Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 1)

The episode starts with Ganesh aarti going on at Arjun’s home with jai dev jai dev…song in the back ground. Everyone is present there except Arjun.
Father: Where is your beloved son?
Mother: He must be getting ready for his college as today is his first day at the college.
Father: Wake him up otherwise he will get late.

Mother leaves.
Arjun’s room is shown with his things scattered here and there. The wall of his room is all covered with photos which are clicked by him. The alarm rings and he shuts it up without opening his eyes. His mother knocks the door. Arjun wakes up hurriedly and realises that he is late. He comes out of his bed, picks up his shirt from the chair and wears it. He then sets his hair and opens the door.

Mother: What were u doing?
Arjun: I was getting ready for the college.
Just then an empty bottle of wine comes rolling down, Arjun kicks it under the bed and is relieved. Mother gives him prasad and prays for his first day at the college to go well.

Arjun comes for the breakfast where his father is watching news on TV which says that Mr Mittal, the great business tycoon is caught in a scam. Arjun says that he wishes to become the man’s son-in-law one day. His father gets irked and scolds him. Arjun picks up a sandwich and leaves.

At Maya’s home her mother watches the same news and gets worried. She says to Maya that her father is in great problem. Just then the servant informs them that media is waiting outside.

Mother: Maya u should leave from the back door. Today is the first day of your college. You should reach on time.
Maya: But Mom…
Mother: Don’t worry I will handle everything here.

Maya comes out . She reaches to her car, opens the door and looks back. She watches her mother struggling with media’s questions and says ” I hate u dad”. She leaves.

Precap: Arjun flirts with girls. Arjun’s friends challenge him to flirt with Maya.

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  1. Myra

    Great going ARK!
    Do let me know when you update next….

    1. Thanks Myra. Will update soon.

    2. ARK

      Hey Myra! have updated the 2nd episode of my ff beyhadh when love turns into obsession.

  2. Great episode dear!
    Post soon!

    1. Thank u Anshita.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Arjun n Maya r in college in this does Maya hate her dad?precap is interesting.os it a MaJun ff or a Saajun ff?

    1. Thanks a lot.

  4. Siddhi

    Amazing and update soon and read my Ff Beyhadh pyar dard deta Hain it is based on beyhadh only

    1. I have read it already dear!

  5. Manasvi

    Its amazing ARK…
    I really liked the plotting…

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