost enters his body. Baa is shocked. Jigna asks her to check with her eyes. Sheena brings tea and it falls on Bakool. Bakool shouts. Sheena asks why her voice is changed. Bakool talks in woman’s voice and tells that now she has to change the saree. Sheena offers to change saree. Bakool refuses and thinks his truth will be out. He says your Papa is here and runs away from there. Baa and Jigna see Bakool coming wearing saree. Baa is shocked and says don’t know which chudail captured my son.

Jigna calls tantrik home. Baa asks where did she see him. She tells that she saw him somewhere. Tantrik asks what is her problem and calls her Balike. Baa gets happy and music plays. Jigna tells that her husband becomes woman in night. Tantrik lies to them that some woman entered his body. Jigna and Baa are shocked. She asks Baa to remember and says someone Shradh didn’t happen. Baa remembers and tells that her saas shradh couldn’t happen as servant made dal instead of kadhi. Tantrik lies that he is seeing her. He asks Baa to remember what she likes the most. Baa says she likes to dance but her sasur never permitted her to dance. Tantrik asks them to let him dance.

Bakool calls Jigna. Baa and Jigna gets happy. Bakool comes to kitchen and drinks kadhi happily. Baa tells that her mum in law used to like it. Jigna gets scared. Bakool says it is khatti. Baa gets tensed and says Jigna made it. Jigna says villager men used to drink a lot. Bakool says I am not villager. Jigna says but you are a man naa. Bakool says no, I am a woman. Jigna and Baa are scared. Bakool says he is missing Dadi today. Jigna says Dadi’s soul entered in you. Bakool asks what nonsense you are saying and scares them taking Dadi’s lines and goes.

Baa and Jigna plan to control Bakool using Dadaji’s stick and Dadi’s ghungroo. Sheena insists Bakool that she wants to meet his mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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