Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 2

Next day Maya gets ready to leave for her work as usual. Her mom complains about home sick whole day.
Maya : okay we will go for shopping in the evening alright
Janvi : I will be ready, come breakfast ir ready (makes her sit on table)
Maya : you too have breakfast with me, come here
Both mother daughter have their moments together after which Maya leaves for office. Saanjh tries to wake Arjun for his interview
Saanjh : Arjun wake up, its almost 10, you will be late
Arjun : let me sleep (covers his ears)
Saanjh : idiot, who told you to have party yesterday at midnight, wake up please
Arjun gets late for the interview but luckily Maya had to go for urgent meeting.
Maya : Ruby, tell that candidate, I have emergency today,
Saanjh : call this luck or anything but today you are saved
Arjun : Lets go to mall today, its been so many days we haven’t went out
Saanjh : we all will go together, I will call mom, dad, ayan and aunty
Hearing about his mom, Arjun’s face gets tensed but is consoled by Saanjh
Saanjh : its been so many years, forget the past, you only say that right either run away or move away from past
Later in the evening Saanjh and Arjun’s family head to the mall happily. Maya is already reached with her mom.
Maya : mom look this necklace is good (makes her wear chain)
Janvi : and what are you buying for yourself, try this (red long dress)
Maya : no mom, I am not getting anything
Janvi : come on we are here for shopping, try this for me
Maya : okay, I will go in the trial room and check
Saanjh selects clothes for Arjun and tell him to try on. He goes to the trial room next to the one Maya is changing.

On the other side of the mall some kids are playing the crackers when a rocket goes in the air on wrong direction. Accidentally it falls in the center of the mall. The crowd panics and starts running around. Janvi gets worried about Maya who is stuck in the trial room. Security evacuates everybody out of the building quickly but unaware of Maya and Arjun inside.
Saanjh ; Aunty where is arjun (tries to go inside but security stop her)
Maya is scared like hell inside the dark room shouting for help. Arjun hears her small sobs inside the room.
Arjun : are you okay?
Maya tries to open the door but Arjun tries to force hard and opens it finally. He notices how vulnerable and innocent the girl in his arms is. Both of them finds way for the exit. Maya is still half unconscious when Arjun puts her hand on his shoulder. She tightly holds hie collar when wooden piece of fire falls in front of them.
Arjun : hold your breath, and close your eyes, nothing will happen
The fire brigade comes at the nick of them and help both of them come out of the fire safely.
Janvi : baby are you okay (kisses her forehead and hugs her daughter)
Maya : I am fine mom
Ayaan : bhai, are you alright, your hand is bleeding
Arjun stops his mother from coming to him and leaves instead before Maya comes to thanks him.
Malhotra house
Janvi is applying medicine on Maya’s hand after injured in fire.
Maya ; mom I could not say thanks to him, he saved me
Javni : don’t worry, when you meet him again tell him then
Sharma house
Saanjh : thank god nothing major happened to you arjun (says applying medicine on his hand)
Arjun : Saanjh, I want to meet that girl again, I don’t know why her face is stuck on my mind, her eyes had so much fear
Saanjh : oh yeah, I didn’t see her, but don’t worry i will pray you meet that girl again okay
Prem (Saanjh’s dad) : Saanjh come on lets go, its quite late
Saanjh : yes dad, Arjun I will see you tomorrow, take care
Arjun : good night

At night both Maya and Arjun have sleepless night recalling the incidence that left big impact on their memory. Next day Arjun goes to his interview unaware being the same girl being his boss.
Ruby : Mr Arjun madam is calling you inside
Arjun enters the cabin and is kind of surprised to see the girl whom he craved to look.
Maya ; hi, I am so sorry I could not meet you yesterday and thank you
Arjun ; thats okay
Maya : come seat
Arjun : thank you ma’am (puts his resume in front of her)
Maya ; you seem to not have any experience in photography, and you dropped out from law school
Arjun : you get experience only after you work, and I feel this company can give me great opportunity
Maya : fine, I will give you one chance to prove seeing your confidence but remember couple things
Arjun ; yes ma’am
Maya : I hate late comers, and I don’t like people who are not disciplined alright
Arjun ; don’t worry ma’am I will not disappoint you
Maya tells Ruby to get appointment letter for Arjun and shows him the table to work.
Ayaan is going to his college when he sees some goon trying to tease a girl. But before he could come for help the girl slaps one of them hardly.
Girl : have you not see a girl before, today you will remember that girls also know how to teach lesson (takes her sandal out and starts beating them)
The crowd is watching very shockingly seeing the dare of the young girl. Ayaan is ogling on the girl who gives him the angry look.
Girl : do you want me to come there
Ayaan ; no thank you (runs in fear)
Arjun : ma’am you called me
Maya : yes Arjun, there is fashion show in one month, get all designs ready and we have foreign delegates coming for the show
Arjun : okay I will handle that, when are they coming for show
Maya ; they are coming one week before, so we have to make arrangement for them
Arjun : I will book the hotel, and yes I heard the new model is coming
Maya ; yea, she is supposed to be coming soon for the show, but you just handle the delegates I will take care of the rest, you can go leave
Arjun : thank you ma’am (leaves the door)
Maya gets call from somebody regarding the upcoming fashion show.
Arjun tells Saanjh about his new job and also about Maya
Ssanjh : oh my god, you got job
Ayaan ; congratulations bhai, so proud of you today
Saanjh : is she the same girl? how is she
Arjun : she is alright, quite grumpy and workaholic, so much work to do
Saanjh : Arjun, she is your boss and you have to prove her your capability, promise me you won’t mess up anything this time
Arjun : it is very tough job but I will definitely rule this whole city one day
Maya is coming back from work when she sees reflection of her father outside the building. She starts shivering in fear when he keeps walking towards her. The guard stops him when Maya gets inside the building in fear.
Janvi : maya what happened, why are you scared (makes her drink water)
Maya : mom, he (is not able to speak)
Janvi understands Maya’s fears and consoles her. Saanjh’s boss tells her to get some paper work done for Maya’s property.

Precap : Ashwin threatens Janvi that he will ruin Maya’s career. Maya is impressed with Saanjh’s work and praises her.

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