Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa trying to help Jigna to come out of table, but she couldn’t. She calls Bakool and tells him that she can’t reach there to bless his friend.Bakool gets ready in saree. Aunty no. 1 song plays….Harry says you are looking healthy aunty. Bakool says he is worried thinking Sheena will identify him. Jigna is still stuck with the table. Malti asks the neighbors to use their mind and tell how to take her out. Neighbor says I am thinking how did she get inside. Jigna asks him to free her then she will tell. Nandu brings carpenter’s knife. Jigna says no. Malti gets an idea and they manage to free Jigna while she is still fulfilling her mannat. Baa tells her that she will go to meet Bakool’s friend and will come home. Bakool comes to Mannat Garden dressed as a woman.

Sheela calls him Bakool. He says she is his mum and thinks she will win her with her sanskar. She says she wants to touch her feet.Bakool thinks she is ruining hindi. Baa comes there. Bakool asks her to take blessings and bless her. She says she will go now. Sheena asks her to sit for sometime.

Bakool says she will later and turns, sees Baa there and tells Sheena that she will tie mannat thread to tree, runs from there. Baa sees Sheena. Sheena tells her that she took blessings from her saas and says she wants her blessings too. Baa blesses her and says I am very happy for you and says I came to meet someone and calls Bakool. Bakool tells her that the girl left as it was late and asks her to go. Baa tells Sheena that the girl left and asks her to introduce to her mum in law. Just then Sheena gets a call and attends it. Baa comes near the tree and tries to talk to Sheena’s saas. Bakool covers his face with Pallu and ties her with thread and runs away. Sheena comes there and opens the rope. Baa tells her that her baby’s mum is strange and ran like a man. Jigna comes to buy vegetables and then thinks to visit ghanta baba. Seeing dogs, she runs back on her hands and feet.

Sheena comes home and tells Ranjeet that she got Bakool’s mum blessing today. Ranjeet asks her to make him nana soon. Sheena tells that Bakool and her mum are carbon copy. Bakool comes home. Baa tells him that Jigna is still doing penance. Bakool asks her to get up. Baa says if anyone complains against us then jhin jhinak police will come. Jigna says she will not get up until his pain goes. He says he is fine perfectly. Jigna says she will believe only when he makes her sit on his back. Bakool calls her pagal, chapli and asks if this is a court. Jigna says she needs proofs. Baa says she will eat poison. Bakool agrees to sit like horse and says you are not doing right. Jigna laughs and says I will sit on your back.

Bakool asks where is my helmet? Jigna comes wearing helmet. Sheena asks Ranjeet and Dagdu to go as Bakool’s mum is coming here to say with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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