Beyond Ages Love SS chapter 5



Hello everyone and yes the surprise is that this is the last chapter you all were so excited so I didn’t want to end your happiness thanks for the support you gave me!!!

Chapter 5 – last chapter

Swasan and still hugging and crying bitterly

Swara – Sanskar please go if some one sees you it will be a problem

Sanskar held her from her shoulder and said in an intense sound

Sanskar – swara please believe me I don’t know about all this please believe me I LOVE YOU

Swara was shocked and turned her head side and Sanskar left from there heart broken

(Guys remember the scene in swaragini after swara comes to mm and Sanskar comes to her room at night)

Swara is crying bitterly she thinks – why God why you gave me the power of love you should have made me heartless why am I with a heart if I loved Sanskar I have to learn Hatting him yes Swara (she wipes her tears and in determined voice she says) I will resign and go far from Sanskar and Kavita life

Swara with a determined confession sleeps but un peacefully

?At night In road?

Sanskar was walking here and there drunk and blabbering non sense

Sanskar – why God I loved some one I loved some one who heartily and you snatched her like in 5 seconds why God why what was my fault

He was blabbering and soon Laksh reaches there

Laksh – hello excuse me are you insane you are coming in between

Sanskar – yes I’m insane in swara love you know what come here and sit

Laksh is shocked hearing SWARA but gets confused and Sits next to him listening to his story

Sanskar – so listen

Laksh – tell I’m right here

Sanskar – ok… I am Sanskar Maheshwari the lead doctors of SMS hospital I had a junior recently joined Swara Gadodia I found her special we spent time and confessed it to each other I know we have 5 years difference but love is always Love is beyond ages and then one moment today changed our lives today my worker Kavita did something she announced mine and her relationship which I don’t know at all she did that and swara ran away I tried convincing but she didn’t listen

He cries and now Laksh gets to know its swara his salli and he takes unconscious swara to his and Ragini apartment he places him on bed and goes thinking

Raglak Room

Laksh – Ragini I’m worried now see

He tells everything

Ragini – that’s bad we need to teach Kavita a lesson

Laksh – yeah

They both think and go to sleep smirking ?


Next day

Sanskar wakes up with a heavy head and sees swalak there and pretends to sleep

Laksh – swara you know him right

Swara – n no jiju I don’t know him I think he told you about some other swara waise bhi duniya mein bahut swara hain

Laksh – I know now wake him up I will go (while leaving he think and leaves) I know you love him he is your boss whom you love and you will confess soon ?

Laksh leaves and swara sits besides Sanskar and holds his hands

Swara – you know Sanskar I loved you whole heartily but now everything got broken in seconds anyways happy married life with Kavita I’m leaving for London jiju told you are here so I wanted to see you ok Bye

She kisses his forehead and leaves crying

Sanskar gets up and was about to leave when Raglak stopped him and ask him to sit

Laksh – Sanskar sit down and watch this

Sanskar obeys and sees the video

It’s a video of Kavita and a boy kissing mercilessly and Kavita tells him she is marrying Sanskar for money

Sanskar gets angry and Ragini stops him

Ragini – we will see Kavita later but for now go stop swara we are coming behind you

Sanskar leaves for airport and Raglak behind him


Swara is crying and suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder and turns and finds (Guess)

Yes it’s Sanskar if you guessed it

Sanskar – why are you crying you were so happy na

Swara – Sanskar what are you doing here if some one sees us then they will misunderstand us

Sanskar – let them I don’t care we are in love and I love you no matter what

Swasan hug each other and cry out loud and move out and find Raglak

Ragini – now listen if your romance is done let’s plan something against Kavita

Laksh – yes

Sanskar – I have a plan let’s put a camera in her room and make he confess and we will put speakers all over the venue

Swara – yes then happy ending

Swasan Raglak give HI FI and start their plan


(This Kavita part I am not dragging so yes Kavita is exposed and now it’s SwaSan marriage day and yes about Dadi she is convinced)


Marriage day

Swasan are sitting they exchange garlands and they do pheras then Swara is tied by mangalsutra and then Sanskar fills her maang and then they are officially a pair


Swara POV

OMG I heard this the first night of marriage is when everything is taken I am very nervous and now di gave me this dress come on Swara wear this and sit on the bed

Soon Swara changed in red sari and sits on the bed covered with a veil

Sanskar enters the room

Sanskar POV

I saw an angel sitting on my bed I went next to her and saw Swara

POV ends

Sanskar sees her and kisses her and soon they are found under a blanket making love with each other

The End


Hope you all like it.. Guys I’m not professional in romance so I can’t express all that so forgive me about all that…

Guys I didn’t have any name for this so I named it beyond ages love so sorry for that!!

I hope you all liked it this was my very first SS so please comment?

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