Bffs,haters or lovers? Episode 3


Episode 3
First of all I want thank all my readers and commenters and a special thanks to my friend Shamini who supported me through this though she’s not twinj fan.
Episode starts
Twinkle is crying but stops when she finds a letter. (If you guys guessed it was the one in flashback,you’re wrong). It was from her brother.(additional character played by barun sobbti name Is Aarav). It was a letter that he once gave her while going to US.
***short flashback***
Aarav: choti this is for you….I wrote this when I was betrayed by my friend for money and my reaction through this phase…you might need it one make you brave..after all you’re my sister who is emotional and afraid of pety pety stuff,isn’t it??
Twinkle: bhai you’re so bad but anyways thanks
***plane left to us***
Twinkle reached home and looked at the letter.
Twinkle’s POV.
What will I okay I will keep it in my school books..who knows I might need it one day
***short flashback ends***
(guyz letter will be shown later)
Its morning at twinkle’s college.
Mahi: twinkleeee!!
Twinkle:ha Mahi kya huwa why are you screaming?!
Mahi: don’t you know the news,there will be a debate competition and those qualified will debate with other schools. Don’t you want to enter….after all I know you’re a good debater..sorry I saw your certificate s yesterday.
Twinkle: no yaar I’m not interested
Mahi: pls pls pls pls pls yaar meri liye(showing puppy face)
Twinkle:ok OK only for you
Screen freezes on they’re faces.
(What do you guys think will happen in the competition tell me through your comments..sorry for short episode I actually accidently deleted the rest and pls comment it very valuable.)

Mahi and twinkle goes to register they’re forms
Mahi:twinkle I’m sure you’ll win.
Twinkle:I dunno what is the title again??
Mahi:ohh..umm its “are bffs really friends”
Twinkle:I’m in the yes side or no side again Mahi?
Mahi : its your wish yaar and pls win.
Twinkle:wese Mahi I see you don’t have much friends…may I know why??
Mahi:that’s a long story yaar. Shortly bcoz UV proposed to me.(lost in own thoughts) wese you never told me why you had to change, will you mind telling me why….vo sorry if its to personal
Twinkle:(with her eyes filled in tears told the whole story)
Mahi: you never know yaar…it might not be his fault and maybe you just misunderstood.
Twinkle: (with angry face) he could have told it to the principal…wese tu mera dost or Kunj keh?
Mahi:don’t get mad yaar I’m your friend of course..sorry holding her ears and showing puppy face..
Preparation for debate going on at twinkle’s house.
Twinkle is talking or I’ll rather say debating.
But her team which includes Mahi and yuvraj are just staring at her due to the determination of hers on her face ….practice goes on for 2 more hours.
Twinkle:yuvraj you have to be a bit more serious in practice(sounding like a boss)
UV:tk madam Saab.
Mahi:and what about me?
Twinkle:you’re perfect yaar but listen we’re in this to win this!
Yuhi: let us warn you we have not won any competition till now!
Twinkle:don’t worry…I’m here guys will have to win..after all Twinkle Taneja Is born to win(with attitude)

Twinkle’s X college
Kiya (Maya and Chinki): Kunj pls yaar we have no other members for our group….pls pls pls join us to debate.
Kunj: already my mood is bad…why’d you guys make it more bad!!??
Kiya: you’d already lost your 1 friend…do you want to loose us to?…no na so pls yaar(showing cute cute face)
Kunj:acha acha tk likin I’ve a condition!
Kunj:I want to be the leader…can??…if no I’m out
Kiya: OK Kunj…twinkle ne Teri lite boath achi nam diya..sadu Sarna.
Kunj: became a bit emotional hearing the name
Kiya:aww sorry emotional math hojau pls?
Kunj:(wiping his tears)vo kuch nehi…where’s the practice and what’s the title??
Maya:practice is at my house and..
Chinki: title is “are bffs really friends”
Kunj:obviously..bffs are friends!
Kiya: yup and we’re in the yes group..OK?
Kunj:??famous one eyebrow wale look..OK!

***to be continued***

Pls pls pls tell me your views and suggestions through comment and if there are any silent readers pls pls pls comment and thanks for commenting guys.??
Psst: twinkle will be in no group.

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Angita and it was too good to be described in words 🙂

    1. Angita

      Thank you a lot dear sidmin….????

  2. Shatakshi

    Lobed it Angita
    Do continue asap❤❤❤

    1. Angita

      Thank you shatu dii

  3. Kruti

    hey angita
    lovely epi…. i know its gonna b twinj ka face of in debate kunj in yes grp nd twinkle in no grp…… eagerly waiting to see the tashan

    1. Angita

      Yup you’re right tashan is coming and thanks for commenting yaar

  4. Kritika14

    ANGITAAA ! i never knew you write ff’s also? And really WOW ! you write them so well. The plot seems to be so interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next part when twinkle and kunj face each other.

    1. Angita

      Thank you so much for commenting. Yup filled with tashan it will be but ishq b hoga

  5. Fan

    Super epi..

    1. Angita

      Thank you a lot fan?

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Hey angu…amazing yaar..haan is you don’t mind just try going through the epi again.. There are many spell checks..
    Love you

    1. Angita

      Im sorry yaar and thanks for commenting..I’ll try not to make any mistakes anymore

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Why a sorry?…You are not at fault… Just check once be4 posting..??

      2. Angita

        I will for sure still thanks and sorry

  7. dreamer....arundhati

    Angita wonderful epi
    Ctd soon

    1. Angita

      thank you yaar..will post soon

  8. Hey angita I’m a slient reader of your ff but after reading today’s episode I couldn’t resist myself from commenting… Superbbbbb episode dear…plz post next episode soooooooooooooooon can’t wait for long time…

    1. Angita

      I’m so happy one of my silent reader is commenting…so so so happy thanks for breaking your silence and commenting and that to a sweet one….love you dear???

  9. Gr8 gng….. i think der twinj vl cum face 2 face wid 1 gp gng fr for n othr gng wid aganist in comptn. ….
    Waitng fr dat lvly moment…?
    Ctd sooon

    1. Angita

      Correct guess Maggi. Thanks for commenting sweetheart?????

  10. Sayeeda

    Woooowwww….Angita …what a episode… awesome…. amazing…. fabulous..fantastic …
    Loved it …u write so well ….I love ur ff a lot..
    Umm..I think Twinj will compete wid eo … see what u have planned..
    love u dear

    1. Angita

      Thank you and I’ve planed something to make twinkle realize something…,,thanks for commenting?????…ooh ya I forgot…right guess?

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it…

    1. Angita

      Thank you you and your comment

  12. Baby

    wowwwwww angita luvd it yr srsly amazing w8ing fr nxt dear

    1. Angita

      Thank you likin intezar thodi toh karni hai

  13. Awesome episode angita amazing concept and do cont asap but can I know that how old are u or in which class if u are comfortable ok and u are a amazing writer commenter and I think that we are friends by now

    1. Angita

      I’m 13 sweetheart and thanks for commenting

  14. Angita

    We’re friends of course need to ask yaar and how old are you!

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