Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF

The story focuses on the the lives of three individuals who are trapped in web of ambition, love, emotion, money, friendship, greed, obsession and jealousy.

Arjun Sharma : Center of his family and friends who everybody is fond of. Very ambitious photographer who want to make it big by hook or crook to prove his worth in front of his mother. Does not share good relation with his mother due to her ignorance towards him

Maya Malhothra : A successful business woman who runs a biggest fashion company in Mumbai. Had very traumatized which is hidden under her tough exterior personality. Falls head over heels with Arjun Sharma and soon becomes possessive for him.

Saanjh Mehra : Very bubbly and chirpy girl who loves her childhood friend Arjun and can go to any extent to protect him. Lawyer by profession and handles Maya’s every legal work very efficiently.

Ayan : Arjun’s younger brother who is a charmer and falls for every beautiful face. Always tries to fix the estranged relation between his brother and mom. Very carefree and outgoing guy but loses his freedom until somebody comes and challenges him.

All the other characters and story will be quite same but I will execute it differently from show. There will be new characters too later in the story. Here is the

At midnight 12, Arjun wakes his brother irritably after he does not respond.
Arjun : wake up lazy bone (hits him with pillow) we only have 15 minutes
Sharma family reaches Saanjh’s house at night to wish her for birthday.
Arjun : wait uncle, I always wake her first I will go (goes in room)
While entering the room Arjun looks at Saanjh who is sleeping peacefully. He goes near close and shouts out loud in her ear.
Saanjh ; what happened? (wakes up suddenly)
Arjun and everybody laughs at her reaction.
Saanjh : what is this way to wake me up
Arjun : aunty seems like your daughter has memory loss, she we scare her again
Saanjh : you wait (starts running after him)
Later everybody gathers finally to wish Saanjh and makes her cut cake. Both families cherishes the moment.
Miles away somebody is waiting from years to wish her birthday who is none other than Maya standing in her balcony. She looks at the shooting star going to the other side where Arjun is looking in the stars.

Precap : First meeting is always memorable

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  1. Erika

    awesome episode dear ashinipatel3 update asap

  2. Beyhadh, my fevrit show

  3. Beyhadh, my fevrit show

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    It was good dear..
    Interesting… Can we be friends???
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