Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 5)


Next day in college;

Class is going on. Arjun comes late and is scolded by the teacher. He comes and sit beside Maya. He starts whistling slowly and keeps his hands on Maya’s hand without looking at her.Maya says I know that it was only u who punctured my car yesterday. Arjun looks at her in shock and she points at his hand, he removes it hastily and sits quietly thereafter.

After the class Arjun’s friends announce that college is organising the fresher’s party and we need a pair to perform a dance on behalf of our class. It is already decided that Arjun will represent us from the boys and we need the girl. All the girls get ready(except Maya).

After the college they start their audition. All the girls come one by one and dance with Arjun. “Bachna ae haseeno” plays. But none of them could match with Arjun. Boys say that it is a great shame that none of the girls know dancing.Arjun says loudly looking at Maya that girls only know how to cry. Everyone laughs. Maya comes and says don’t decide it too early.

Maya comes on the dance floor and keeps aside her bag. “Ishq shava…” song plays. Maya and Arjun dance on the song. Everyone is surprised. At the end everyone applauses but Maya and Arjun stand holding each other. Maya realises it and turns to go but Arjun draws her nearer to him. He goes closer to her and says in her ear ” u r not rough and tough. U r beautiful from inside. U talked about identity, this is your identity. This is real u.” Maya is moved. She goes. Everyone comes near Arjun. Maya sees him and smiles. “Subhanallah…” song plays.

In the library Maya is reading a book. Arjun comes there and starts guessing all the wrong stories. Maya shuts him up. He again asks for her contact no. but Maya doesn’t pay heed. At last Maya stands up, scribbles something on a paper and leaves. Arjun sees the paper and finds Maya’s no. He shouts happily.

Precap: Arjun snatches Maya’s diary and runs with Maya coming after him. He collides with a girl. The girl raises her face, she is Saanjh!!!

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  1. ARK

    Hey friends!!! Are u all happy with Saanjh’s entry???

  2. Really superb ff

    1. ARK

      Thanks suganya!!!

  3. Hey!
    The episode was amazing! Waaaaow man, really loved it!
    But, do post a longer one next time! This one was really short!
    Post sooooon!
    Take care!

    1. ARK

      Thanks Anshita!!! Will surely consider ur suggestion.

  4. Jasminerahul

    guess purposefully arjun said girls camt dance 2 make maya dance.majun dance on ishq shava was so beautiful.arjun whispering in her ears…those words were too good n romantic.maya smiling at him n subanallah as bgm was just lovely.maya handing over her no 2 arjun was also gud.saanjh is also entering.i duno whether 2 b happy or not as i prefer majun 2 saajun

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