Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 3


Next day Vandana gets upset when Sanjh gets ready to meet the groom’s family and tells Ayaan to talk with Arjun
Arjun : you don’t have to think about my life, I will handle it by myself
Vandana : I was just trying to
Arjun : please i want to just want to make it clear you are just my dad’s second wife, don’t try to be my mother
Ayaan : bhai enough, you have misbehaved with her enough,
Arjun : stay out of this, I am not talking with you

Ayaan : I will not, but at least think she is elder than you
Both brothers have heated argument till Saanjh and Vandana stops them
Vandana : Saanjh, take him away
Saanjh : Arjun, stop it lets go from here, we are getting late for work (takes him out)
Arjun : Did you see that Saanjh how she snatched my brother from me
Saanjh ; how many times I told you that keep your tongue in control,
Arjun : nobody understand how lonely I am feeling right now
Saanjh ; oh god, please at least send somebody who can unite this family if you can’t do anything
Later Saanjh goes to Maya’s office to get signature on legal papers.

Maya : okay, here you go and before you submit papers just make sure with me
Saanjh : don’t worry ma’am it will be done by tomorrow and I will come personally
Maya : you can send with somebody if you don’t want to come thats fine, I will call you it there is any problem in it
Saanjh : thank you ma’am, I will take your leave have a good day
Maya : you too, thank you Saanjh
Saanjh : my pleasure (leaves cabin when she clashes on Arjun who ignores her in front of maya) you are showing me attitude just come home today
Arjun comes without knocking inside the door which kind of irks Maya
Maya : Mr sharma, don’t you know one should knock on the door before coming inside the cabin

Arjun ; sorry ma’am but I don’t have that habit actually
Maya ; then get used to it because I hate ill mannered people here alright
Arjun : I got it, I just came here to inform you that I had talk with clients and they are happy with our new concept
Maya : good, then you can help other employees for arranging the designs.
Ayaan sees the same girl outside his college talking to people. The girl sees Ayaan with attitude and leaves.
Ayaan : what an attitude but never mind there will be friendship one day
The girl’s name is Sufi who is sister of Maya’s best friend. She is quite arrogant and full of attitude having passion of music and dance. Deep down is too much emotional regarding her family.
Tanya : hey Sufi, wanna hear an excellent news (shows her the paper)
Sufi : what is it, I don’t have time to do the riddles

Tanya : Xaviers college have a band performing and they need a dancer, come on you are old student of this college
Sufi ; there is nothing in this world I cannot do, come with me (takes her to terrace)
Tanya : why did you bring me here
Sufi : this is my dream (points arrow to the buildings) just wait and watch one day this whole world will be fan of my voice
Tanya : but you know your brother is against all this, will you be able to do this
Sufi : I will, music is my passion nothing can break my focus in this, anyway I have to do the rehearsal for dance, I will see you later bye

Tanya : I hope that day comes soon in your life Sufi that you fulfill your dream
Ayaan’s friends tells him join them for the band rehearsal. He plays the drum very intensely recalling his argument with Arjun in the morning.While coming home he sees two boys feeding each other lovingly . Ayaan reminisces how he used to walk holding his brother’s hand, and fed by his brother in childhood.
Sharma house

Ayaan sees Arjun sleeping on sofa and goes to him.
Ayaan : I am sorry bhai (holds his hands in tears)
Arjun wakes up hearing his weep and turn on the lights
Ayaan : I am very bad bhai, I shouted at you first time, please forgive me
Arjun : Ayaan what are you doing. don’t do that its not your fault
Ayaan : bhai, why can’t you accept mom, is she that bad in front of you, she sacrificed her life for both of us
Arjun : Ayaan, all these years of wounds are not healed in few days, I will try to fix this family but give me some time alright
Ayaan gets happy hearing his words and hugs his brother. Vandana listens to everything and is delighted to see Arjun making an effort. Saanjh as usual beeps her horn down at Arjun’s apartment.

Arjun : yes shorty (says in sleep) why are you calling me at midnight
Saanjh : not midnight, mid day idiot, its almost 10, wake up
Arjun gets late again for his work and gets probation from Maya.
Maya : I told you I don’t like late comers in my office, consider this as official warning
Arjun : I am sorry ma’am, what is the plan for today
Maya : yeah, I have to go for important meeting in afternoon, you read this file, it has all important details of our new project
Arjun : sure, I will read it carefully and everything will be ready
Maya : good, you may leave

