Bffs,haters or lovers? Episode 4


Very sorry guys…I know you’ll all be expecting the debate or something to do about it but not in this episode yaar so sorry. I really want to add this as it’s very important for me.

Under a blanket some light is shown…wait wait…is that a ……person!?!?
Yes it is and it looks like umm twinkle right?challo let’s see what’s she doing….
I can’t believe it …..she’s on telly updates…..
***Twinkle’s POV***

Ummm…I’ve read all of the ffs also! Now what do I do?? IDEA!!!..let’s surf the net on how to win a,no twinkle how can you win by cheating and you’ll win don’t worry..but what if I lose. By hook or by crook I’ve got to win yaar..(biting her nails). (And she spent hours on the know linking linking) ha,,now I feel relieved as I’ve learnt…but yuhi ko kiya karu..”yuhi” wow twinkle did you just compose a name for them!?excellent choice…they’re such a cute couple na…I just wish me and my sadu Sarna were like that as well. I know I’m angry on him likin..I dunno I just can’t stay upset on him for long…its near to impossible but college incident aahh. Kunj Sarna..mistakes can be forgiven not forgotten (bechara Kunj..he’s not even in fault na).
***POV ends***
Next day after college
Twinkle is shown feeding the poor at a place
Poor:you’re helping us now and my blessing be always with you
Poor2:haan..we wish you get an awesome husband fit for you
Poor3:remember na even if the world around us is so cruel but if our husband is good na then nothing matters.
Twinkle:_☺ OK auntyji.
(Haan sweetos..I know you guys are waiting for our Kunj entry…He’s on the way)

***its midnight***(don’t ask me how come so fast pls)

Twinkle is on telly updates and finds a new registered member.?
Twinkle: who’s this…let’s message him…name is Mr Sana….itna weird name..girl name jese!! She typed a hi and was responded with bye. 1 number sadu she thought…oops sorry Kunj have to give your name.
Kunj’s side…
Reading ff and commenting .
30 minutes later he noticed he was done and looked for his account(how many of you guessed Mr Sana was Kunj??)
OK Mr K U.
He then went to twinkles account…yup they were already friends..
“K:hey whassup girl”
T:nothing yaar just feeling
(And they talked and talked)
***next day during practice***
There was a lot improvement in twinkle’s and Kunj’s team..
***Kunj team***
Kiya: Kunj you sure we can win?
Kunj:not only how we debate matters but the truth as well..I’m sure we are going to win,
Kiya:first time we are participating in a competition without twinkle na!
Kunj:haan…I miss her so much…she’s not even picking up my calls….I heard she broke her sim though.
***twinkle’s team***
Mahi: hmm…tu itna serious qiu ho…its just a competition… Anyways you’ve won many right??
Twinkle: debate is my passion Mahi and I’ll always want to win…have you ever seen a person who wants to loose…nei na. Vese yuhi you better be serious.
******to be continued******

(my previous episode)
A big big wala thanks to sidmin….shatakshi…kruti…Monica…fan…lovely…dreamer…..arundhati…sidmintwinj…Maggi…sayeeda…purnima.agraval30…baby…bulbul…momo.. And all silent readers if they’re are any…..sorry for really really short episode I’m typing with one hand as my other went through a really painful injection..I know I’m behaving like a kid…but kiya Karu..sorry for a really boring episode and wasting your time..

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