Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 9

Next day Arjun and Maya comes back to Bombay in bus.
Sharma house
Ayaan : bhai how was you trip, I am sure you had fun in Goa, beaches , girls
Saanjh pushes him away and asks Arjun about his trip. Vandana brings snacks for him
Arjun : thank you (takes cup of tea happily)
Vandana : how is your work going
Arjun : fantastic, the photo shoot went very good, after all its my talent
Saanjh looks at Arjun’s camera only to find Maya’s pictures looking at sunset.

At Maya’s house
Maya comes home happily when she sees Jhanvi sitting quietly on sofa.
“Mom, what happened, why are you sitting like this” sits on her knees
Jhanvi does not answer her question and signals to look back. She turns around slowly and has shocked reaction seeing the person is none other than Karan. She gets up and goes to hug him.
Karan : how are you princess?
“Oh my god I don’t believe this, when did you come back ” gets emotional
Karan : when you were busy as usual, how manny times I told you not to be workaholic, let me warn you right now I will not tolerate this after marriage (teases her)
The smile vanishes away hearing Karan’s statement
Karan and Maya are fighting regarding Sufi’s going abroad for studies.
Karan : such short clothes, no way look I will cancel your trip
“Shut up, you have dirt in your mind” Maya says throwing cloth on him
Karan : Maya, don’t you try to spoil her habits alright
“Excuse me, I have been with her more than you, so don’t judge me” says snapping her finger
“Stop it both of you ” Jhanvi says seeing them fighting like kids
Maya : mom, why don’t you tell him anything
Jhanvi : you both are fighting like kids, at least let the person decide who has to wear this clothes (refers to Sufi who is sitting on bed quietly)
Sufi : both of you, why don’t you guys get married and keep fighting after that
Both are dumfounded hearing her opinion while Maya goes out of room
Karan : I will break your teeth if in future you ever gave such suggestions
Sufi : why should I not, you both are grown up and have not boyfriend or girlfriend, what do you say aunty
Karan : Sufi, you better focus on your studies rather than all this
Sufi : come on bhai, I am your sister and very well know nobody could love her more than anybody else, don’t forget you saved her from that torture in childhood
Karan ; sufi, why don’t you understand, thats not possible
Jhanvi (goes outside) : she is right, Maya dear what are you thinking, you both like each other ?
“Mom, you know we are only good friends, then why all this”
Jhanvi : Maya, I know you very well that you will never trust somebody and live your life like this but I want you to settle down with somebody at least you trust, who understands your pain
Maya is not able to refuse her mother and agrees to marry Karan without even knowing his feelings for her.

Flashback ends

Karan : hello, where are you lost? I hope you did not change your decision
“No nothing like that, I will just go and freshen up and have dinner” leaving the room
Karan senses something wrong in Maya’s behavior but does not ask her. He and Sufi stays at her house at night. Maya is sitting on terrace of her building when Karan comes.
“Hey what are you looking” says sitting on the edge with her
Maya ; the sky we always wanted to touch and today even we are touching it but I don’t get that feeling
Karan : being the CEO of fashion and City, today your strength is reducing why Maya, till today we both faced everything together
Maya : because I want something more from life today
Karan : what?
Maya : Peace, I want to live life like normal people, don’t you think we both have achieved enough success
Karan : there is no limit to achievement
Maya : then why are you stopping your sister
Karan : I want to see my Sufi standing on her feet and settle down
Maya ; if you really want that then you should let her do what she wants, music is her life
Karan stands up after Maya tries to convince him to let his sister live her dreams
Karan : you know Maya, what happened to dad, and knowing that you want me to let her do that, I don’t have anybody other than you both now
“Nothing will happen to her, let her face this world and then see your sister will make you proud” says touching his cheek
Karan emotionally finds solace in Maya hugging her but she hesitates initially remembering her moments with Arjun.

On the other side at night Arjun is thinking about Maya and looks at her pictures on his camera he took.
Arjun : I don’t know what is so special in this girl, she is arrogant but sweet and innocent
Saanjh is upset after seeing Maya and Arjun’s closeness.
Suman : Saanjh, you did not sleep yet?
Saanjh : I don’t find this right, my love is slipping from my hands mom and I am not able to do anything
Suman : there is always certain time for everything. just give some time and if your love is true, it will come back

The screen freezes with Saanjh, Arjun, Maya and Karan’s different reactions

Next day Ashwin sees Maya and Arjun’s pictures from Goa trip. He sent spy behind Maya to get details about her.
Ashwin : Maya Mehrothra, how did you think your dear papa will leave you alone, after all I am your dad, nobody can break that wall of fear I created (hits darts on her picture)

Maya tells Arjun about their conference party for the receiving the contract from foreign designing company.
Arjun : wow, party that sounds so exciting
Maya : don’t be so excited, because its a business party, since you are an intern here it is very good opportunity for you to meet people and create network
Arjun ; thank you so much, when is the party
Maya : tomorrow night and yea I am hoping to see some bit more professionalism
Arjun ; don’t worry ma’am I won’t give you chance to complain
Maya : good, you may leave Mr Sharma
Arjun goes down in the basement of the office when he sees the creative paintings. He realizes the room has not been opened from many years.
Arjun ; my god, this girl is so talented, no wonder how her company is so successful
He immediately calls her downstairs but she starts shivering. However she scarily goes down only to find her paintings.
Arjun ; Maya, how come you hide such talent, look at his paintings
“you called me to see this” says nervously
Arjun : of course, what did you think
Maya ; nothing at all, sometimes life does not give you chance to live your own dream (is about to slip but is help by Arjun)
Both of them roll over on floor when Arjun looses the balance. Arjun puts his hand underneath to save Maya from hitting her head on floor. The proximity increase when their nose touches to each other.

Precap : Ashwin harasses Maya alone in room during the conference party and threatens her

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