Beyond Ages Love SS chapter 3

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SwaSan SS Beyond Ages Love

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Part 3


Swara gets ready asap and goes down to have break fast

Two people on the door come they are our RAGLAK

Swara – Ragini Laksh

Ragini – Namaste Dadi Namaste Papa (she seeks their blessings)

Dadi – stay happy and see Swara she is so Sanskari and you

Shekar – please ma.. Arrey Laksh come in

Laksh – hello everyone

All greet and sit to eat food and Ragini speaks up

Ragini – papa any idea when Swara is getting married

Swara – wait Ragini don’t bother and I want to be independent

Ragini – please atleast what type of boy you want

Swara – I want someone who supports,who didn’t see my beauty but my qualities let him be old Idc I want him

Laksh – you are right love diner need ages

Swara – thanks jij you support me.. Anyways bye everyone

All – Bye

Age leaves and even Laksh and Shekhar go to the room and talk here Ragini and Dadi have a talk

Dadi – see she is getting spoilt I don’t know what to do

Ragini – don’t worry Dadi I am always with you.. You are always right

Dadi – tomorrow Yash family are coming to see swara fir marriage

Ragini – ok let’s go shopping

They both leave for Market..



Swara – hello sir

Sanskar – hello swara

Swara – let’s start sir so where are we going

Sanskar – we are going to the market and putting a blood donations ok

Swara – ok

They both leave for the camp in Market where Dadi and Ragini are there



Dadi – let’s buy bangles ok

Ragini – ok but see the blood donation I want to donate let’s go you only told na we should always help the needy

Dadi – God gives you all happiness come let’s go


Swara – sir can I get a injection

Sanskar – yes

They both turn and clash in each other and have an EYELOCK Swara hands are on his shoulder and his hands are on his waist and they are really close to each other

While all this Ragini&Dadi come in

Dadi sees this

Dadi – omg she is here with a men and he looks so big to her

Ragini – Dadi hush

Dadi – Swaraaaaaa

Swasan break the eye contact

Swara – what are you doing

Dadi – Ragini wants to donate blood

Swara – ok come on

Swara takes blood out and leaves Dadi and Ragini outside and goes in

Ragini – what happen Dadi what are you thinking

Dadi – lado I am worried if she falls for him

Ragini – I know you are always right now let’s go before she comes

Dadi – ok

Both Dadi and Ragini leave for GM



Dadi comes home and gathers all of them

Dadi – I have decided Swara marriage

Shekhar – why so soon but

Dadi – because lado you only tell me

Ragini – actually today we saw her in blood donation camp with her boss

Dadi – and I have to find a solution or else we will be no where to be shown

Laksh – why so soon let her get independent don’t do what you did with Ragini with Swara let her enjoy

Ragini – Lakshhhh

Shekhar – enough to everyone…

Dadi – manners I am your mom

Shekhar – exactly I am her dad so I will make her independent and more over I trust her

Ragini – but

Shekhar – shut up.. Ma you after SHOMI death you have all love to Ragini and never showered love on Swara I am the one who always gave her love and you Ragini you always obey ma never thought about your sister now you are trying to spoil her life atleast I am happy that I have a jamaiSa like Laksh who support Swara

Laksh – yes papa is right now please leave

Ragini and Dadi leave and Shekhar and Laksh leave too


Night in GM

Swara returns and all are Asleep she goes to her room

Swara – omg he oh my

Swasan were returning and Swara suddenly asks ice cream and they both eat soon some ice cream is left on Swara mouth and Sanskar goes to remove that unknowingly their Lips touch with each other and both get shocked but blush and move from there

Swara smiles thinking when she feels a pat on her shoulder she turns sees Laksh

Laksh – thinking about you boss hah

Swara – no jij

Laksh – no need to lie I know you love him

Swara – yes I love him since o saw him

Laksh – that’s such a good news I am waiting for him and yours Union

Swara – thanks jij for supporting

Shekhar from back – not him even I will

All three hug and move to sleep and Swara keeps thinking about Sanskar


MM house

Sanskar – (he thinks about it) I think I love Swara yes I love her I will find a time and propose her I love you Swara I love you

He sleeps thinking about Swara and hugs his pillow and sleeps


Roy House (RH)

Kavita – mom everything is ready right

Kaveri – yes everything is ready now let’s wait for tomorrow day

Kavita – tomorrow Sanskar is all mine I will make him mine


She evilly smiles and goes to sleep waiting for the next day



Next Chapter – Party,SwaSan unique confession


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