Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 8

Maya puts head on his shoulder while sleeping. He admires her sleeping peacefully after long tiring day.

Maya : why didn’t you wake me up

Arjun : sorry but you are asking the wrong person to wake you

Maya : yea right, just like your dusky wakes you up everyday, for how long will you depend on her

Arjun : whole life, she is my only support of lifetime

The bus stops at the small hotel for a while.

Maya : move I want to go out for fresh air (pushes him bit hard)

Arjun : be careful, I am too delicate, come quickly bus is only here for couple minutes

Maya goes inside the restroom when Arjun too walks out for fresh air. He tries to find network on his phone to call Saanjh and walks other side of hotel.

Maya : where are you going ? the bus is about to leave

Arjun : can you give me a minute, I am talking on phone

Maya sits on her bag waiting for Arjun. She shouts for him when bus is leaving. Both of them tries to run but unable to catch the bus

Maya : what the hell, I told you the bus is leaving, see what happened (says angrily)

Arjun : don’t panic, we will figure out something, come

Maya : oh god, where did I get in trouble and with whom

Arjun : excuse me, what are you trying to say, that I am stranger who would take advantage of you (goes closer)

Maya : don’t even try (snaps her finger) I know all karate steps so beware of me

Arjun : you won’t need that because you have fit man with you (praises himself)

Maya ; you.. (is about to say something but is stopped)

Arjun : now stop fighting and come with me, lets find about next bus

Both of them keeps walking to the road but does not find any type of transport.

“I can’t walk anymore” says Maya as she starts sweating

Arjun : do you want me to carry you, I am sorry my back will hurt

Maya : you are so rude, I wonder how come Saanjh bears your taunts

Arjun : you don’t worry about her, think about you, I mercy that guy who will marry you, poor guy will have to tolerate your mixture of arrogance and drama

Their fighting continues while walking and eventually reaches a forest.

Maya : where did we reach, its a forest, you are good for nothing

Arjun : I am not any astrologer, and will you stop blabbering, I need to think

A thorn plucks in Maya’s feet who shouts in pain. Arjun stops the moment her hears Maya’s plea and runs to her.

Arjun : you are okay? don’t worry i will take that out

While taking the thorn out she clutches his collar tightly.

Arjun : thorn is out, you can open your eyes now

Maya opens her eyes. They meet an old man in the forest.

Arjun : excuse me, we have lost our way to the main road, we want to go for Goa

Old man ; can you see that road (points towards the light) bus will come in the morning

Maya : what will we do till morning

Arjun : nothing, we will do fun here, play with animals

Maya : everything is a joke for you (sits down annoyingly)

Arjun : relax maya, look there is small cottage, we will have to spend our night there, come lets go (takes their bag)

“Oh my god, what a place, it is so cold in here, I can’t stay here” Maya breathes heavily

Arjun : I am sorry Maya ma’am but this is not your palatial house

Maya recalls her past when she was living in poverty with her mom. Her life went through all ups and downs even before entering the world of richness.

Arjun : what happened, Maya (is putting woods together)

Maya ; nothing, I was just thinking even if time flies fast, but few memories does not leave you

Arjun : what are you talking about, you know what I could never understand your language (lights the fire)

Maya seats near the fire to make herself warm from the freezing cold. Arjun rests on the wooden cot peacefully. He observes Maya staring at fire.

“Maya, are you okay” puts his hand gently on her shoulder

Arjun : you seem to be in deep thinking, whats the matter

“I am fine, this place reminds me the time when I had nothing even the resource that a middle class would have” Maya says looking at the fire

Arjun : can I ask you something if you don’t mind

“No go ahead” smiles forgetting her attitude

Arjun : I never heard anything about your family, I mean you are very rich and stuff, media never asked you about your family

“I only have my mom, and she means world to me, nothing more I need to tell” replies clutching her fist tightly

Suddenly it starts to rain outside with big thunderstorm.

Arjun : oh sorry if I reminded you of something bad

Maya : thats fine, you asked because I gave you the right Arjun, I don’t share my feelings with anybody except that person is very special to me

Arjun thinks to cheer up Maya’s mind forgetting the pain.

“Okay now lets forget the tragedy and close your eyes” Arjun smilingly says

Maya : Arjun, what’s happening

“Come on please, close your eyes and think of at least one happy moment of your life”

Maya : I don’t have any happy type of moments, forget that

“I am sure there will a single moment that left positive impact, close your eyes” Arjun puts hands on eyes and takes down slowly

Maya closes her eyes to grab happy moment but unfortunately is not able to reminisce any. She only ends up getting the molestation she faced during childhood.

Arjun : what happened ? what did you see

However a flashback comes is shown from her childhood.

Flashback when seven years old Maya playing basketball with her best friend Karan at school. She is going back to her house from boarding house and separating from her best friend.

Karan : look right now I am leaving, but this locket is the symbol to our friendship

Maya : what if I remember you someday, will you appear

Karan : of course, just look at this locket and you will realize I am with you like a shadow

Flashback ends

Both of the gets close to each other reducing the distance between them. They forget each other’s pain and are about to cross the limit but they come to their senses . Maya pushes him away and gets angry on herself for letting herself carried away for emotion she closed from years.

