Beyhadh pyar dard deta hai (episode 1)

Hi guys I am writing fanfiction on beyhadh.I seriously liked first episode and second episode of it.Hope you will like it

The episode starts with a girl shouting on one of her employee.

Girl:Because of you I was not going to get the contract but luckily got it.

Employee:I am sorry Maya mam.

Yes she is Maya.

Maya:This time I am forgiving you but next time I am not gonna forgive you.

The employee leaves.Maya gets call on her phone.

Maya:Hello dad.

Mr Mehotra:Tomorrow a photographer is coming in our office.He will help our company to grow.


She cuts the call.

A boy is seen clicking photos.He is Arjun.

Arjun:Are wah this pic is perfect.

Arjun is walking when he steps on rock and is about to fall but a girl catches him by hand.

She is Saanjh.

Saanjh:Are you fine Arjun?

Arjun:I am fine and thanks for saving me.See I am telling you thanks first time and only last time.

Arjun leaves from there.Saanjh follows him.

Saanjh:What did you meant by last time?

Arjun:Oh ho been a lawyer you don’t understand last time.Don’t know who made you a lawyer.

Saanjh:Excuse me.I am very smart in of for being a lawyer but who made you a photographer.Photographer are handsome and smart and you are opposite of it.

Arjun:What!Now I will not even talk with you.

Arjun leaves from there.Saanjh goes to him.

Saanjh:Arjun turn to me.

Arjun doesn’t turns to him.Saanjh comes in front of him catching her ears.Arjun sees this and starts laughing.

Arjun:You are looking like a 2 year old kid.

Saanjh:Did you forgive me?

Arjun:Okay okay I will forgive you.

Saanjh gets happy.

Arjun:Tomorrow I have to go to that Maya Mehotra’s company.I have here that she is really rude.

Saanjh:If she is ride then what happened?

Arjun:Nothing but just she doesn’t gets angry I hope.

Arjun leaves from there.
Next day Maya is seen waiting for someone in her cabin.

Maya:When this Arjun Sharma will come?

She is waiting when she heard the knock on door.She ask to enter.He is Arjun.

Maya:Who are you?

Arjun:I am………

Maya:Don’t tell me that you came for job.I am not taking any interview for job.

Arjun:But I am………….

Maya:Just shut up Guards kick him out of my office

Guards comes and takes him.

Arjun:Are but listen to me.

Guards throws him out.

Maya gets call on her phone.

Maya:Papa where is that Arjun Sharma?

Mr Mehrotra:He dint came?Okay I will send you his photo which will help you identify him.


He sends her the photo.Maya sees his photo and is shocked.

Maya goes on of the office running and sees Arjun who is going.

Maya:Wait Mr Arjun Sharma.

Arjun stops and turns

Arjun:So finally to identified me.

Maya comes to him.

Maya:Why don’t you told me?

Arjun:Of you would let me tell then know.

Precap:Arjun to save Maya.


  1. Yashfeen


    |Registered Member

    Finally ppl r turning wid behadd ffs too…nyc..hey..even I lyk ol 3 epi of behadd…dy seems interesting n even mysterious…n Jennifer ws jst amazing..wat a tashan..
    Well ur ff ws a nyc one..

  2. Shreya

    Hey…You know what?.. I hate you on the cross line girl…hahaha…but actually since I’ve seen beyhad’s promo..I am having a full concept to write an ff on it..and I wished to be d 1st one…but you got the title girl..

    Not a problem.. Don’t worry..

    I am really looking forward for this..go for it..

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