Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 14

Arjun and Maya are sitting together on terrace holding each others’ hands at the edge.
Arjun : you scared me for a minute, after all nobody can escape from my charm (praises himself )
Maya : you will not stop praising yourself will you, thats why I love about you
Arjun : Maya, I am worried if your family will accept our relation and especially Karan, I wonder how will he react
Maya ; you don’t know my friend, he will do anything for my happiness
Arjun : really? good to hear you also have somebody, like I have dusky in my life
Maya ; Arjun, before you I only had him as everything, I cannot even think to hurt him in my dreams
Arjun : don’t worry, everything will be fine, I promise (caresses her hair)

Karan and Saanjh finishes their work in Pune and starts the preparation to leave from the city
Saanjh : Sir, its our last day today, can we go around the city
Karan : you can go if you want, I don’t have mood for such things
Saanjh : please sir, I am not familiar with this city, I need a guide
Karan ; oh now I see why you are a lawyer, very smart but I am sorry that won’t work with me
Saanjh : how much grumpy is this person, god please bless him with some wisdom, I don’t know how will his future wife handle such person

Karan calls Sufi and tells her about his plan to announce his engagement with Maya
Sufi : Are you sure bhai?
Karan : I am thinking to get done with all this, before something else happens
Sufi ; what do you mean?
Karan : you please do as I say without asking too many questions alright
“Okay, my highness, I am so excited now” says jumping like child but Karan tells her to calm down and limit her excitement
Karan : okay see you soon and take care
Sufi : bye bhai, will wait for you

Saanjh sees Karan sitting outside the hotel silently watching stars.
“Sir, I have packed my bags, when do you want to leave” asks casually
Karan ; we can leave after sometime
Saanjh ; I know you don’t like to share your feelings but somethings sharing your burden with a stranger can be relief
Karan : forget all that, I wanted to thank you for the help, you are very good lawyer
Saanjh : its my job, no problem
Karan : get ready, I will get the car (leaves)
“I know Sir, your eyes says something more than your words, hope one day you find that person who can sense your feelings” Saanjh thinks in her mind
Later both of them are coming down from their room when something goes wrong in the elevator and it stops on midway.
“What happened Sir” says nervously
Karan : I think there is some problem, don’t worry I will call the somebody
Saanjh : there is no signal here, I am scared sir (holds his collar tightly and closes her eyes)
Karan looks at Saanjh who is terrified with the situation.
“Its okay, relax nothing will happen to you” Karan comforts her putting hand on her back. The lights turn on but elevator door is still stuck. Both wait till somebody opens the elevator. Karan sits down with gloomy face and is irritated little bit
Saanjh : Sir, why are you sitting like this, we are stuck here do you get it
Karan ; what do you expect, should I shout like you, dance celebrate
Saanjh : why are you so grumpy? I am noticing this from beginning
Karan ; i wish I had such sweet voice like you so anybody would come to you
“God help me please” Saanjh says annoyingly but again falls on Karan due to the shaken elevator. He holds her but drops her on the floor. Saanjh considers him to be arrogant rather than broken person from inside. Some people come to their rescue and open the door. Both of them get out safely from elevator.
Saanjh : Sir, your hand is bleeding ,let me put medicines
Karan : thats fine, you don’t have to bother, grab your bags, we are getting late

Sufi is trying to call Karan but is unable to due to network problem.
Maya : don’t worry go to sleep, he will be fine alright
Sufi : you know how much he mean to me, anyway I will go to sleep good night (leaves)
Jhanvi : Maya, what happened ?
“Mom, I am scared when Karan will come back what will I tell him and then Sufi will never forgive me for this” Maya leans down
Jhanvi : you have to be strong, how will it work if you break down like this
Maya ; mom, you are not understanding
Jhanvi : I am your mother, I am aware of your feelings, everything will be fine
Maya : I am just thinking how will I sort out everything
Jhanvi (in her mind) : how should I tell you, I can sense big storm coming, god knows how will Sufi react to all this

Next day Saanjh and Karan reaches Bombay.
Suman : Saanjh, you are back, how was your trip, did the work go well
Prem : daughter has just come home and you are throwing your questions on her
Suman ; sorry, come sit I have prepared your favorite food
Saanjh : thanks mom but I am no hungry right now, I want to rest for a while (goes in her room)
Suman : strange, she did not even taste the food
Prem : I will be right back (goes into Saanjh’s room who is arranging her files)
Saanjh : dad, come in
Prem : what are you thinking?
Saanjh : you know dad, Karan Sir is very weird, he is always that grumpy, something is terribly wrong him
Prem : dear, not everybody has childhood like you and your duffer, you cannot judge a person based on his actions
Saanjh : but dad, you should have seen him
Prem : Suman and I have always taught you how to judge people, some people always hide their wounds to save others

Oberoi house
Sufi is happy to see Karan back safely to house. He is looking at old pictures of him and Maya from childhood.
Sufi ; what are you thinking bhai
Karan ; I don’t know, there is a fear inside me to lose my friendship in search of love
Sufi : bhai, you are worrying for no reason, we know her very well, good things take time, okay now get ready surprise time
Karan : oh yea, I have to go at Maya’s office
Sufi : everything is ready, go ahead and all the best
Karan : bye princess
Sufi : sorry bhai, I cannot tell you my fear, hope today you will get all your happiness

Fashion and City office
Arjun as usual comes into the office with his attitude.
Peon : you look so happy, what is the matter
Arjun : dude, there is always morning after night, now let me work before your Maya ma’am comes here
Somebody clears throat behind
Arjun : good morning, ma’am
Maya ; I hope you remember that you have to give presentation for our next launch alright (goes into cabin)
Arjun : wow, what attitude (walks backwards when he clashes with Karan)
Karan : watch out Mr, person who cannot balance himself cannot handle lot of things in life (leaves)
Arjun : Rhea, who is this philosopher (asks her even after knowing about him)
Rhea : he is Karan Sir, ma’am’s business partner, I heard they work together from years,
Arjun gets restless seeing Karan’s presence
Karan : good morning Mr workaholic
“What are you doing here” Maya says nervously
Karan : Excuse me, did you forget that I have half shares in this company, we both built the empire together
Maya ; I didn’t mean that, but after so many months you came into this office
Karan : come with me (holds her hands and brings outside of cabin)
Maya : what are you upto now
Karan : hello everybody, as most of you know I am your strict boss’s business partner and friend but today I want to announce something very important that world does not know yet
Maya and Arjun gets more confused
Karan : years ago, somebody asked me that who is the dream girl of my life, I said dreams only look good in night, and when you open your eyes its reality, guess what I have answer for that, Maya and I decided to get convert our partnership to marriage
The news comes as big blow to Maya and Arjun when Karan announces marriage in two weeks.

Precap : Sufi refuses to be part of Maya and Arjun’s rituals which makes Maya more disturbed. However Arjun and Maya share their passionate moment amidst the rituals

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