Maya : Arjun, it will be good if we keep this relation till friendship, I don’t want any stain on our relationship

Arjun does not answer her question and goes out of the hut for fresh air. He goes into the flashback how his dad was suffering in pain while in hospital. He looks at sky asking to God why is his life so messed up when everybody he is close leaves him. Suddenly a soft pair of hands falls on his shoulder. Arjun ; Maya, why did you come out, its chilly here, you will get sick

Maya : as if you are superman, I was getting bored inside

Arjun : I have got very good idea

“What is that?” Maya asks very confusingly

Arjun gives her sarcastic evil smile.He holds Maya’s hand and makes her slow dance with him.

Maya : wow, you are such a great dancer, I never knew that, where did you learn it

Arjun : some people are multitalented you know and I am from one of them

Maya ; you praise too much but I think thats a good quality

Arjun : one free advise. you too learn how to love yourself then just see how beautiful life will become

Maya : life is not fair to everybody Arjun

Arjun : I know it is not, but there is no harm in trying Ms Mehrothra

“I am very tired, I want to rest good night” leaves his hand and lays on the bed

“When will you understand that you also deserve to be loved Maya” Arjun says looking at her

He goes close to her to put small blanket on her. He notices small scars on her hands and neck getting more confused.

Bombay at Sharma House

“Saanjh what happened, why are you upset” asks Vandana who notices Saanjh’s tensed face

Ayaan : are you missing bro already

“Shut up and eat your food” hits Ayaan on his head

Saanjh : aunty, he did not even call me, I am worried I hope he is fine

Ayaan : did you try his phone

“I am trying his phone from last one hour but that duffer did not call me back” Saanjh says stamping the knife on table

Ayaan : relax, its okay, he will be fine, now you go home, come I will drop you off

While coming back Ayaan sees Sufi outside the fitness center.

Ayaan : Sufi? what are you doing here at this time, were you working out

Sufi : what do you think? (puts on her jacket and drinks water)

Ayaan : I must say, I never saw girl like you in my life, not flirting

Sufi : better not Mr Sharma because I hate those type of people

Ayaan : anyway, where do you live

Sufi : Bandra, why? you want to spend time with me

Ayaan : damn you are so smart

Sufi stares at him but smiles later hearing his antics, come lets walk together

Ayaan : but you live in Bandra, how can we walk till there

Sufi : don’t worry my house is nearby, my sister is out of town, lets have come coffee

Ayaan : wow Ayaan, you are on the right track, keep it up

“Ayaan, come on” shout Sufi from far

Both enjoys their coffee moment.

Ayaan : tell me something, what do you want from life, you seem to enjoy life like me

“Come with me” holds his hand and take him to the biggest stadium in Mumbai

Sufi : this is my dream, I want popularity, fame, dignity, something that was snatched from us

Ayaan is overwhelmed hearing her ambitious dreams.

Sufi : you know Ayaan, people says dreams always look good in sleep but they does not know only humans have that power to make dreams come true (opens her arm)

Ayaan recalls his brother’s words of becoming big to gain the popularity. Sufi reaches home when her brother calls up

Karan : does my princess remember me or not (laughs)

“Its you who don’t have time for your sister, she is always waiting for you” taunts Sufi

Karan : not bad, you learnt to answer me from that Maya

Sufi : whatever ever, bro, you just tell me when are you coming back

“Right behind you my princess” says from behind Sufi

Sufi turns around immediately hearing his voice and runs to him.

Karan : I missed you Sufi

“Why did you not inform me about your coming, I would have picked you up” says wiping her tears

Karan : I thought you like surprises, anyway where were you

Sufi : I was at sports club, working out, you must be hungry na

Karan : no actually I am not, lets surprise that grumpy Maya

Sufi : your grumpy friend is out of town for photo shoot

“Really? she didn’t inform me, strange” says curiously

Sufi : thats okay, lets enjoy our time

Saanjh at night look at Arjun’s picture and decides to confess her love once he comes back from the trip.

Saanjh : duffer, just some more days then I will tell you everything, but come back soon, I miss you a lot (hugs the picture and dozes off)

Next day Arjun and Maya heads towards the main road for the bus. Maya sits on her bag waiting. Both of them boards on the Goa bus and reach in few hours.

Maya : Robin is everything ready

Robin : yes ma’am Arjun is just setting up the camera, we will start the shoot once he is ready

Maya ; Alright, go ahead and start the preparation

Later Arjun shows the picture to Maya for the magazine cover.

Maya : the pictures are good, you send me the final copy for the presentation and I will talk with clients, I guess we should start preparation to leave

Arjun : when are we leaving

Maya ; tomorrow (types something on computer)

“Wow then we have one more day to see the beautiful view of Goa” says excitedly

Maya stares at him when he mentions about girls but ignores it

Arjun : do you want to join me

“No you can go ahead, I am fine” says Maya and asks him to leave

In the evening he goes to the sunset point to take picture for his own portfolio. He witness Maya looking at sunset fascinately. He takes her pictures unknowingly and capture the moment in his camera. She remincises how her dad used to beat her mom and locked in dark room. Maya remembers Arjun’s words to give herself chance to live life easily.

Arjun : I thought you would not waste your time on coming at this beautiful places

Maya opens her eyes with tears flowing out when she hears his voice. Arjun gently wipes those making her feel very touchy. She holds her hand when they are about to leave and hugs him very tightly not wanting to leave him.
He kisses her eyes unknowingly but the moment is interrupted by Saanjh’s call

“Duffer, I have been trying to call you from so long and you did not pick up my phone” starts ranting non stop

Arjun : Dusky, I will tell you everything alright once I come back, my bus it tomorrow morning, alright

Saanjh : okay take care of yourself

Arjun : bye

A fire starts burning inside Maya who is listening to their conversation from behind.

Precap : Maya meet Karan after years.

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