Bffs, haters or lovers? Episode 2

Episode 3
Precap:A couple is shown romancing at a collage and they see a girl crying.

Episode starts
Couple: Hello miss why are you crying, you know this collage no one must cry na. You are the new girl that our teacher told the state topper na.(yes guys it our twinkle and who is the couple wait and read)
Couple: Anyways, I’m yuvraj…yuvraj luthra and she is Mahi.. Mahi sharma.

Mahi:what’s your course(sorry guys I’m not an college student so bear with me)
Twinkle: journalism (I don’t know whether it exists)
Mahi:wow that’s cool, I’m also journalism course and yuvraj is engineering. Wese tera naam kya?
Twinkle:twinkle taneja.
Mahi:so friends?
Twinkle smile a bit nodded her head.
Kunj,Chinki and Maya college.
Chinki:Kunj you have to ask sorry from twinkle,because of you it went to such an extent that she changed school. Twinkle mera best friend. I can’t look at her like this. Please.
Kunj:what college did she change to. I’m also very desperate to ask forgiveness,after all I’ve made her suffer so much unintentionally.?.
Maya:we don’t know, she never told us that she’s changing school. We got to know that she changed school through the principle. But there is a way, if you could go to her house will be good.

Leela:hello twinkle where are you?????
Twinkle:sorry ma but I’m staying back with my friend Mahi for one project I’ll come by tommorow night.
Leela:why suddenly,tk tk pls take care of yourself na pls.
Twinkle:_of course sorry maa I had to lie to you but I’d had no mood to comeback home and look at all those things saying this she threw her locket with all her force and it fell into a dustbin(sorry for this scene).
Twinkle is studying at what looks like an orphanage but isn’t able to concentrate,she keeps on seeing flashbacks of the incident and later burst out into tears. She quickly runs to the terrace holding what looks like a diary.(shhh.come on guys let’s see what she’s writing,ha I know its wrong but pls)
Diary entry.
Only if I hadn’t went to college that day. That insults that I heard…….aaahhhhh..its to much I can’t take it?her tears was flowing like everyone’s.
Treat is flashback romance.
“Kunj Kunj where are you ” screams twinkle
Kunj:why are you screaming irirated.
Twinkle:vo vo you’re my friend na then promise me that you’ll never save yourself before me pls pls bol naa,
Kunj:OK siyappa queen but why??
Twinkle:_you know telly updates na,they have a lot lot of extremely talented writers and their bf always does that.
Then the pat their shoulder and had a hug,bone crushing wale hug. A sweet eyelock followed leading into a romantic talk.

Next scene
Leela comes out.
Leela:who are you and why you’re here?
Kunj:I’m twinkle s friend can I meet her?
Leela_:so sorry puttar but twinkles not home.
Kunj:hmm ,auntyji what college is she studying now?
Leela: you’re her friend na than why’d you ask
Kunj:nothing auntyji not like that(sadly)
Kunj walks back home in an very pityful and sad avatar which anyone will melt for. Tum hi ho plays in bg

Hello everybody.I’m very very extremely sorry that my episode was quite boring as I felt in when I read it but tommorows episode will reveal a lot of mysteries including pure flashback and I’ll give you all a double dip. Sorry as automatically my posts are short really really sorry and as per my commenters thanks a bunch
Shikha….Purnima.Agraval30…Zaku…Angel(ami)………rashiverma2199…Kruti…lovely….Ria..romaisah….sayeeda di…ladoo(so sorry)….directioner91…Maggi…saby…zayb..zikra..shonaa.


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