Beyond Ages Love SS Introduction+chapter 1


SwaSan – Beyond Ages Love SS Intro

hello everyone as you all know I only write two fan fictions that too joint so I decided to write a small FF or SS on SwaSan!!! I will post it when I get free time as I have two ff on!!!


Swara – she is a doctor newly started and hoins SMS hospital and works under sanskar (21)

sanskar – he is expert surgeon and work punctually and is friendly and yeah owner of SMS hospital (27)

kavita – doctor too and has a crush on sanskar works besides him not with him (25)


my story is swasan meet and see how they fall in love? how many hurdles they pass in their life


Swara POV

I am so excited meeting the great SM and working under him it was my dream forever working in SMS hospital now I am getting a job there go Swara go get up

Swara gets up and goes down to the dinning table and greets everyone

Swara – good morning mom dad I am leaving for clinic

Parents – gm ok bye

Swara hugs them and goes from there to the SMS unaware of meeting her solemate in her ideal boss


SMS Hospital

Swara enters and asks the reception

Swara – where is Doctor Sanskar Room

Receptionist- Mam it’s straight then right and third cabin

Swara – thank you


Swara enters and clashes with Sanskar and he holds her by waist and she closes her eyes but opens it soon and Sanskar closes his eyes Swara keeps staring at him when they both come in senses

Sanskar – wo wo I am sorry I wanted to go out.. Anyway who are you

Swara – sir I am new her working under you

Sanskar – Swara ok come on here is your desk

Swara – thank you

Sanskar – welcome

Sanskar leaves and Swara keeps staring at him and thinks

Swara Monologue
O my god Swara he looks so hot I wish he likes me too.. Iska NAHI pata par main ise Bohot like karti hoon

Swara while thinking her friend Riya (hiba nawab) comes there and tells her something which makes Swara furious

Swara – love has no ages

Riya – I know but see the office is as sick I want to change it will you help me

Swara – yes

They join hands and talk for sometime and go for lunch



Swara keeps staring and Sanskar when KMH (kabab mein haddi) comes there none other than Kavita

Kavita – Sanskar lets go for coffee

Sanskar – no I have lots of work and bye bye

Kavita – ok?

Swara gets angry seeing Kavita and thinks

Swara – why this chipku is behind my Sanskar I will track get a lesson wait and watch

Swara goes to her cabinet and sits there when some one calls her


Pre cap – SwaSan Moments

Sorry everyone for short update I will upload next part asap but enjoy and share your views too????

?? question for the day

??do you think love matters from age like does age matter in love???❤️

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  1. superb….
    I luv medical ground stories
    continue soon
    practically acc to me 5-7 yes diff is still acceptable but not more than that….personal opinion … offence

    1. Tvisha

      thank you

    2. Tvisha

      thank you very much 🙂

  2. Nice ss continue writing ??

  3. Tweetypankaj

    Nice yaar

  4. Purvi

    Good start….. Continue soon…..

  5. No..never..age never matters..what matters is how much they love each other.. If i fall in love wid any old or young guy than me..and if he has the same feeling for me.. I won’t hesitate…because.. Eye ear or brain does not Choose ur soulmate.. Soulmates are chosen by heart.. I don’t blv in god n all..but i blv in my heart beat… When my heart beat alters..and it sound rhythmic seeing someone.. Its love… Love is unexpected…

  6. nycccc update tvisha would you like to be the part of our family tree
    you can choose any one character rather than swasan

  7. thamiazh magan


  8. Awesome!! Would love to read the story
    Very interesting dear…. 🙂
    Post asap

  9. Aami

    nyz strt….. wytng fo nxt n for ur qstn love has no age limits dear….. ?

  10. Nice start dear

  11. Awsum.loved it..hope SwaSan Love Journey Strts assp..continue soon cnt wait

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