Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 6)


Next day in college;

Practice is going on for fresher’s party. Maya comes to Arjun and talks to him. His friends get surprised.
Arjun: Can we talk over a cup of coffee?
Maya: Sure.

They go to canteen. Arjun starts boasting about himself and tells about his friends and college. Maya just stares at himhim all the time.

While everyone is practicing Maya takes out her diary and starts writing something. Arjun comes there. He asks to show him the diary.Maya denies. He asks what she writes. She says everything which happens with me whether good or bad. Arjun bends to her and says in a deep voice that now nothing bad will happen to her as he is there with him. They have an eyelock. Arjun snatches the diary from her and runs. Maya goes behind him shouting Arjun… Arjun collides with a girl. Her books fall down. Arjun and the girl bend to pick them up. She raises her face. She is Saanjh.

Arjun: Chashmish!!!(imagine her as deepika of YJHD)
Saanjh: Arjun!
Maya: U both know each other.
Arjun: We know each other very well. Saanjh is my school friend.
Saanjh(looking at Maya): Is she your GF?
Maya: Noo. Just classmates.

Arjun asks Saanjh about her class and learns that they are in same class. Saanjh tells that she joined late. Maya reminds Arjun that they have a lecture and asks him to come soon. Maya leaves. Saanjh remarks that her GF is very possessive. Maya hears that and fumes.

In the classroom;

Saanjh sits at Maya’s place. Maya comes and says that this is her seat. Arjun says to Maya to sit elsewhere for the day. Arjun sits with Saanjh and starts chatting. Maya sits in the other row parallel to them and constantly stare them. Saanjh notices it and says what is the problem with her. She says to Arjun that he was not a type of boy who entertained such girls then what happened now? Arjun answers that Maya has some family problem and he doesn’t want to upset her.

Maya hears their convo. She thinks that Arjun is with her just because of his sympathy. She says she needs love and not pity. “I hate u Arjun”.

Precap: Saanjh tells Maya that she and Arjun were there in a relationship but its over now and Arjun really loves Maya.

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