Bffs, haters or lovers? Episode1


Kunj was waiting for Twinkle as he really felt very guilty for what he’d done. He felt ashame to even call him her bff and thought of how insulted Twinkle must have felt. He thought of the incident………………….

A class is shown where a teacher is teaching maths. A boy is writing on a piece of paper, doesn’t look like notes. (Cartoony stuff,about the teacher). A girl wearing a simple ponytail a turtleneck and a skirt is shown being very into the subject who is twinkle. The boy who is revealed to be Kunj throws the paper which contains cartoony stuff and contains really bad words of the teacher to twinkle. When she opens the teacher’s eyes fall on twinkle and she grabs the piece of paper from twinkle and reads it. She stands shocked as she didn’t expect such bad words and insult of her from her favorite student. She keeps quiet and ignores twinkle. Twinkle doesn’t understand why this is happening as she didn’t read the paper. After class the teacher calls her to the principle Office. Kunjs start to worry as he knows something bad might happen. He blurts about everything to Maya and Chinki and states his worry as they might suspend him and so on which sounded like a blackmail which worked as Chinki and Maya agrees to support him.

Principle’s office
Twinkle is crying like hell as the principle is shouting on her while maths teacher is just standing at the side with her hands crossed. “Sir I didn’t t wri tee it. Kunj had thrown this paper to me.” ” Aacha,I never expected this type of lies from you being a state topper.” Principle screamed.” Sach mein, pls believe me sir.(you know collages news spreads like fire)twinkle and I said.
Kunj,Chinki and Maya is called to the principle office under twinkle’s request.
Principal: so tum tinoo, did you send or throw the paper to her,angrily.
Kunj,Chinki and Maya: complete silence.
Principal: speak!!!!!!!!!(screaming)
Kunj,Chinki and Maya :……….
(What do you think they’ll say?)

Remembering this Kunj is in tears. Two girls are shouting and running towards Kunj.
Kunj:”Maya Chinki kya huwa. Why are you crying”
Maya,Chinki: twinklee….
Kunj”what happened to her faster say”
Maya,Chinki: vo..vo..she…?changed college

A college
A girl is shown with a boy and nok jhoks. They see a girl sitting on a bench and crying holding a locket.
To be continued

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  1. nice start
    you have showed Twinj as clg students very perfectly
    continue soon

    1. Angita

      Thank you sweatheart ?

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi….

    1. Angita

      I’m glad you like it.?

  3. Awesome start
    Do cont asap

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      Thank you my dearest zaku liked your os

  4. NYC start…waiting for next episode

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      Will post soon. Thanks for commenting sweetheart

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome angita…..

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  6. Kruti

    nice epi angita

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  7. Jiya_Ani

    Nice angita…U are portraying it really nicely… Keep going

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  8. Gopika....gopu..

    awesome……..keep going♥

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  9. Ria

    Nice one.

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      Thank you ria loved your update

  10. Nice yaar post ASAP very interesting …

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    Thanks will post soon

  12. Angita

    Thanks will post soon romaisah

  13. Sayeeda

    Awesome… amazing…too good ..
    loved to see twinj as college students
    post next soon

    1. Angita

      Thank you di it means alot

  14. Angita

    Di but sorry no present romance only flashback romance maaf karto hamko pls

  15. U didn’t tell me u started writing? So mean haan….this is ur ff and I don’t know. Well, well, looks like someone’s too good a writer….great job ya….just keep writing like this….

    1. Angita

      So so sorry ya . maaf karto pls dii and meh to sharmigayi. Thank you thank you thank you

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      Thank you so much

  17. Hy Angita very sry for nt commentin on the intro part.. Well the way u startd ur ff iz jzz awsm yaaar… Nd twinkle telling dat she wants 2 change her CLG, DAT part wz so touching… I’m mean if anything lyk DAT wud ve happened 2 me in skol…fr DAT age being immature I wud also want to jzz run away from der… DAT part wz so genuine fr DAT age n felt very real…. Ctd soon

    1. Angita

      Thank you love you

  18. Saby

    Darling nice start….
    Liked the epi….
    Mastikhor Kunj?

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  19. Hey angita seems really interesting……
    N epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm…….
    Loved it so much…..
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  20. Shonaa...

    Angita…. nyc ff dear plz continue it…. nd d episode was awesome…. sory for late comment but i read it just now…. nd love d episode….

  21. Baby

    sry angita fr being late amazing bt feeling sad fr both sidmin

    1. Angita

      Baby thank you but so so sorry I didn’t write your name in the ff as I didn’t see it yet,pls pls pls forgive me

  22. Baby

    oh god angia i evn didnt noticd dt dont wry i m nt at all angry n y wuld i b bt yr u r amazing dear its ohk

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