Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 3)

Maya’s home;

Mr Mittal(Maya’s father) is packing his bag hurriedly. Maya’s mother comes there;

Mother: What was the need of doing all this?

Father looks up and then resumes his work. Mother turns him towards her;
Mother: Tell me Mr. Mittal, what was the need of ruining our life?
Father: You are the reason. I have been suffering losses since u came in my life. I lost everything, my money; my fame everything is gone.
Mother: Money is not everything. Can’t u see that u have a family. We were happy together.
Mr.Mittal starts shouting at her and says that he is not happy at all and blames his wife for snatching away his happiness. He raises his hands on her but Maya comes there in time and holds his hand.

Maya: I know that she is your wife Mr. Mittal, but don’t forget that she is my mother too. I can go to any extent to save my mother.
Father: It’s fine then, you both stay here in peace. I am leaving for America tonight to escape police investigation so pls don’t try to contact me.

Father leaves. Mother starts crying. Maya hugs her and say that everything will be fine,her daughter is there with her.

Arjun’s home;
Arjun is playing video game while his brother is studying. Their father comes and announce that he has got special Diwali gift for them. Arjun goes to him all excited. Father further says that he has got a new bike for his son and offers the keys to Arjun’s brother while Arjun looks on, father then gifts a saree to Arjun’s mom and then turns to Arjun and hands him a list of items to be brought from the market. Arjun is hurt.

Arjun goes to his room. He opens a drawer and takes out his camera. He lovingly caresses it with teary eyes. His mother comes there.

Arjun: Why don’t father love me? Am I that bad?
Mother: He loves u. He just want u to stand on your feet.
Arjun says that he has only one dream and that is photography. Mother tells him that not everyone get what they want in their lives. Arjun keeps his head in his mother’s lap and closes his eyes.

Next day in college;
Arjun’s friend announces that their college is conducting a talent hunt and Arjun will be representing their class. Girls cheer for him. He obliges them with his flying kisses. He says I want to perform once before u all. He then looks at Maya and says I want to dedicate a song to a girl whom when I saw for the first time “toh mere dil mein kuch kuch hua”. Maya too notices him and starts reading a book. Arjun sings the song “tu hi meri shab hai subah hai…”. After the song girls come to him and start praising him. Maya too stands up. Arjun thinks that she is coming to him and stands in style. Maya walks past him without noticing him.

Friends laugh at Arjun. Arjun says that now he will try it in his own way.

Precap: Arjun is riding a bike with Maya sitting behind him. He starts singing the song “mere sapnon ki rani kb aayegi tu…”. Maya gets irritated.

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  1. ARK

    Hi friends! hope u all enjoyed the 3rd episode. I will not be posting in the next week. Hope I am not dragging. HAPPY DIWALI to all!!!!

  2. Hey dear!
    Lovely episode!
    Loved Maya’s bold and strong side! And of course, Arjun’s carefree attitude!
    Do post as soon as you can!
    Take care!

    1. ARK

      Thanks Anshita for your support.

  3. Manasvi

    Its amazing dear…
    Happy diwali to you too…

  4. Jasminerahul

    sad 4 maya n her mom.y is arjun’s father behaving like this?sad.arjun singing tu hi meri 4 maya was sweet.did maya ignore him knowing tht he sang 4 her?

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