Arjun : looks like her life starts with work and ends with work, no fun in her life
Later in the evening it starts raining heavily when Maya’s car break down. She tries calling her driver but does not get network
Arjun is passing from the same way and sees Maya standing in corner of tree trying to protect herself from rain.
Arjun : Maya, are you okay? what are you doing here, look at the weather
Maya does not say anything in fear when Arjun sees her car broken.
Maya : I am fine, you go
Arjun : look at yourself Maya, you are scared like hell, come with me I will drop you at home
Maya hesitantly extends her hand and sit in his car. Both of them have awkward moment with each other. On the way to Maya’s house they get stuck due to the rain.
Constable : Sir, this road is blocked, it will take couple hours to recover.
Maya : now what will we do
Arjun ; don’t worry my house is close, lets go there
Maya : are you crazy, your family will be there how can I go there
Arjun : don’t worry, I will handle them, I cannot let you stay here alone
Maya gets bit relieved hearing him, Both of them reaches Arjun’s house but does not find Ayaan and Vandana as they went to a relative’s house.
Arjun : you are all wet, why don’t change inside, feel free
Maya wears Arjun’s shirt who is mesmerized seeing her in his favorite shirt. He notices Maya’s uncomfortable
Arjun : don’t be scared, I am way too decent to do anything bad
Maya ; its not like that, don’t be guilty

Janvi calls Maya and asks about her whereabout
Javni : I was so worried, your phone was not reachable, I called office, they said you left early
Maya : mom, calm down I am fine, my car broke down and there was no help so one of my employee helped me, I will come back to you once roads are clear
Janvi : take care of yourself Maya, I was so worried about you
Maya : don’t worry your daughter will not leave you so soon
Arjun takes the call and assures Janvi about Maya’s safety
Janvi : thank you dear

Arjun ; don’t worry aunty, I will drop her safely later
Maya : thank you
Arjun gets overwhelmed seeing the relation between mother daughter.duo.
Arjun : are you hungry? do you want to eat anything
Maya : no thanks, I am fine
Arjun : you are very stubborn, come here and have something (makes her sit forcefully)
Maya : wow, who made this sandwiches, they are so delicious, did your mom made it
Arjun’s smile vanishes hearing about ti but does not tell anything to her. The lights goes off due to thunderstorm which scares Maya.
Arjun ; oh no, looks like fuse problem due to rain, I will go check
Maya ; no (says with terrified face) don’t go please I am scared of dark
Arjun : Maya, its okay I am here, okay stay here I will bring the candle
Maya ; please (tightly holds his hand like she does not want to let him go) don’t leave me alone

Arjun sees vulnerable side behind a very ruthless, arrogant personality is innocent girl hidden to the world. He gives her the most needed comfort in her deserted life.
Arjun : I am here, listen to your heart
Maya keeps her eyes closed and stops shivering. The lights turn on when both of them come to their senses.
Maya : sorry
Arjun : its okay, have some coffee you will feel better
Maya goes around the room seeing Saanjh and Arjun’s pictures
Arjun : what are you looking
Maya : you and Saanjh are very close na,

Arjun : very much, she is important part of my life nobody can take her place
Maya feels bit jealous hearing it but suppresses her feelings. Both of them have chat for long time and dozes off. Maya wakes up early and sees Arjun sleeping peacefully on his bed. She smiles looking at him and leaves the house. Arjun wakes up finding Maya missing but sees her letter.
“Thank you for everything Mr photographer, It was best moment of my life. I will see you at office. Come on time”
Arjun smiles reading her letter when Ayaan and their mom comes back
Arjun : where were you? I tried calling you whole night
Ayaan : bhai, all roads were flooded so aunty told us to stay till morning
Vandana sees Ayaan’s bed unorganized and asks Arjun about it but he does not reveal anything about yesterday.

Ayaan :mom, don’t worry he might be doing some mischief yesterday
Vandana : no Ayaan, there is something wrong
Sufi is doing rehearsal when her friend Tanya appreciates her dancing
Sufi : thanks but real part will be memorable for this whole college
Tanya : okay remember at sharp 7, in the hall be ready (leaves)
Sufi looks at the guitar reminiscing the fight with her brother to continue singing.
Sufi : I am sorry bhai I am doing this against your wish to fulfill my dream
Ayaan is passing from room when he notices Sufi holding guitar intensely. One of Sufi’s friend complains about being bullied by one of the college guys
Sufi : you just tell me the name, I will straighten him
Her friend points towards the guy standing near the vendor.

Sufi ; you stay here, I will be right back
By the time Sufi turns around Ayaan comes at the place and the guy leaves. Sufi misunderstands him and slaps him hardly
Sufi : aren’t you ashamed of teasing a girl, I should have known that day, you are also in the same category
Ayaan : what did I do?
Sufi : look at your guts, you are asking me what you did
Payal : Sufi, he is not the one, that guy left on bike look there
Before Sufi apologizes to Ayaan he leaves due to Arjun’s call.
Sufi : why didn’t you tell me, I slapped that poor guy, what he might be thinking about me

Precap : Maya warns Sufi to stay at her house till Sufi’s brother come back.

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