Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 7


Arjun and Maya lay on sand for a while to relax after heavy load.
Arjun : this is my favorite place, shorty and me always come here to chill
Hearing Saanjh’s name the smile disappears from Maya’s face
Maya : should I ask you something if you don’t mind
Arjun ; of course not, what is it
Maya : Saanjh and you are such good friends, understand each other well, and she is also perfect for you, did you guys never got any special feelings for each other (says curiously)
Arjun is taken aback by Maya’s question as he never saw Saanjh in that light.
Arjun : actually no, I never felt that feeling for dusky or anybody else, and I am sure she might also not had that kind of feeling for me, in my opinion love is not needed in every friendship
Maya’s POV : no matter how much you deny Arjun but I know your dusky’s eyes says something else
After a while Arjun drops Maya home watching her go inside with a jovial face and leaves smilingly. Maya is running like small kid inside the house when she sees Sufi waiting for her
Maya : you? what are you doing here at this time?
Sufi : sis, can I stay with you here for few days
Maya : is that something to ask, but is everything alright
Sufi : I was just missing you, thats why

Maya senses something wrong immediately in her behavior and forces her to open up
Sufi shares everything with Maya who understands her more than herself.
Maya : do you even know how much big mistake you were doing, if today something happened to that guy you would have been in big trouble, how many times I told you to keep anger aside
Sufi : come on sis, you only taught me how to give back if somebody messes up with your image
Maya : but I never told you to throw yourself also in that fire you ignite for other, why do you waste energy on such people
Jhanvi : by the way is he good looking (teases her)
Sufi : you know me very well I will marry only with a big singer or someone like brother who holds relations at high and this guy is neither of that
Maya : mom you explain her, she will land up in big trouble one day because of her temper (leaves the room)
Jhanvi : Sufi, dear you know I always considered you and Maya equally, thats why I want you both to give one chance to yourself, meet that guy, understand him
Sufi : after what happened with you, I have no place for love in my life, this is my only family you, sis and my brother
Jhanvi : I know what that boy did was mistake but he might have not done with wrong intention, thats the problem with you and Maya, both of you judge everybody very easily
Sufi : aunty please I don’t want to discuss this anymore, I am tired, you should also go to sleep good night
Jhanvi : good night dear, I hope both of you don’t mess up yourself due to the past

At night Arjun messages Maya telling her it was best moment of hie life. She blushes seeing her message. Sufi recalls Jhanvi’s words of giving one chance to Ayaan. Maya informs Arjun about their outdoor assignment in Goa.
Arjun : Goa? wow, I heard its such an amazing place, I am so excited, when are you going
Maya (says sternly) : don’t be overexcited, we are not going for holiday, its very important for our next fashion show
Arjun : okay but at least tell me when are you we going
Maya : today evening be on time we will be leaving at 7 sharp
Arjun : today evening, how will I do packing
Maya : Am I clear Mr Sharma, you can leave
Arjun : Fine, so much attitude I will also see you afterwards (leaves cabin)
Maya smiles looking at Arjun’s antics who is taking anger on his computer. She gets call from her friend
Maya : Hello
Voiceover : Hi princess, don’t you remember your own friend
Maya : fantastic, sister does not even call me living in same city and her brother is telling me off for, not fair
Voiceover : okay, fine what do you want me to do to pacify you, forgive me come on
Maya : not so easy, you know I am Maya Mehrothra, figure it out, if you are my best friend alright,
Voiceover : but (is stopped by Maya)
Maya : bye Karan, (hangs up phone)
Sufi meets Ayaan outside a cafe to explain about yesterday’s incidence
Sufi : I know whatever you did was unintentional, I will forgive you but on one condition
Ayaan : I am ready to accept your every condition
Sufi (smiles) : you have to befriend me, let me warn you once you are my friend, I will not let you live in peaces (teases) I want to make promise that we will not cross that limit of friendship
Ayaan : I am scared now, befriending you is like entering lioness cave (shakes hand) and I am ready for challenge, don’t worry the distance between us will not be reduced
Sufi : then won’t you give your friend treat for our new friendship
Ayaan : sure come on lets go
Sufi sees a small boy trying play a violin with wrong tune.
Ayaan : where are you going
Sufi : wait a minute, (goes to the kid) dear, you are playing tune with wrong words, I will show you (starts playing violin intensely)

Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura
Tu Dhoop Ki Tarah Badan Ko Choo Zara
Sharir Se Yeh Muskurahatein Teri
Badan Mein Sunti Hoon Mein Aahatein Teri
Labon Se Aake Cho De Apne Lab Zara
Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura
Sharir Se Yeh Muskurahatein Teri
Badan Mein Sunti Hoon Mein Aahatein Teri

Aisa Hota Hain Khayalon Mein Aksar
Tujh Ko Sochoon Toh Mahak Jati Hoon
Meri Rooh Mein Basi Hain Teri Khushboo
Tujh Ko Choo Loon To Bahek Jaati Hoon
Teri Aankhon Mein.. Teri Aankhon Mein Koi To Jaadu Hain
Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura…
Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura (Muskura)
Tu Dhoop Ki Tarah Badan Ko Choo Zara (Choo Zara)
Sharir Se Yeh Muskurahatein Teri
Badan Mein Sunti Hoon Mein Aahatein Teri –

Ayaan is very much overwhelmed sensing the restless and inner pain in Sufi’s voice.
Sufi : did you get it now?
Boy : thank you sis, now see how I will win the competition
Ayaan : wow, you are such amazing violin player, where did you learn this
Sufi : I love playing all instruments, am very passionate about that, some my sis taught me some I learned by myself
Ayaan : you never told me you have sister
Sufi : lets say she is more than sister than me, my brother’s best friend, we all grew together, I spend most of the time together
Ayaan : why don’t you introduce me to her
Sufi : no way, after I told her about your prank she is very angry at you
Maya’s house
Jhanvi : what? outdoor assignment, why didn’t you tell me earlier
Maya : mom, there is fashion show within few weeks and being the boss of fashion and city I have to do arrangements
Sufi : thats not fair, I just came yesterday and you are leaving today
Maya : thats why I am giving you big responsibility, take mom’s care in my absence alright
Sufi : don’t worry leave everything to me
Maya ; help me in packing come on, I am getting late
Sharma house
Arjun starts his packing quickly when Saanjh comes in
Saanjh : where are you going duffer, why are you in so hurry
Arjun : Don’t ask me questions and help me pack my stuff
Vandana : arjun what is going
Arjun : i am Goa for outdoor assignment for few days
Vandana : why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have packed food for you
Arjun : its okay, even I got to know right now don’t worry
Ayaan and Saanjh are looking at Arjun’s calm behavior towards his mom
Ayaan : wow, bro you are so lucky to go to Goa, hot girls, beaches, sunset
Saanjh hits him will pillow and gets upset about Arjun leaving the city for few days
Arjun ; come on dusky, I am going only for few days, I will be back leave all that help me in the packing
Before leaving Vandana gives him the food for the way
Ayaan : bro take care of yourself
Maya comes to pick Arjun at his house. In the midway her car breaks down.
Maya : what happened driver
Driver : ma’am looks like the tyre is punctured, it will take hours
Arjun asks nearby vendor about next bus to Goa as there is bus station nearby
Vendor : can you see that bus (points towards the bus) it will leave in five minutes
Arjun : Maya, we can go in that bus, it will leave in five minutes
Maya : what ? bus? are you crazy
Arjun : this is not time to think, come on we are getting late
Maya : driver you go home after car is fixed
Both of run after the bus and finally catches the bus. They get seat together, Maya gets into the corner with her bag.
Arjun : ma’am give me you’re bag so you can seat here comfortable
Maya throws bag angrily.
Arjun : Maya, you will get good experience on traveling in bus
Maya : shut up, you were so fond of going into bus
Arjun : if we did not, we will have to lave tomorrow and our photo shoot is after two days, you think, I am sleep let me sleepy
Maya is irritated by his talks and looks at the other side of the bus. She observes the beautiful nature outside she never saw in her life before.
Later at night bus stops on highway for a while.

Precap : Arjun and Maya misses their bus and lost the way in jungle while fighting with each other.

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